The murderer’s resurrection mystery in Florida

  There have been several terrorist murders in Miami, Florida. After careful investigation, the FBI finally identified the suspect, and two police officers were ordered to arrest them. Unexpectedly, the suspect who had confessed all the crimes suddenly tried to resist and escape. In desperation, Constable Brian drew his gun and shot him. However, before the murderer died, he swore a poisonous oath: He will come back. Bryan takes revenge!
  On a stormy night, the dead demon actually appeared, and the bloody murder was once again kicked off, and Brian was also involuntarily involved in a terrible conspiracy…
  Horror night, fierce Spirit Resurrection
  In July 2008, a severe tropical storm swept across Florida, and the raging wind and rain lingered in Miami and refused to leave. The bustling streets on weekdays are extremely deserted, with almost no people visible.
  Brian is an ordinary police officer in the Miami branch of the FBI. That day it was his turn to be on the night shift with his colleague Owen. Outside the pitch-black window, violent wind engulfed heavy rain, and accompanied by rumbling thunder, a dazzling lightning flashed from time to time in the distant sky.
  Sitting in front of the computer, Owen murmured: “I hope nothing will happen tonight.” But before his words fell, the phone on the desk rang.
  Brian’s wife Alice screamed in horror on the other end of the phone: “You come back soon, I’m so scared, as if someone has sneaked into the house!” Because Alice is usually nervous, Blyth didn’t care too much. , Just told her to lock the doors and windows, but at this moment, there was a muffled sound on the other end of the phone, and Alice’s cry stopped abruptly. Brian couldn’t help but yelled nervously, “Alice! Alice!” But he answered him. But there was a burst of cold laughter! Only then did Brian realize that something went wrong at home, and quickly dropped the phone and ran out.
  Bryan’s home is about 20 minutes’ drive from the police station. When he came back wet, he didn’t see the familiar lights. His second-story building was gloomily hidden in the night. The gun approached the house cautiously.
  The door was open, and the whole house was quiet. Although Brian’s heart was scorched like a fire, he still stood cautiously, and after his eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness, he stepped in and searched the rooms one by one.
  At the entrance of the restaurant, Brian tripped over something. When he looked down and saw a vague silhouette of a humanoid under his feet, he immediately had an ominous premonition. Under the dim light of the flashlight, Alice’s pale face and horrified face The eyes were so strange and terrifying that Brian was instantly confused.
  At this time, there was a rustling sound from the French window, and Brian quickly pointed his gun there, but the night blocked everything and he couldn’t see anything.
  Just as Brian was hesitating, a flash of lightning lit up and clearly reflected a figure standing outside the French window. It was a familiar face. Brian rushed outside the house, and there was no one there!
  At this moment, Owen was worried about his companions and drove over. The horror scene shocked him. After the two silently conducted preliminary surveys of the scene, Brian, who had always tightened his face, suddenly said in a horrified tone: “I… …I saw the murderer just now!”
  Owen looked at him inquisitively, “Yes…” Brian looked hesitant. “Who is it?” Irving asked anxiously. “It’s Carlos!” The words that Brian spit out seemed like a thunder in the air. Owen suddenly stopped. After a while, he shook his head and muttered: “No! Impossible! He is dead!”
  Speaking of Carlos, it goes back a year. There have been several homicides in Miami. The victims were women in their thirties, and each time the murderers cut off the hands, feet or heads of the bodies. Because of the seriousness and bad nature of the case, the FBI took over the case, and Brian and Owen also participated in the investigation.
  After in-depth investigation, the police found that the victim had acted unfaithful to his spouse before he was killed. Could this be the cause of their killing? If so, the murderer must have had a failed marriage history. Following this clue, and through the extraction and analysis of some physical evidence at the crime scene and a lot of investigation work, they finally fell the suspicious point on a man named Carlos.
  Fifteen years ago, Carlos’s wife Cher left him and his seven-year-old son and eloped with a rich man. Carlos, who was extremely depressed, borrowed wine to drown his sorrows and did not want to make progress, relying on meagre unemployment benefits and housing. His rent was barely enough, and most of the money he got was used to buy drunk, and he didn’t care about his son. One day, Carlos’s son disappeared while playing outside alone and never came back. Carlos didn’t seem to care about it either, and he was still drunk with dreams.
  The police secretly extracted Carlos’s hair, and after a DNA comparison with the murderer’s leftovers at the scene, it was determined that it was the same person, so Brian and Owen went to Carlos’s home to arrest them, but an accident happened!
