Phantom of the rear window

  Due to work reasons, Li Deshui rented a new apartment on the sixth floor. This building has been looking at the style for a few years, and it’s shameless, but the price is too cheap and the water and electricity are convenient. It is suitable for singles to live in. The city is hard to find, and Li Deshui is quite satisfied. However, when he moved in, he always felt a little awkward. He always felt that there was something wrong with the house, but he couldn’t figure out where the problem was. Maybe he just moved in and couldn’t adapt to the new environment. It wasn’t until one day that it rained heavily that he realized that his instincts were right. There was indeed a problem with this house.
  It was rainy that day, and Li Deshui, who came back from get off work, was soaked on the road. He opened the door when he arrived home, my God! The water is almost full of Jinshan, the water on the ground has not passed the ankle, and the basin has become a boat, floating around. He hurriedly drew out the water, and when the water was finished, the rain stopped. Li Deshui wanted to find the place where the rain was leaking, and when it was clear, he asked someone to fix it, but there was no sign of the rain leak on the roof. It was all dry. It’s a strange thing. Since the roof doesn’t leak, where does the ground water come in? What about?
  After he took a closer look around, he found that there was only one wet area on the north wall, and the wet area was quite large. The wet mark was a square. From a distance, it looked like a window. Li Deshui suddenly realized, no wonder he felt something was wrong. It turned out that this house lacked a rear window; he took a look at the basement. No, there is a rear window below the sixth floor, but he doesn’t have one here, no wonder he thinks the light is relatively dark. It seems that the landlord blocked the rear window, and the rain may seep in through the blocked rear window. When summer arrived, it was very hot without a rear window. Li Deshui decided to discuss with the landlord to open the rear window. Unexpectedly, the landlord flatly refused his request.
  The landlord is a thin old man. Before Li Deshui could finish speaking, his head was already shaking like a rattle, his expression on his face was very tense and serious: “No, you can just let the heat go. You can’t open the window, let’s talk about it. It took me a lot of effort to stop it and smooth it out, no.” Li Deshui said he was willing to bear the cost and he could seal it again when he left. But the landlord still shook his head again and again. In the end, he really couldn’t help Li Deshui. The landlord threw a sentence: “It’s OK to open the window. Whatever happens, you will be at your own risk!” Turning his head and angrily left, Li Deshui thought it was funny. What’s the matter? Besides, according to his observation, standing on the back window, he can see a nice view.
  Li Deshui found two helpers, opened the rear window and installed a beautiful window. Standing in front of the back window, Li Deshui looked far away, the moat, and the beautiful hills in the distance, with a panoramic view, the fresh air was gently blown over, he took a deep breath, and suddenly felt clear and clear, so cool!
  However, since opening the rear window, Li Deshui found that his neighbors looked at him a little weird, as if he had three eyes and five ears. Because it didn’t take long to move here, and they weren’t very familiar with each other, he didn’t feel embarrassed to ask why. One day, when he came home from get off work, he had just arrived at the top of the stairs and was stopped by a kind-hearted old man. Li Deshui knew him who was living on the first floor with a stall and repairing a car. Uncle Zhao looked at no one on the left and right, and asked in a low voice, “You opened the rear window on the sixth floor?” Li Deshui nodded. “Oh, boy, let’s block it early. This is not open. The landlord didn’t tell you?” Li Deshui wondered: “Why, the landlord just won’t let me open this window? If you open the window, you will be at your own risk. Don’t I didn’t say it, but when summer arrives, it will be so hot without opening the back window.” Uncle Zhao pulled Li Deshui aside and told him so and so. After listening to Uncle Zhao’s words, Li Deshui was taken aback. Could this rear window really not be opened? According to Uncle Zhao, the back window of this house is haunted!
  In the past, the owner of this house was an old lady who lived alone. After his death, the house was sold, but the new owner, an old man, moved in for two months. One night, suddenly he jumped down from the back window. It is said that the old man yelled and yelled before his death, unlike a human voice. , When everyone ran over, a white shadow flashed in the rear window, and then it was gone. Since then there have been rumors of haunting. Later, the renter was a young couple. One night, both of them jumped out of the back window. These two people are very harmonious. I have never heard of any awkwardness. It must be impossible to say suicide, but they all jumped from the back window by themselves. What do you mean by haunting? From now on, anyone who knew the details didn’t dare to live there. Several owners of this house were changed, and now the landlord, head grandson, is in the hands. The old grandson simply blocked the rear window, set the rent very low, and earned one. Some people say that this building may be built on the factory grave, so it is haunted. Don’t believe me, just look at it, no matter how hot it is, every household dare not open the back window. Everyone knows this well, but no one says it. I’m afraid that I don’t dare to live here!
