Lost soul

  In the autumn of about ten years old, the water that had never been used as a “water dissipating hole” near my house dries up. We were on a long vacation. On that day, I met with my little friend Qiying to take a look inside. She suggested it. I walked to the entrance of the cave with her. I looked up at the top of the cave, feeling gloomy and terrifying, so I said to her, “We still won’t go in? I feel scary at the entrance of the cave!”
  Qiying:” Are you afraid of ghosts?”
  I: “I know there are no ghosts, but I am still afraid.”
  Qiying: “I am not afraid of girls, what else are you afraid of? You see, the rock on the top of the cave looks like a hanging The pig’s feet on the kang…it must be very beautiful inside, I have a flashlight.”
  Hearing what she said, I boldly followed in. In addition to the darkness and coldness, the stalagmites are very beautiful, and it feels so scary when there is no cave entrance. We had flashlights again, so we climbed up and down happily… Suddenly, I heard her screaming sternly: “Ah!” After that, there was no sound, and the flashlight fell to the ground. I didn’t know what had happened, so I ran to her to look at it. When I saw it, I took a breath: Oh my goodness, there was a big boa constrictor with its head upright and its chest up to demonstrate to both of us! At first, I saw that the snake didn’t seem to come to eat us, so I was not very afraid, but when I saw Qiying dare not move, I bent over and picked up her flashlight…
  I just bent down. Suddenly heard the “hissing” several times, and quickly looked up, I saw the big snake leaping towards us at the speed of lightning… We both fell on our backs in fright. Maybe the reason we fell to the ground, or the light in our hands, made it afraid to bite. The snake escaped deep into the hole without biting us. We were frightened by the snake, sweating all over, and limbs limp, as if collapsed. We helped each other out of the hole, saying that we would never enter this hole again. Why is there such a big snake in it?
  I was still very soft the next day, and I didn’t care. Three days later, I really couldn’t stand it anymore, so I said to my mother: “Mom, I can’t stand it anymore.” Mom touched my head and found nothing unusual, so she asked if I had been frightened. Then I talked about being frightened by the snake. Down the line. My mother immediately cooked a “shadow egg” for me, and said to me: “You are so old, go to the cave and find your soul!” I asked, “How to find it?” Mom: “Who is called You ran there to play? How do I know how to find it? Anyway, you find it by yourself. If you are not soft, you will come back.” I had to go into the cave and muttered silently: “My soul will come back…”
  The next day, I returned to normal. I thought of my companion Qiying. It turned out that she was as soft as I was, but her parents sent her to the hospital, and they didn’t find any illness… So I told her to eat “shadow eggs.”
  I thought she would too. Okay, but on the third day, when I heard that she was dead, I was shocked and said, “How is it possible?” It turned out that her parents didn’t call her back afterwards, and they didn’t believe it! She died in the morning, and at noon her father wrapped it in a straw mat and buried it by a small river. We have always been very good partners. Before I could take a look at her, she was buried in the loess. In the afternoon, I quietly went to look at her cemetery by the river. I saw a few wild dogs digging up the soil from a long distance. I was shocked and ran away to drive away the dogs. I thought to myself that she would definitely be eaten by dogs if she was buried here. How cruel? I just slipped her into the water-dissipation hole quietly, and threw her into the pond to eat better than a dog, right? Anyway, no one could see her, so I dug her out of the ground and secretly carried her into the drainage hole. To be honest, I am usually very afraid of dead people, but because I play with her every day, I find that I am not afraid of her at all, and feel that she is still the same as when she was alive.
  I put her body on the ground, and suddenly thought: “She lost her soul to death. Will her soul still be in this cave? I shout to see if I can call back?”
  Thinking of shouting the soul, I simply carried her inside again, not far from where we saw the snake, I put her down and shouted: “Sister Qiying, come back!” The cave returned to the music bursts, looking ghostly Sensen… I was so frightened that I didn’t dare to shout, and sat down on the ground and said silently in my heart: “Sister Qiying, you come back quickly, I’m so afraid, if you don’t come back, I will go out by myself.” I plucked up the courage to sit inside and read silently three times. I stood up and was about to go out. I suddenly heard her breathe out while lying on the ground. I immediately squatted down to look and found that she was awake…
  Afterwards, I concealed it from people. During this process, I only said that I went to play by the river, saw wild dogs digging in the soil, and ran for a moment with curiosity, and found that she was exposed and woke up…