  Facing the police who came to the door, Carlos, who was drunk and confessed to the crime, said in a shocking way that he had killed his son by himself and took him more than ten years ago. His body was thrown into the sea, “Catch me, I don’t care anymore!” Carlos yelled arrogantly. But just when Brian took out his handcuffs to handcuff him, Carlos, who seemed to be drunk, suddenly stunned him to the ground with a fist, then turned around and pounced on Owen, and the two wrestled together.
  Carlos’s strength is amazing, Owen is no opponent, his neck is strangled. At the very moment, Bryan woke up, he took out his gun and aimed at Carlos and pulled the trigger.
  Before Carlos died, he glared at Brian with a weird expression and a sneer at the corner of his mouth. He said intermittently: “I will… come back to… you!” As
  Carlos confessed to all the crimes before he died, The serial case ended here. Since then, no similar cases have occurred in Miami, and people are relieved.
  Was framed Detective wronged
  year later, Brian says that witnessed the death of Carlos, Owen naturally can not believe it. But after Brian mentioned this, Owen was also full of doubts: Alice’s murder situation was indeed very similar to the method used in the serial murder a year ago.
  This case attracted the attention of the FBI, and a senior agent Glenn was assigned to investigate the case. Because it was a violent storm, all the traces of the outdoor scene were washed away, and the police did not find any traces of outsiders entering. In order to verify Bryan’s claim that the murderer was resurrected and revenge, the police dug up Carlos’ tomb, and what appeared in front of them was a nearly decomposed corpse. The forensic doctor confirmed that it was Carlos.
  After a series of investigations and evidence collection, Glenn suddenly proposed a conjecture that shocked everyone. He believes that no third person appeared at all on the night of the crime. It was Brian who pretended to answer the phone and said that he was aware of something wrong with his wife, and then “hurried home” and killed his wife before Irving arrived, pretending to be watching To the dead Carlos. As for his motive for doing this, it has also been ascertained! Alice has a lover outside!
  This inference sounds reasonable, but colleagues who have worked with Brian for many years don’t believe it, especially Irving, who had a big fight with Glenn about it.

  But a few days later, an accident confirmed Glenn’s statement. A woman named Kelly was attacked by a knife-bearer on her way home at night. Fortunately, she was hit by a few passersby. The gangster ran away before he could start. The murderer Kelly described looked exactly the same as Brian. When Glenn asked Kelly to identify Brian secretly, Kelly immediately pointed to Brian in the distance and shouted: “Yes! That’s him!” Lun immediately ordered the arrest of Brian.
  Brian, who had received information from Irving in advance, saw two colleagues slowly approaching him with strange faces, and he understood in an instant. He pretended to be confused, and when they came to the front, he slammed into the two of them and rushed to the car outside the courtyard at the fastest speed. Glenn then issued a wanted warrant to all police stations and pursued Brian with all his strength.
  Blyth drove madly on the suburban roads of Miami, with doubts and resentment intertwined in his heart. Who is framing himself? Is it really Carlos who is resurrected? How should he clear up his grievances?
  At this time, the phone rang, and Brian glanced at the caller’s number, which was Owen’s, and picked it up. “Man, something happened!” Owen said anxiously, “Just received a report. Last night, there was a murder in the Eastern District. The deceased was Carlos’s ex-wife Cher, and… and there were witnesses that proved that you were near the scene that night. “Go,” Blyth only felt the blood rushing to the top of his head, his hand shook, and the car almost hit a telephone pole by the road.
  I heard Owen whisper again: “Someone is coming, I will contact you later.” Night slowly fell, and the wind that had subsided for a few days blew up again. The roads on the outskirts at night were deserted and empty. Brian felt like Abandoned by the world, generally lonely and helpless.
  Who is going to put himself to death? And this person also hated Xueer, so he took this opportunity to kill both of them with one stone. However, except for the dead Carlos, he really couldn’t think of such a person.
  Brian opened the laptop in the car, entered the FBI database, retrieved the file from a year ago, and studied carefully, but still has no clue. He was unwilling to consider this record repeatedly, an unusual little detail caught his attention, and a thought suddenly flashed in his mind…
  At this moment, the phone rang again, it was an unfamiliar number, and Brian hesitated to pick it up. There was a cold laughter on the other end of the phone, which was exactly the same as the laughter on the phone he answered before Alice died. Brian sternly asked, “Who are you?” A hoarse and vague voice said, “I didn’t say I would come back. Is it yours? Why did you forget so soon?”
  ”Carlos?” Brian was surprised.
  ”If you want to see me, come to my old house.” Brian could not say more, and the other party “clicked” the phone.
