How terrible is being on Mars…

  In the movie “The Martian”, astronaut Mark Watney became the first human beings to land on Mars. Unfortunately, an accident occurred during the exploration. He was left behind and was left on Mars by his friends.
  This seems to be somewhat similar to the scenario we imagined when we were children: a person staying on a planet, shouldering the mission of mankind, exploring the unknown world, maybe he can become a superhero who saves the earth.
  However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.
  When you live alone in a place 225 million kilometers away from humans, a huge sense of loneliness and fear will strike you. Studies have shown that loneliness can bring a lot of destructiveness. The lonely suffer from heart disease and stroke. The probability of death is three times higher than that of the average person, and the probability of dying from these two diseases will be twice that of normal people. In the highly stressful environment of Mars, before suffering from the above-mentioned major diseases, you are likely to have Driven crazy.
  Loneliness and fear seem to be the smallest challenge you have to face, because the average temperature on Mars is about -80°C, and in summer, the temperature near the equator of Mars can reach 70°C, leaving aside the toss of temperature differences, as long as you When you are exposed to the atmosphere of Mars for a period of time, your body fluids such as tears, saliva, and lung moisture will be evaporated.
  In addition, you have to deal with naughty cosmic rays. On July 20, 1969, when American astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin successfully landed on the moon on the “Apollo 11” spacecraft, Aldrin saw the “shining light” in the universe, but, Even if cosmic rays produce bright light, this stream of charged particles from the universe cannot be seen with the naked eye.
  Could it be a cosmic supernatural event happened? of course not!
  Later, scientists discovered that this was indeed a ghost of cosmic rays. It disturbed the human nervous system through the eyes and caused people to “see” the ray. Researchers called it the “cosmic ray visual phenomenon.” But its power is not limited to this. Under the stimulation of cosmic rays, the naked eye will be damaged. After returning to the earth smoothly, the vision of the astronaut will decrease, and in severe cases, there is a danger of blindness.
  In addition, scientists have conducted experiments with mice and found that after placing them in a simulated universe for six weeks, the brain cell structure of mice will change, so that they become chaotic and confused, and gradually lose their desire for knowledge. The same result will happen to humans, and psychological discomfort will undoubtedly hinder scientific exploration.
  As for the “water on Mars” that has always been talked about by people, it seems to be a problem. Today, NASA has found evidence of the existence of liquid water on Mars. But don’t forget, this is the accidental result of “Opportunity” swinging its arms in the mud. It has been a full year and a half since its official work, and even if you find water resources quickly, there is no guarantee. They are suitable for human consumption. Because drinking substandard water will cause human diseases, the milder will vomit or have a stomachache, and the severer will lose their lives.
  By the way, you may encounter alien creatures that often appear in sci-fi movies, but don’t forget, people are shooting movies, and you are living a life. You have to really face those cool-looking creatures. Can you really cope with the scene?
  This is the reason why astronaut Mark stayed in a high-pressure environment for a long time: the inside is indeed not stronger than the outside, but at least it can transport adjusted atmosphere and purified oxygen, have a suitable temperature for life and drinkable water resources to ensure the human body The normal operation of the function can also minimize the damage to him from the outside world.
  While you are enjoying sunlight, oxygen and water on the earth, Mark is waiting for his friends to pick him up home. But you often dream of being able to live his life, not knowing that everything you hold in your hands is exactly what he hopes to have again.