  Indeed, Li Deshui discovered that no matter how hot the weather is, there is no back window in the entire building. Li Deshui is a staunch atheist. Although he is very grateful to Uncle Zhao, he still disagrees with the haunted rumors, but Uncle Zhao is obviously not a liar, so why do those people jump off the building, and they all jump from the back window, Li Deshui I was puzzled, thinking about it, I felt cold in my back. What is really afraid of, Li Deshui really sees a “ghost”! ”
  This evening, the weather was very sultry and hot, and there was no wind. Li Deshui lay on the bed after washing and sleeping, the rear window was naturally opened. Just when he was in a daze, half-dreaming and half-awake, he suddenly found that the rear window slowly appeared. When a white shadow came, the shadow was a bit erratic, it was very fuzzy at first, and then it became clearer and clearer. The color gradually changed from white to a dark red. It was very eye-catching in the night. The shadow looked like a human shape, flickering. Enter through the window! Li Deshui immediately lost his sleep, and his back began to sweat. He leaned forward quietly and reached under the bed. There was a long knife for self-defense. He had just taken the knife in his hand, and the shadow had already entered. The house is…
  Li Deshui grabbed a knife and tried to slash at the shadow, but in an instant, the shadow disappeared, and his eyes suddenly brightened up. What the hell is there! He clearly has come to a wide road. Isn’t this the way I often go to and from work? Is it because I’m dreaming? At this moment, a beautiful girl suddenly appeared on the road, the lover of his dream, the girl beckoned to Li Deshui, Li Deshui very much Excited, he wanted to move forward, but he stopped as soon as he took a step. No! Can’t move forward! The last trace of reason controlled Li Deshui, he still swung the knife in his hand and just listened to With a sound, everything returned to calm…
  When Li Deshui woke up, the sky was bright. He felt a little headache. Thinking about what happened last night, he seemed to have a dream, but he spotted the long knife on the ground at a glance. Everything is true.
  Li Deshui immediately found his good friend Sun Tian. Sun Tian is a researcher at a research company, and he can be regarded as a scientist. Li Deshui told Sun Tian the whole thing about the rear window. Sun Tian. After thinking about it for a moment, I said that I’m leaving it to me, and I’ll help you catch ghosts! You just need to prepare two wet towels and a large plastic bag.
  For several days in a row, Sun Tian and Li Deshui cat hunted ghosts in the back room at night, and their efforts paid off. On this day, ghosts finally appeared again. Without waiting for it to do anything wrong, Sun Tian tiptoed forward, opened the large plastic bag prepared in advance, and gently buckled it towards the ghost. The ghost actually got in!
  Two days later, Sun Tian found Li Deshui and handed him a test report, “The result came out, that white shadow is actually a kind of poisonous gas!” Sun Tian told Li Deshui that this poisonous gas can strongly stimulate people’s nerves and make people feel bad. Had the hallucinations, if it were not for the low concentration, Li Deshui might have jumped from the rear window. The previous victims were naturally caused by the poisonous gas, but because the poisonous gas did not appear frequently, people did not pay attention. Li Deshui asked incomprehensibly: “Where did this nasty poisonous gas come from?” Sun Tun sighed: “We have also investigated this matter clearly, look!” As he said, he took out a piece from his bag. Zhang drawing, “This is the latest drawing of our research institute. Your building is built on a geological crack. The crack is increasing in recent years, and the toxic gas underground is gradually leaking out. When the weather is muggy and there is no wind, They will gather into a group and flutter gently, looking no different from the legendary ghost. This poisonous gas will be more toxic after a certain amount of oxidation, and on the sixth floor where you are, the poisonous gas will be oxidized right here That’s why the toxicity is very severe.” Li Deshui took a long sigh of relief. That was the case. No wonder Sun Tian brought two wet towels to cover his mouth that night. He had a hunch!
  A month later, the local government mobilized the residents of this building to move, demolished the old building, and sealed it with cement. The haunted rumors, like poison gas, disappeared…