  Roots sources, the murderers borrow
  two days later, Brian Chenzheyese quietly drove to the remote road Gordon, Carlos’s old house in the road, this bungalow has now been confiscated and rented out. At this time, there was only a faint light from the gap between the curtains in one room.
  Brian looked around vigilantly. The surroundings were quiet, without seeing Carlos. What is he doing? Brian stepped forward and knocked on the door, which opened slowly after a long while. A pale young man saw Brian, flickered with the light, and then asked indifferently, “Who are you looking for?”
  Brian smiled slightly and said, “I’m looking for Carlos.” The man glared at him with weird eyes. , Said coldly: “I’m sorry, then you have to go to hell to find him,” Brian nodded solemnly, and then asked: “Then, you are…” “My name is Remy, the tenant here.” People seem to be tired of talking and make a posture to close the door. Brian wittily left and turned away.
  Bryan walked to the front of the car and was about to reach out to pull the door of the car, when a group of police suddenly rushed up and surrounded him. Glenn triumphantly turned out from behind a tree and greeted him teasingly: “Okay, Brian. It’s only three days before we meet again.” Brian gritted his teeth, and he finally knew the purpose of Carlos’s transfer. When Glenn waved his hand, Brian was escorted to the police car parked behind the house. The group of people hulled away.
  A figure turned out from behind the curtains. He was Remy who was renting in Carlos’s house, listening. The sirens faded away, and Remy’s mouth showed a triumphant sneer.
  At this time, there was another knock on the door, who was it? Remy decided to ignore it, but the people outside were very persistent and kept knocking. He had to walk over and ask: “Who is outside?” The knock on the door stopped abruptly, but no one answered his question. words.
  Remy hesitated for a moment, stretched out his hand to open the door, but was shocked to see a woman with disheveled hair standing at the door. “Steve!” The woman trembled and slowly raised her head, and Remy’s expression changed drastically when she saw the woman’s appearance. “You…you…” He couldn’t help pointing at the woman tremblingly, and was speechless, his face full of horror like seeing a ghost.
  ”Steve, I’m your mother Cher!” The woman took a step forward and reached out to hug him. Remy took two steps back in horror, and shook off the woman’s hand on her arm, speaking incoherently. Cried out: “Don’t touch me, you bad woman, you are dead! You damn!
  Leave me and Dad…” He suddenly stopped because he saw Glenn and Bryan, who had left, walking from the shadows. When he came out, Brian stepped forward, handcuffed a pair of handcuffs that he had prepared, and said: “Please, Mr. Steve.” “How did you find me?” Remy still seemed afraid I believe that my well-designed trap has been dismantled.
  ”When I looked through the file a year ago, I found an unreasonable detail. Carlos confessed all the charges without waiting for our interrogation. He also mentioned that he killed his son more than ten years ago. Why did he say this? Moreover, before he died, he was so sure that the crime had not stopped. There was only one answer, and that was: he knew that the people who committed these crimes were still alive, and he knew that he would not give up. Because Feeling owed to his son and having long lost the hope of survival, he took these sins for his son.” Brian looked at Remy and said quietly.
  When Brian discovered this unusual detail, he suddenly thought that the people who had a reason to hate him and Cher were in addition to Carlos and the missing child. If Carlos lied, that child would not die but grow up. As an adult, because of the shadow of childhood, the personality is distorted, which leads to a deep hatred for those unfaithful women, leading to murderous intent, then all the doubts can be explained.
  But if this child is still alive, where will he be? Brian thought that since Carlos knew who the real murderer was, the murderer must have lived around Carlos, and Carlos had rarely interacted with people due to years of decadent life, so Brian naturally thought of renting Carlos. The tenant of the house, so he called Owen and asked him to check the person who rented Carlos’s house.
  The results of the investigation made Brian very excited. The tenant named Remy not only had the age of Carlos’ missing son It’s exactly the same, and most importantly, Remy’s profession turned out to be a makeup artist who has been in Hollywood for many years. His best technique is to shape and make up. He can vividly transform a person into another image. This technique It has been widely used in Hollywood science fiction and suspense movies. In this way, the mystery that plagued Bryan-the resurrected Carlos and the second Bryan who emerged from the air were easily solved.
  Bryan communicated his guesses with Glenn through Irving, and they worked together to direct this “anti-intermination”. After Remy was arrested, the police found fake faces used to disguise Carlos and Bryan in his residence.
  As for Cher, who was resurrected from the dead, the police hired another make-up artist who was proficient in this technique to complete it. Brian used his own way to cure his body, and finally Steve was defeated. In the trap of my own design!