Ten classic UFO events in space

  On October 4, 1957, the first artificial satellite of the Soviet Union went into the sky.
  Since then, with the launch of the Soviet Union’s “Salute” and “Soyuz” and the United States’ “Gemini” and “Apollo” series of space exploration operations, a brand-new space world has been reflected in the vision of mankind.
  As a result, when a series of mysteries such as “Is there a man on the moon” and “Is there life on Mars” first appeared, “Eye of Space” discovered more secrets.
  Space “angel”
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  after the US launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, has been a strange phenomenon into its field of vision, which photographed A set of wonderful shots in the sky, showing some living beings “walking” in the universe.
  ”At first, scientists thought they had discovered a new celestial body, but after careful analysis and observation, they found that the lights were humanoid objects with life, not celestial bodies.”
  Astronomers originally thought it was that value. There was something wrong with the $150 million Hubble telescope, so these unusual images were captured. However, when they entered the data into the computer for analysis and sorting, they discovered that the images were real.
  ”Those angels are like a dazzling light.” NASA’s report said that the location where “a total of 7 angels flew together” was captured this time. It was an ancient star that was 300 million years old and numbered NGC3532.
  What is unbelievable is that the scene taken by the Hubble Space Telescope was witnessed by Soviet astronauts in space as early as July 1985.
  According to the sighting report written by the astronauts afterwards, they saw that their spacecraft was completely surrounded by strong lights at one time, and the source of the light was “7 huge humanoid objects with a halo like fog.” . ” ”
  they look a few hundred meters high, wings open enough to have a treasure airplane so big. ”
  These images have been flying with the spacecraft for 10 minutes. From a 43-second movie taken from the spacecraft, we can clearly see their shapes.
  Astrophysicist Dr. Monagov said: “Those things are undoubtedly a kind of humanoid creatures, but they have evolved to the point where they can abandon the flesh.”
  ”Those objects seem to be constantly changing.” Monagov said. They are solid for a while, and then they become a ball again. They all look like the angels in the legend-with the shape of human beings.”
  Monagov said humorously to the different reactions of the public on this matter. “I know that Catholics all over the world hope that this is the most powerful basis for proving the existence of the Father.”
  However, the astrophysicist also pointed out: “As an atheist, I have a purely scientific perspective. look at it, we will never let superstition stop further exploration of the facts. ”
  special astronauts” date ”
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  1984 On May 14, 2005, two astronauts Kebiliano and Chavinnik aboard the Soviet Union’s “Salute 6” space station saw three “alien astronauts” in the sky coming from the silver sphere.
  At that time, a shiny silver sphere half the size of the “Salute 6” suddenly entered the space orbit of the “Salute 6” and flew side by side with the “Salute 6”. Since the distance between each other is about 1 km, the astronauts cannot see anything in the flying object.
  The next day, the distance between the two suddenly shortened to 100 meters. From the telescope, the astronauts saw that the sphere has 24 windows and 3 larger circular holes. From these three circular holes, the Earth astronauts were surprised to see three faces similar to those on Earth.
  The aliens have thick eyebrows and big eyes, the bridge of the nose is straight, and the eyes are about twice the size of people on Earth. The face has no expression and the skin is brown.
  When the silver sphere was close to 3 meters apart, the Soviet astronauts were shocked and took out their navigation map to show the aliens, and the other side showed a navigation map of the solar system. The astronauts of the former Soviet Union raised their thumbs to greet the aliens, and the aliens actually “returned” in the same way.
  In order to communicate with the aliens, the Soviet astronauts sent out Morse codes with flashing lights, but received no response. Later, Morse sent out a digital signal, but this time received a similar digital signal response. According to sophisticated mathematical analysis, the digital signal turned out to be some complicated equations.
  In the next two days, the three aliens left the circular object and walked in space many times without wearing a space suit or any breathing equipment.
  The silver sphere carrying the aliens disappeared into the vast universe after flying side by side with the “Salute 6” for 4 days.   Reason for the selection of the
  mysterious “Space Dome”
: The
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  In June 1967, a low-flying UFO appeared in the Vidoras region of Spain. This UFO is in the shape of an egg, like a stroll in a leisurely courtyard, as if it was deliberately let people observe it carefully.
  Twenty years later, a larger “egg” appeared in the sky. At the end of 1986, a Soviet spacecraft replayed the history of the “Salute 6” space station: an unexpected encounter with a gray-blue “dome” in space.
  The photos taken at that time showed that the “dome” was oval in shape with a smooth appearance and was 1,100 kilometers long. Astronomers judged that it may be a meteor or space junk.
  Soviet scientist Park Komav believes that the emergence of the “dome” “does not only mean that there are organisms in outer space, and that such organisms still live in space”, and “the “dome” may be the most important since the discovery of Pluto in 1930. Discover once”.
  Some radical researchers have publicly declared that this is a “mothership” from aliens.
  Alien “Mummy”
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  There have been legends about the discovery of alien corpses on the earth. According to the director of the U.S. Space UFO Research Agency in the 20th century, the United States has at least 44 alien corpses. These aliens are 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters tall. They are similar in appearance to those on Earth. They have large heads, skewed eyes, pointed noses, big ears and small mouths, slender fingers, grayish-green skin, and breathing nitrogen through their lungs.
  However, there is no conclusive evidence in the world, but the truth has been discovered in space.
  In 1987, Yugoslavia’s “Cosmos Magazine” disclosed the inside story of “the Soviet spacecraft captured a picture of alien’mummy'”-a Soviet spacecraft captured a photo showing a silver object during its exploration, which was processed by computer imaging , It is determined that it is an alien “mummy”. The photo shows that its chest and arms are covered with badges, and it is wearing a giant helmet with two long tubes extending to the back.
  After analysis, the scientists believe that it is estimated that this alien was a spaceship commander before his life, and may have died during an interstellar journey, so he carried out a noble space funeral.
  The spacecraft found “heaven” was
  selected for the reason: the “heaven” that humans yearn for may be another “earth”
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  German astrophysicist revealed that an unmanned spacecraft in the Soviet Union is passing In a “space tunnel”, I accidentally obtained a precious photo.
  It is reported that this unmanned spacecraft first passes through a luminous tunnel like a rainbow, and then arrives at the “other world” outside the earth that is currently difficult to explain.
  From the photos sent back, we can clearly see that in a large green area and a city surrounded by city walls, we can also see that many people are moving there.
  The most special thing about this city is that it is illuminated by a strong golden light, and the scene in it is exactly the same as what people think of as “heaven”.
  Therefore, the German scientist said: “I’m sure this is the most important discovery since mankind has explored space.”
  However, the German scientist did not make it clear where “this place” is located. This cannot but be said to be the biggest regret, perhaps this is the “last secret”.
  However, the astrophysicist also disclosed that when the unmanned spacecraft sent back this photo to the earth, it had already flown over Pluto and was heading towards the boundless outer space.
  Therefore, some astronauts speculate that this “other world” where life exists is in the solar system, near Neptune and Pluto; or, at the edge of the solar system. Perhaps it is the “oasis of life” that we humans have been searching for.