Animals with the same names as big stars

  Almost every year, biologists discover new species. In addition to carefully identifying and classifying these animals and plants, they also have an important task of naming new species. Just as newly born human babies need their parents to name them, new species also need their own. name. And biologists sometimes even named them after many modern celebrities. Why?
  Next, let us learn about several interesting creatures with the same names as celebrities.    The singer of
  the Hornets who can make caterpillars dance the death dance of the
2014 World Cup in Brazil, Colombian female singer Shakira, not only has a beautiful singing voice, but is also good at twisting her hips. Her signature electric hip dance is full of dynamic, with Strong Latin style, was named the Latin queen of big electric hip dance. When you hear her singing or see her performance, you will be infected by her vitality and you can’t help but dance with her.
   There is a cold-blooded little killer in the insect world, but he also has the same name as the Latin queen.
   In the uninhabited jungle of the Andes in eastern Ecuador, there is a wasp about 10 millimeters long. Female wasps lay their eggs in the body of a caterpillar. Then the wasp eggs hatch into larvae, and the larvae will take the caterpillar as food and start a buffet life, slowly consuming the internal organs of the caterpillar, but the caterpillar is still alive. When the most important organ is eaten, the victim’s caterpillars will begin to cramp, tremble and shake violently, ending their lives in the dance.
   When people see the parasitic caterpillars shaking constantly, they think of Shakira’s signature electric hip dance. Inspired by the inspiration, the biologist officially gave the name Shakira to the instigator and named it the Shakira Hornets.
   Soon after the caterpillar dies, the Shakira wasp larvae will pupate in the caterpillar’s body and become an adult. If you continue to stay with the caterpillar and observe carefully, you can see that the adult Shakira wasp will pupate the caterpillar. The corpse was torn apart, drilled out of the corpse, started a new life in the vast nature, and then looked for the next suitable parasite target.
   Paleontology has “scissors hands”
   In British Columbia, Canada, scientists have discovered the fossil of an extinct organism 505 million years ago. This creature is about 4 cm long and has a pair of large eyes composed of multiple compound eyes like flies. The large eyes grow on the top of the movable stem, but this is not its most conspicuous feature.
   Its most noticeable feature is the densely packed “scissors” on the torso. This ancient creature has a slender torso, but it has as many legs and feet as millipedes. The legs have separated spines, like open scissors, especially the two huge “scissors hands” closest to the head. .
   When its discoverer first saw the fossil of this ancient creature, he couldn’t help but think of Edward the robot in the movie “Edward Scissorhands”. Edward has a human mind but does not have a pair of normal hands. His hands are a pair of magical scissors. It can trim plants, ice and snow into various shapes. Coincidentally, this discoverer is again a fan of Edward’s actor and American Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. Therefore, this ancient creature got its unique name, which is the Scissorhander Deschler.
   Researchers believe that the scissorhandler is a small arthropod that lived in shallow waters about 505 million years ago. The spiders hanging on the branches, the lobsters on your dinner plate, and the scorpions hiding in the grass are almost all its distant relatives. And its “scissors hand” may be used to catch prey hiding in the sand.
   “Beyonce” horse fly
   in Queensland, Australia forest, if you are lucky enough, you will find a rare horse fly, they are called SCAPTIA BEYONCEAE. And everyone knows that Beyoncé is a famous American pop singer.
   So, how is this connected? The Australian scientists who named them gave very good reasons. First, this horsefly was discovered in 1981, and Beyoncé was also born in the same year; secondly, their body is very “curvaceous” among the horsefly species, and the tail is covered with beautiful gold. Fuzzy, this reminds scientists of a song “Fullness” sung by Beyonce, so they named this horsefly after Beyonce. In this way, this little animal transformed and became the first “Queen” in the fly world.
   Beyonce horse flies play a very important role in the Australian ecosystem. They are like hummingbirds, flying from flower to flower, eating nectar, and pollen will stick to them. When they carry pollen around in search of food, the plants are pollinated during the visit of the Beyonce horse fly.
   But for humans, Beyonce horse flies are very rare. Since they were discovered in 1981, people have seen them only three times before and after.
   Beetle “stolen” Schwarzenegger’s name
   Do you still remember the “Terminator” in modern man from the future back to the cold and strong killer, he was played by Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is not only an actor, but also a fitness athlete who has won 7 times Mr. Universe fitness championship. His burly body and steel-like muscles are deeply imprinted in the minds of movie fans.
   In the animal kingdom, there is a kind of beetle known as the “Schwarzenegger” of its kind, because it has the same characteristics as the fitness champion Schwarzenegger-thick “arms”.
   In 2002, entomologists discovered this small beetle in the soil of Costa Rica. It is only about 15 mm long, but there are a pair of extremely disproportionate “arms” in the middle of its small body. Compared with the forelegs and hind limbs, the beetle His middle limbs appear to be extremely strong and stout, especially its protruding and developed “biceps”.
   Entomologists named it after Schwarzenegger, one is the association on the body, and the other is to pay tribute to the action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger.
   Hairy lemurs are called comedians.
   In 2005, scientists discovered a new kind of hairy lemurs. Like other kinds of hairy lemurs, they live on the island of Madagascar in Africa. This small primate weighs Only 5-6 kg, feed on bamboo shoots and bamboo leaves.
   Scientists call this hairy lemur Kleis. The name actually comes from John Kleis, a master comedian in the UK. If you can’t figure out who he is for the time being, you must still remember the “almost no head” in “Harry Potter: The Vanishing Chamber”. “The ghost of Nick, his actor is John Kleis. In fact, Kleis has participated in many famous films, such as “Shrek 2”, “Pinocchio”, “Around the Earth in 80 Days” and so on.
   Scientists gave Kleis’s name to the hairy lemur not because of the special similarities between Kleis and the hairy lemur, but to recognize his efforts and contributions in protecting the hairy lemur. Claes himself is very interested in the survival of woolly lemurs. He has called on people to protect this species in films such as “Ferocious Pets” and some documentaries. Because hairy lemurs are endangered species, they only live in a small area in western Madagascar. In addition, animals and plants have received star names to arouse people’s attention to endangered animals and plants.