The “Escape Technique” Robbery

  The “Bank Robbery” 37 years ago
  In September 1971, a “Bank Robbery” occurred in the UK that shocked the world: Several robbers infiltrated the underground vaults of Lloyds Bank in London and robbed them of worth up to 5 million pounds. Jewelry and gold bricks.
  Hollywood filmed a new film “Bank Robbery” against the background of this case. The first bold “hypothesis” in the film, the robbery was actually planned secretly by MI5 (Military Intelligence Office of the United States), and its real purpose was to steal a group of British Queen’s sister Margaret hidden in the bank vault. The nude photos of the princess, so as not to plunge the royal family into an unprecedented scandal!
  When the film is about to be released, a freed robber who participated in the case broke 36 years of silence and disclosed for the first time the truth behind the excavation of tunnels and the secret ransack of banks.
  An 80-meter tunnel stole US$77 million.
  In August 2005, a huge bank theft occurred in Brazil. This was the largest bank theft in the world at that time. A group of thieves dug an 80-meter-long tunnel and stole about $77 million in cash from the vault of the Fortaleza branch of the Central Bank of Brazil.
  At that time, the thieves started digging a tunnel underneath a rented house in Fortaleza. They used shovel, pickaxe, saw, and drill to dig through the bank vault and pierced the concrete reinforced with steel plates about 1.1 meters thick floor. They also installed lighting and ventilation systems in the tunnel, as well as pulleys for cash transportation.
  Robbery in the name of hostage-taking.
  In February 2006, in the town of Acasuso, 20 kilometers away from the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, a huge bank robbery that shocked the country occurred. A group of armed robbers with explosives rushed into the Rio Bank branch in the town and hijacked 23 hostages including bank employees and customers. More than 200 police officers who came after hearing the news immediately surrounded the bank.
  After nearly seven hours of “confrontation”, the police finally decided to enter the bank forcibly, only to find that several robbers had already escaped from the tunnel with millions of dollars in cash and 145 private safes of depositors. Later, the police discovered that the cave led to a secret passage connecting the city’s main sewage pipeline. The hostage-taking is just a “blind sight”, and its purpose is to divert the police’s attention and delay time.