Strange creatures of all kinds

  ET, the Martians in “World War”, the Zerg, predators and aliens in “Star Wars”, the hexapod system in “Avatar”… Sci-fi creators did their best to show a dazzling array of imaginary creatures On the screen. However, after careful identification, it is not difficult to find that these new and innovative ideas are still difficult to get rid of the fate of “known and unknown”.
  In the film and television works, most alien creatures have a fully functional head, with eyes, ears, mouth, and nose; they walk with distinctly segmented limbs; there is a brain with a shape and layout similar to that of terrestrial vertebrates.
  It is true that the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose as detectors for electromagnetic waves, mechanical waves, and chemical molecules are universally owned by various cosmic organisms. Regardless of water and land, the use of the principle of leverage is also universal for most animals; there is a developed The integrated brain seems to be an essential trend. But if you think that the existence of life is limited to this routine, it would be too small to underestimate the all-encompassing universe.
  Since the development of science fiction, we might as well move the template prototype created from the known and familiar terrestrial vertebrates.
  1 marsh foreign lords
  dark “sea” endless. The spoiled plants churned with gurgling bubbles and stirred up a turbid liquid. The water here is so shallow that it cannot even cover the entire ocean floor. More places are exposed silt mixed with sandy soil, carrying scattered backwater bays, forming a unique marsh-ocean landform.
  On this planet, orogeny has long since ceased. Regardless of the mountains and plains, under the effect of years of weathering, they gradually merge into the sea with flowing water. Gradually, the boundary between land and sea disappeared, and most of the planet’s surface became a mixed swamp. The fish gave up the vertically flat body shape, and instead grew a horizontally wide flat big head and a barrel-shaped body. Countless crustaceans cling to the roots and stems of plants, vigilantly filtering and eating organic debris suspended in the water.
  A large, fat body squirmed past, disturbing the residents of Numayuan and fled. The mud churned and splashed under its body, and it also rolled up layers of waves.
  Lord Marsh Ocean, the veritable overlord in this swamp ocean, at this moment is like a 10,000-ton aircraft carrier patrolling its territory. It is so huge, with a height of 30 meters and a length of more than a hundred meters, making it look like a big caterpillar across the sky. It does not have a bone around its body, and its ring-like body is filled with elastic and strong muscles. Therefore, it can evenly distribute the astonishing weight on each stress surface, just like throwing itself on the sofa, making itself comfortable The ground is half buried in the mud.
  Eighty-one pairs of stubby arms and legs are distributed on both sides of the body, and the ends resemble the mouthparts of leeches. These arms and legs have both exercise and eating functions. When the lord Marsh Ocean moves forward, the silt under him becomes soft due to the agitation. The mouthparts at the ends of the arms and legs take the opportunity to inhale a large amount of mud, together with the plants, small animals, and rotting corpses in the sand. The huge digestive cavity of Lord Marsh Ocean. In the face of such a huge diners, don’t expect it to follow the table manners of eating slowly. He ate up everything around him, and then sprayed the indigestible residue from the tail into the distance like a water cannon. Even though it is ugly, it is efficient and convenient.
  Lord Niuyang has no eyes, and it does not rely on sight, having buried most of its body in the mud for many years. Sensitive olfactory pores are distributed around the wrists and feet, capturing the odor dispersed in the mud. In addition, the Marsh Ocean Lord can perceive the electric field changes in the mud and sand like a shark, so that it can search for the most abundant areas of benthic organisms. The two vents on the back are its breathing channels and can also be used as communication tools with companions. With the opening and closing of different stomata, Lord Niuyang can sing a melody with alternating combinations of different pitches like a whistle, becoming a loud chant in the swamp ocean.
  2 barren rock lay
  planet desolate, long oval orbit allowed year after year suffer torture alternating ice and flames. Looking around, there is a vast desert. The jagged rocks are scattered in the vast sand sea plain, hidden in the deep canyons and rifts. Desolation and silence seem to be the eternal theme of this planet.
