“Robinson” three days

  The first day
  Shafei Er I do not know how long she was awake. The first reaction to wake up was to shout “Help”, shouting over and over again. Only then did she realize that this was a deserted island with no humans, and where someone would come to rescue her. Shafei’s head turned quickly, and she thought she was faced with two choices: one was to sit there and complain and wait for death; the other was to cheer up and save herself.
  The scenery on the island is very charming. It looks like a small South American jungle island, full of coconut trees and calm volcanoes. Shafir was not worried about what to eat. She started looking for a place to shelter from the wind and rain. At this time, she saw a lot of wild animals. The albatross flew over and landed on the tree; some wild boars slammed into the coconut trees so that they could eat The fallen coconut; she also saw a few snakes crawling on the tree, they were directed at the eggs in the albatross nest. If Shafir didn’t bother them, they wouldn’t bother to care about her.
  Shafir found a cave when she remembered three things on her body: the Swiss army knife was in the pocket of the overalls; the hatchet was still hanging around her neck; and the lighter was in the other pocket. Shafir approached the cave carefully and drew his Swiss army knife, guarding against something rushing out of the cave. She walked into the hole, it was dark, and she couldn’t see her fingers. Shafei took out the lighter in one hand, and when she lit the fire, she couldn’t help but feel terrified. She saw the human skeleton! Some people’s skeletons were chained and hung on the wall with fragments of clothing on their bodies, while some were sitting against the wall, holding rifles and traces of British military uniforms, which seemed to be a century old. There are also some crates, some with open lids, and gunpowder inside. At this time Shafir realized that this island may have been used by the British to store ammunition and imprison prisoners.
  As she continued to explore the cave, she saw the spring water, there was a spring in the cave! She couldn’t believe that there was such a good thing.
  Shafei was very satisfied with the place to live, but first had to take these skeletons away. She found the key on the crate lid, opened the lock on the skeleton of the hole wall, and moved them to the jungle outside, and then took the remains of the British soldiers out and sent them into the jungle. When Shafir finished moving the human skeleton, he returned to the cave and moved the crates from different places together and used them as beds to sleep. When she moved a crate, she found a compass on it. Although a hundred years have passed, it is still easy to use. This made Shafei overjoyed and decided to use it to explore the island.
  When Shafei took a compass on an expedition, he walked to a coconut grove. With so many coconut trees, it looked like a coconut island! She shook the trunk hard, and four coconuts fell to the ground. She picked up the coconut and used the compass to find the way back to the cave. What frightened her was that when she reached the cave, a rattlesnake blocked her way. The snake seemed to be very angry and hissed. Shafer wanted to get rid of the rattlesnake, she dropped the coconut and took out the Swiss army knife. She opened the knife with a “click” and frightened the snake so that it could walk away. Unexpectedly, the snake rushed towards her!
  Shafir was so frightened that he threw the Swiss army knife and flashed aside without letting it bite. But the snake refused to let go and continued to pounce on her. At this time, Shafir made up his mind that before the snake could bite her, she had to kill it, or she would die on the desert island forever like a bone in a cave.
  Shafeil grabbed the saber that had fallen to the ground, and when he looked back, the snake had already jumped over, only an inch away from her. Shafei instinctively grasped the rattlesnake tightly with his hands, then raised the knife high, exhausted all his strength, and plunged the knife into the snake’s skull. The snake slumped into a ball. She threw the snake on the ground, then picked up the coconut and returned to the cave, washing away the blood on the Swiss army knife by the spring.
  When she ate the coconut, she felt sleepy. When she finished eating the last coconut, she fell asleep.
  The second day
  is almost noon when Shafei Er woke up, she got so much to do, to get to breakfast or lunch, adventure island, to find lunch or dinner.
  Shafei is starving! A few coconuts can’t make her eat her belly, she must find meat to eat. She knew that there were many animals on this island, and one had to be killed to relieve her hunger.
  When she went deep into the jungle, she fixed her eyes on a wild boar, thinking it was her perfect breakfast. Shafei drew out the Swiss army knife to attack the wild boar, but the wild boar saw her actions at this time, and in turn attacked Shafei!
  She avoided the wild boar’s attack, but the wild boar did not want to give up, and launched an attack again, she avoided again, but this time she jumped behind the wild boar and reached out and grabbed one of the wild boar’s fangs. Wild Hunt tried to break free, but she held fast. At this time, she stabbed the Swiss army knife in her hand forcefully, the army knife pierced deeply into the wild boar, and blood poured out suddenly. To make sure that the wild boar really died, she kept stabbing it one after another until the wild boar was really dead. The wild boar was dead, Shafei guessed hard and used the compass to find the way back to the cave.
