Dangerous UFO

  Hawking once advised mankind: “It is too risky for mankind to actively seek contact with aliens” and “Don’t be too happy, aliens are hostile to the earth.” Hawking gave an example: “If aliens do come to the earth, I think the final result will be the same as Columbus’s discovery of the American continent. After Columbus discovered the American continent, the natives of the American continent have suffered.” Hawking continued. Explained: “I think they should have come to our planet in a large spacecraft, but due to long-distance travel, they have exhausted the resources they brought when taking off. Therefore, of course they will use their high technology to conquer the earth and bring it Or other planets become their colonies.” Although Hawking’s words are prophetic, in fact, cases of alien attacks on humans have long been recorded.
  At 10:00 on February 25, 1942, a fleet of 24 dish-shaped alien spacecraft lined up appeared over an artillery company’s position in the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles. Unknown to the heights of the sky, the US military used dozens of anti-aircraft guns to violently fire at the opponent, shooting more than 2,000 shells into the alien spacecraft. However, not only did the UFO fleet remain unscathed, it still went its own way and continued to move forward in an orderly formation. Fortunately, UFO did not fight back, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.
   On January 7, 1948, a mysterious UFO appeared at Kentucky Airport in the United States. The base commander judged that the flying object might be malicious to the airport, so he ordered Thomas Mantel to take off and intercept it. Captain Thomas reported the shape of the object to the ground command in the air and began tracking. When the aircraft rose to an altitude of 6,500 meters, the radio connection was suddenly interrupted and the UFO quickly disappeared. Later, people found the wreckage of Captain Thomas’s plane near the airport. After investigating the wreckage, experts believe that it was the result of a UFO attack. This is also the first official confirmation of an alien spacecraft attacking humans.
   On October 8, 1956, a UFO suddenly appeared near Okinawa, Japan. It happened that a Western Allied fighter was shooting live ammunition nearby, and the quick-reaction gunner immediately fired at it. What is puzzling is that after the bomb exploded, the UFO was undamaged, but the first fighter was broken into fragments and the plane was destroyed.
   On September 24, 1957, an anti-aircraft artillery camp on Sakhalin Island in the Far East of the Soviet Union opened fire on three UFOs that suddenly appeared. The three UFOs didn’t seem to have this point of artillery in their eyes at all. They were still hovering in the air, not avoiding them. No matter how the Soviets fired, they couldn’t hurt them a single hair. On another occasion, a UFO appeared over a missile base in Central Asia. A Soviet missile that could automatically track the target aimed at the UFO. The moment it was launched, the missile exploded on its own, which shocked Soviet soldiers.
   One day in August 1966, a UFO stayed near a missile base in the western United States for a long time. After the savvy Americans fully filmed the video, they were ready to activate almost all missile launchers at the base. The strange thing is that at this moment all the launching devices were paralyzed at the same time, and one of the most advanced devices was “melted into a pile of scrap iron” by a magical beam!
   On the night of October 21, 1978, Australian Air Force pilot Warren was driving a plane for night flight training in southern Australia when he suddenly found a long green flying object hovering above him. Warren hurriedly reported to the base that the long green flying object was huge and hovering very fast, but he did not see the tail flames from its engine. He was tracking it. Suddenly, the base commander heard it in the headset. There was a harsh metal rubbing, and then the radio was interrupted. No one has seen Warren and his plane since. The Australian military set up a special investigation team to investigate this incident, but in the end there was no clear conclusion, so Warren was declared missing. Almost at the same time when Warren disappeared, many people on the ground island claimed to have seen the long green UFO. It was very large in size and flew extremely fast, and it disappeared into the dark night in an instant. Up.
   What happened to the two pilots, Warren and Thomas, in the air, even the investigators after the incident did not know. But one thing in common between the two incidents is that both pilots were tracking UFOs at the time. The UFOs may think they threatened their own safety, so they used force to cause the tragedy of the death of one pilot and the disappearance of one pilot. In other words, if the UFO is not in danger, it will never be better. Of course, this is only speculation, but one thing that happened on the Korean peninsula is a fact.
   It was a day in the autumn of 1974, and the sea off the Korean Peninsula was filled with dense fog. Suddenly, the South Korean Air Defense Force found a huge flying object on the radar coming from the open sea. The ground kept contacting the flying object via radio to determine what it was and whether it was hostile, but the UFO remained silent. It flew extremely fast, and soon people on the coast could see it with naked eyes. It was a huge oval-shaped metal object, glowing red and yellow all over, strangely it was almost silent, and suddenly stopped when it reached the sky above the base. The base commander thought it was a hostile aircraft, so they ordered air defense missiles to attack. The missile hits the flying object directly after launch. However, what is surprising is that the missile was hit by a strong light before it got close to the flying object and melted instantly. At this time, the UFO suddenly accelerated, and soon disappeared.
   It is undeniable that UFOs do carry weapons, and their weapon performance and technological level are much higher than humans. They rarely take the initiative to attack humans, but only take appropriate self-defense when facing the unkindness of humans and pose a threat to them, and this is the fatal reason that causes humans to be attacked by mysterious forces. In this way, they are still not malicious to human beings, otherwise the earth people may no longer exist.
   When the military attacks UFOs, the opponent will resist. Ordinary people pose a threat to UFOs and cannot escape bad luck. In 1967, a farmer in Brazil went home from hunting and saw a strange flying machine parked in his field, like a huge dish. Beside this aircraft, there are three huge monsters floating in the air. The farmer didn’t know what it was, but he was very angry, because the aircraft crushed a large crop of his crops, so he raised his shotgun and shot the monster. This shot seemed to hit a monster, and it swayed from side to side a few times. At this moment, a strong light from the “huge dish” hit his shoulder, and the gun immediately fell to the ground. At the same time, those monsters quickly flew into the “dish” and flew away. When the farmer returned home, he was bedridden, and a 15 cm diameter scar appeared on the shoulder that was hit by the light. Since then, his health has gone from bad to worse, and he died on a sick bed two months later. After examination, the doctor claimed that a strong radiation had destroyed his red blood cells. Examples of using strong light to attack humans like this are not uncommon. It seems that the handy weapon in the hands of aliens is “light”, not the bullets of people on earth.
   The people on earth also admit that the technology of aliens is much higher than that of humans, and the degree of civilization is much higher than that of humans. If aliens want to attack humans, they will surely win. However, most of the aliens’ visits to the earth come and go in a hurry. It is not difficult to see that in many cases the aliens are not malicious. But in fact, there are reports of UFO attacks on humans from time to time. Take a closer look at the reasons. Most of them are self-defense attacks by UFOs, and most of them have trouble with the military. It can be said that “people don’t offend it, it doesn’t offend people.” But what exactly did the aliens come to earth for? Why don’t they take the initiative to communicate with people on earth? Even saying that aliens are so technologically advanced, why do they sometimes hide from Earthlings? All of these human beings expect a clear statement, but who can give this statement?