Youth is a hasty book

  I went downstairs for a walk, and in the twilight, I saw a girl standing under a rose flower in a daze. She is tall, slender, with a long ponytail, looking a little lonely and lonely.
  When I got closer, I realized that the girl frowned, her face was sad, and there were tears in her eyes. I don’t know where I was wronged. At this moment, she was muttering to Rose Flower alone: ​​”What does it mean to be alive?” She kept repeating these words, and I couldn’t help but stop and smile.
  The girl was a little sullen and asked me: “What are you laughing at? Are you gloating?”
  My smile deepened and asked the girl: “What are you crying? At the end of life?” The
  girl calmly, like autumn water, said: “I asked first Yours.”
  I said, “Okay! Then I will tell you why I laughed. The age of a teenager is the best time in life, the green age is lush, the flowers are fragrant, blooming like buds. You know how many people there are Envious of your youth and youth, is it right for you to be Fanghua? But you are here to say sorrow for new words, you say it is ridiculous? If you think it is boring to live, you can go to the hospital, where is the transit point of life and death, go Just look at it and you will know what it means to be alive.” The
  girl pondered for a long while, then turned to ask me: “Do you envy me too?”
  I nodded and said, “Of course, I also envy your youth!”
  I didn’t ask the girl why. Worry, why cry, why do you feel boring to live. Because I know that the sorrow and suffering of this age are the places that must pass through the intersection of life, but in the eyes of the clear and innocent eyes, it is a grain of sand that cannot be accommodated. I looked at her slowly leaving behind, feeling a little confused.
  I remember that year, youth was just right, the boys with vigorous posture and proud actions on the basketball court, the precise three-pointers were beautiful and powerful, and they ran across the court, sweating for winning or losing, and tearing for victory; remembering that year, youth was just right, self-study The girl in the room immersed in the books is focused and beautiful. Every time she passes by her window, she will be light-handed. Every time she thinks of her smile, her heart will be bounced non-stop; remember that year, youth was just right, once The failure of the exam makes people feel like they have fallen into a deep abyss, and there is no face to see “Elder Jiangdong”. The tears are like a stream, and they can’t stop…
  Time always passes by inadvertently, and when you hold a lot of youth in your hand, I don’t think youth is so precious. When I looked back, the young figure on the road suddenly realized that youth was like a bird, stumbled and never looked back, as Xi Murong said: “Youth is a book that is too hasty. ”
  Youth has always been tied to growth, and the process of growth is always accompanied by some small pain. All the troubles, confusion, and confusion are gifts given to us by youth and the nutrients needed for growth.
  Those big things that were once thought to be earth-shattering, and the ditches and hurdles that were thought to be insurmountable, originally depended on their own experience and vision. The teacher’s entrustment felt awkward, and the parental care was unnecessary. It was a shame to fail the exam by accident. He put his heart in the diary as a secret, and when someone said something bad, he thought it was the end of the world. Later I learned that nothing can stop the advancement, and nothing can stop the passion of youth.
  In the process of growing up, everyone has not only happiness and joy, but also ups and downs, sweat and tears. Everyone’s youth is different, some are vigorous and some are plain. No matter which kind of youth is unique, it cannot be copied and is fleeting.
  Youth is the best time in life. Say goodbye to the youth’s youthfulness. The old world has not yet arrived. So when you are just right, you lose your low self-esteem, sensitivity, and cowardice. Hold your efforts in your hands, put your hard work in your pocket, and give yourself a good deal Recharge, pull up the sails of youth, ride the wind and waves, even if you choke a few saliva, you must go on singing.
  How many people envy your youth is just right, forge ahead, on the road in the future, you will meet a better self.