  She returned to the cave, peeled off the skin of the wild boar with a knife, then went outside the cave, took a large palm leaf, and returned to the cave. Scooped some water in the spring with big tree leaves to wash the wild boar. After the wild boar was cleaned, she took out the machete and chopped down a palm tree. Then cut the tree trunk into finer chop wood, carry it back to the hole, set the fire with a lighter, and start roasting wild boar for breakfast (actually lunch, because it is already 12 noon).
  After eating wild boar, she began to explore the desert island. She took out the machete, cut down another palm tree, and cut down the leaves. Then she made the leaves into fishing lines and tied them to palm branches to make a fishing rod. Then she used the compass to return to the cave and saw the remaining wild boar teeth. She wrapped up the fragments of pig teeth and tied them to the fishing line. Then she found some thorny twigs to make fishing hooks and tied them to the fishing line. Shafei has his own fishing rod! She was excited to try her fishing rod.
  Shafei chose a fishing spot not far from the cave. In order to find the bait, she dug a hole in the ground to find the earthworm, and she found it. She hung the earthworm on the pointed tree thorn, put the fishing rod into the sea, and started to catch the fish. But after waiting for an hour, there was still no fish bite.
  Suddenly the fishing rod in her hand trembled, and she quickly fell, and a force of force pulled the fishing rod into the sea. Knowing that a fish was on the bait, she pulled the fishing rod upwards, but the fishing rod couldn’t move, as if it was pulling more strongly than her. The more she pulled, the more people walked into the sea. When she didn’t have the strength to pull, she released her hand, and she sat down in the sea with a “boom”.
  Shafei opened his eyes and saw that the fishing rod went deeper and deeper into the deep sea. When she took a closer look, a great white shark rushed in front of her! This guy dragged her into the sea.
  Shafei was frightened and didn’t know what to do, and sat there paralyzed. The shark swam towards her, opening its mouth wide to bite her! Fortunately, at this time she knew she had avoided. She swam to the beach desperately, her leg hit the sharp reef, bleeding! This is not a good thing! The shark is even more exciting. At this time, Shafir saw that the distance between the two reefs was very narrow, and she swam towards the crevice of the reef at the fastest speed. But the shark is much faster than her. It smells blood and is about to swallow her now!
  When she swam into the crevice of the reef, the shark swam quickly to bite her, and was caught between two rocks. Its head is blinded! It swayed to swim out, but got stuck.
  When she swam to the shore, she looked back at the shark and saw it exiting from the crevice of the reef and swimming towards the deep sea. Shafei was also exhausted and stumbled onto the shore. Her legs are still bleeding. She tore off her shirt and entangled the wound. When she returned to the cave, it was already 6 o’clock. Fighting with the sharks exhausted her and bleeds a lot of blood. She fell to the ground and soon passed out.
  On the third day
  when Shafei Er awoke from a trance and saw the wound and was no better. She crawled to the spring eye, untied the clothes tied to her legs, and poured some water. It feels better, but it doesn’t have much effect. She is too weak to find a way to eat, she can only continue to use coconuts to satisfy her hunger.
  But Coconut was not the best. She was so hungry that she panicked, racking her brains to think about how to escape from the deserted island.
  Suddenly, Shafei remembered the plot he saw in the movie. She looked at the lighter, and then at the box containing the black powder, and knew what to do. She came outside to see where the ignition powder was suitable. Shafei tried to bring out a box of gunpowder to the beach, which made her legs hurt. But she gritted her teeth and carried four more boxes of gunpowder, which caused her legs to bleed more. When she finished moving the gunpowder box, she took out some gunpowder from the box and made it into a one-foot-long powder line. Shafei took out the lighter and lit the powder line, which soon spread to the five boxes of gunpowder, which exploded and ignited a fire.
  The smoke rose into the air, and an airplane might see it, so she would leave the deserted island. She waited for another two hours and still did not see any signs of the plane. She went to the woods again, chopped down a few trees with an axe, took the medicine box and set it on fire, then threw the wet branches in, hoping that the fire would be bigger. A few hours passed, and the sea was high tide. If the tide is high enough, it means that the fire will go out and she can’t send a distress signal.
  Hungry and hurt, Shafir finally fell on the beach. A few more hours passed! At this moment, what sound did she hear! The sound was like a helicopter. Shafei suddenly woke up and saw a helicopter really above her head! She is saved! The helicopter fell beside her. Shafei didn’t know those people, but it didn’t matter. One of them noticed that Shafei had a serious leg injury, so he helped her into the helicopter and took her directly to the hospital.