  This is a country without life. The higher civilizations visited for the first time might say so. but……
  ”Guru, Guru…” hidden in the howling desert wind, an unclear rolling sound faintly came. Several skull-sized rocks were tumbling forward like ghosts. The rough surface made them roll unsmoothly, and the staggering stone balls drew crooked migration routes on the sand. Behind the dashi balls, follow the attendants of different sizes, ranging from the size of the tennis ball to the size of the pea. Due to the difference in radius, the rolling speed is naturally different. When the big guys charged and took the lead and rolled all the way, the small stones had to fall at the end of the team embarrassedly, thus pulling out a migration column that stretched for tens of kilometers.
  It’s amazing that the stone will go automatically without wind! But this is not caused by the strange physics of this planet. If these stone balls are cut open, we can observe the internal structure of this strange creature from its cross section. In the core area protected by the hard and thick rock crust, there are clusters of tender and juicy gill flap meat. Whenever the muscles inside the stone ball squeeze a large amount of body fluid to one side of the body and change the distribution of its center of gravity, it will roll in the specified direction.
  In this extreme heat and cold planet, the barren rock layman had to adopt a strategy of shaping the stone shell to protect the fragile organic organization. The sturdy outer shell protects them from wind and sand, while the fluffy and porous inner shell blocks harsh extreme temperatures. However, even so, the Stone Balls would not rely on their “armor” to carry the violent nature. Migration is the most important behavior in their lives. Along with the change of the planet’s orbital position and its own rotation, the range of the planet’s surface temperature zone also continues to wander. With the change of solar terms, choosing to roll into the shady canyon to avoid the scorching heat, to chase the mist and dew in the morning breeze, or to flock to the sunny slope to survive the harsh winter is already an instinct engraved in the genes.
  They run like this for most of their lives. “Flying sand and walking rocks”, a term used to describe wild sandstorms, is a vivid expression of life on this planet.
  3 nebula hermit
  spaceship through the nebula, dust samples salvage the remains of this celestial body after death. The thin area is icy and cold. Although the misty nebula is so dreamy and gorgeous from a distance, once you are in it, it is nothing more than empty and invisible. It is not much more substantial than the loneliness of roaming the vacuum.
  But what is surprising is that there are still simple structures of life in this cosmic grave. In the collected stardust samples, the expedition team was surprised to screen out hundreds of interstellar microorganisms. Under the electron microscope, they are either like wrinkled green watermelons, or golden durians with round thorns, or white carambola with uneven edges and corners… all kinds of space bacteria form a huge colony ecology.
  Compared with the earth’s microbes, these nebula strains are generally larger in size, like big fat people with chubby stature, storing more nutrients. The full nucleus area, complex and huge multiple DNA strands crammed the little guy. They grow and multiply very slowly, and are dormant most of the time. Even if there are two slightly lively ones occasionally, most of them are doing their own cell repair work.
  However, the development of things is slowly unexpected. In order to save storage space, the collected nebula strains are placed in the concentrated stardust sample. The stardust in the container gradually liquefied, forming a primitive ocean. Microorganisms are like nectar in a long drought. They have never been exposed to such high-density and rich resources before they multiply wildly. In just a few days, the sample has become a pot of mellow bacteria soup.
  Then, the unthinkable happened. The strains began to change and develop towards the model of multicellular organisms. Different types of microorganisms show another aspect. There are jellyfish that stretch multiple valves like a dahlia, and there are also the “Yehailong” that is winding and slender with countless branches. Each microorganism has evolved a specific higher form. The millions of years of evolutionary history of earth species have been reproduced in just a few hours.
  But in fact, these nebula species are not simple protists. When the star died, the prosperous species that had developed around it started seeding plans. The genes of various higher life are stored in “giant microorganisms” and become carriers of multiple DNA. These nebula hermits with the hope of rebuilding civilization are floating in the vast nebula, lurking in the simplest and lowest energy consumption way, waiting for the next prosperous opportunity.