Who is whose angel

  During college, I was arranged to go to a hospital for an internship, and the instructor was the pastor of the hospital. The task of internship is not onerous. One of the main tasks is that I need to visit specific patients and then report to the pastor the interaction and communication between me and the patients. In this regard, I have not received special training, and introducing myself to strangers is not what I am good at.
  Once, I walked cautiously into a dimly lit room and found an old man lying alone on the bed. He should be sleeping. As a result, when I walked gently to the side of the bed, I realized that he was actually opening his eyes and his face was full of confusion and anxiety. I could see that he wanted to chat with me very much, but I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. He looked weak, not knowing whether he was suffering from pain or just being disturbed by his inner fear. I don’t know anything about his current situation and past, and a feeling of helplessness flooded my mind madly. He obviously didn’t want me to leave, but I really didn’t know how to deal with the situation at the time. The uncomfortable feeling all over my body made me escape the ward in a few minutes.
  A few days later, I was sent to follow up the old man last time. I secretly prayed, hoping that this meeting with him could be as brief as last time…if he is still alive. Trying to communicate with a person who is at a loss, besides adding frustration to yourself, is there any other meaning?
  Unexpectedly, the lights in that ward were on. This time, the old man was no longer alone, his daughter came to see him. He sat on the bed and looked much better. I introduced myself to his daughter and explained that I visited her father not long ago. Then, I turned to the old man again, and said with a smile: “You definitely don’t remember me.”
  Unexpectedly, the old man answered immediately: “Of course I remember you. You are the angel who gave me hope in the darkest moment when I felt!” I thought he was joking, but then he accurately described the details of our first meeting, and I had to be surprised by his memory. Again, I don’t know how to respond. I chatted with them for a while and told the old man that I was happy that he felt better, and then left the ward.
  A full 25 years have passed, and the brief meeting with the elderly remains as clear as yesterday. Recalling that meeting, I did almost nothing except flee, let alone help him, but inadvertently acted as an “Emissary of Light”-dispelling the darkness in front of him, he was on me Found what he needed at a critical moment in his life, just because I was there.
  The meeting with the elderly could not be too short, but it has since shaped the way I look at life and changed my attitude towards myself and others. It not only affects my career path, but also plays a pivotal role in the decisions I make every day. It allows me to do my best to be kind to others, and to try to recognize and appreciate the kindness that others have given me.
  I don’t know the old man’s name, where he came from, or what happened to him afterwards. It took me several years to realize what a precious gift he gave me.
  A strange old man who was sick and weak changed the rest of my life with one sentence. So, who is whose angel?