Decipher the “Vampire” mystery

  Herb Marshall is a sheriff in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, USA. Under his jurisdiction, the security situation in Murfreesboro has always been good, and the residents lead a carefree, leisurely and contented life. However, the calm here was broken in the summer of 2000.
  It was a hot afternoon, after half a busy morning, Marshall was sitting in the office to rest. Suddenly, a man rushed in panting, and said to him in a flustered expression: “The big thing is not good, Swift was killed.” Marshallton was shocked. There have been no injuries in the town for many years. Why is the murderer so bold when the murder happened?
   An angry Marshall rushed to the scene of the murder. Seeing Swift fell on the lawn under a big tree, his eye sockets were sunken and his eyeballs disappeared. What’s even more incredible was that the blood on his body was also sucked up. Is it a vendetta or a fortune? The residents of the small town all know Swift, who is over 60 years old. He treats people sincerely, is amiable, and is very respected. What enemies can such an old man have? Moreover, the investigation found that the 200 US dollars in Swift’s wallet and the gold ring in his hand were also intact, so it was obviously not a fortune. The mysterious murderer did not leave any clues helpful in solving the case.
   When Marshall was puzzled by the murderer’s superb criminal methods, several murders occurred in Murfreesboro. What made him a little relieved was that the dead in these murders were not people, but livestock. The successive murders were similar to Swift’s case: the blood in the animals’ bodies was mysteriously sucked up, and their eyeballs, lips, and even reproductive organs disappeared. Based on the similarities of the several murders, Marshall believed that these several murders were committed by the same murderer. This also puzzled him more and more. Assuming that the death of Old Man Swift was due to an enmity with the murderer, where did the tragic death of these animals begin?
   The murderer has been unable to come back to justice, and the originally peaceful town of Murfreesboro fell into a panic. In response to the weird death of old sft and livestock, there has been a saying in the town that a vicious blood-sucking monster appeared in Murfreesboro. It is bloodthirsty, has strong limbs and grows. The sharp claws have a pair of wings on both sides of the body, and there is a raised thorn on the back, half like a dog, half like a ghost, sucking blood for a living, and can make a strange whistle. In people’s descriptions, this monster comes from Puerto Rico in Latin America and is extremely cruel.
   Marshall did not believe in the vampire monsters people described. Nevertheless, he found relevant information. According to the information, there have been stories of vampire monsters in Puerto Rico, South America for decades, but no one has ever seen such vampire monsters in real life. Therefore, most people think that the story of the vampire monster is just a legend and does not really exist. However, in 1994, this story became a reality in Puerto Rico and caused a panic. The blood-sucking monster that had been circulated among people appeared in the small town of Kanonas in this country and hunted countless livestock. Suck their blood dry.
   Are there really vampire monsters in the world? The conclusive introduction in the information, coupled with the vivid descriptions of the people in the town, made Marshall’s faith a little shaken for a while. At this moment, the forensic doctor came out with an autopsy report on the old man Swift. The autopsy report stated: The real cause of death of the old man Swift was a sudden heart attack. So far, the spread that he died of a blood-sucking monster was completely rejected. But after the autopsy report disclosed the cause of death of the old man, it also left a question: Where did his disappearing eyeball go? Who sucked his blood?
   Although there are still doubts, in order to appease the panic of the town residents, Marshall stood up and denied the rumors related to the vampire monster. But people not only did not eliminate their inner panic because of his statement, but instead believed that this was an excuse that he could not catch the real murderer. Since then, in Murfreesboro, rumors related to “vampire monsters” have become more and more popular, so that the residents of the town dare not go out alone in the field during the day and dare not go out of their homes at night.
   The suspicion from around made Marshall very distressed, but he still firmly believed that there were no vampire monsters in the world. If the blood-sucking monster is really like what people describe, then it will definitely leave messy tooth marks or claw marks after attacking people and livestock, but in fact, there are no such traces on the dead sft old man and those livestock. . As for why the blood of the deceased was sucked up and why some organs disappeared inexplicably, Marshall believed there must be another reason.
   Various doubts prompted Marshall to decide to investigate the rumors related to the vampire monster. Marshall rushed to Puerto Rico where the vampire monsters originated. He wanted to find out if anyone had actually seen a vampire monster in the past cases related to vampire monsters. He came to the town of Canovana where the bizarre death of thousands of livestock occurred. The town is rich in goats and sheep, so most of the dead animals are goats and sheep. After these goats and sheep died, the meat on their bodies was not eaten, only the blood was sucked dry, and some of their organs disappeared. As the investigation progressed, Marshall got an important message: most of the dead animals had scars on their bodies.
   The people in Kanawana Town hate vampire monsters, but they have no way. For decades, no one has really seen the appearance of a vampire monster. The appearance of the blood-sucking monsters circulating in the society stems only from people’s conjectures about their vicious behavior. People named the blood-sucking monster “Chupacabra”, which means “something that sucks goat blood.” Faced with the huge panic caused by the “Vampire” Chupacabra, the official had to come forward to clarify that the Vampire is actually a predator known to man.
   However, the official statement was difficult for the public to accept, so everyone organized to hunt vampires, but this massive hunting operation was nothing. People therefore think that Chupacabra must be an evil and supernatural existence, and some people even speculate that Chupacabra is an alien or an escaped alien pet. As a result, Chupacabra was covered with a veil of mystery.
   A thick virgin forest grows near the town of Canovana that Marshall investigated. Marshall suspected that the culprit was in the forest, so he decided to go deep into the forest to collect evidence. Fearing to disturb the culprit, Marshall only took a hunter as a guide. According to hunters, there are many beasts living in this virgin forest, so when they enter the dense forest, they all carry weapons. But after searching in the gloomy forest for many days, Marshall failed to see the vampire described by people. He believes that the culprit responsible for the deaths of many livestock is by no means some blood-sucking monsters, but just ordinary beasts. However, when he was about to go home, an accident happened.
   That day, Marshall walked behind the Hunter’s Guide, and when he was about to walk out of the jungle, he heard a strange noise behind him. Marshall turned his head vigilantly, and saw a dark figure instantly rushed in front of him, knocking him to the ground
   with a palm… Marshall woke up and found himself lying on a hospital bed. According to the hunter’s guide, he heard a noise behind him and fired a shot into the sky in a panic. When he turned his head, he saw Marshall fall to the ground, and the murderer who attacked him was long gone. The hunter’s guide firmly believes that it must be Chupacabra who can have such a fast attack speed.
   But Marshall did not agree with the hunter’s statement. After returning to the United States with his injuries, he specifically consulted a zoologist. Zoologists determined from Marshall’s wound and the way the dark shadow attacked that the animal that attacked him was a bear. According to the analysis of zoologists and Marshall’s careful recollection, it is believed that the attacker was indeed a black bear.

   Before Marshall’s wound was healed, news came from Nicaragua that a herder had hunted and killed a blood-sucking monster. This plausible news made him excited, and he immediately set off for the town of Malpecillo in western Nicaragua where the incident occurred. In the town, Marshall met Talavera, a herder who claimed to have killed the vampire. A few days ago, Talavera left a sheep in the yard as a bait. In the dead of night, Talavera, who heard an unusual noise, rushed into the yard and fired a shot at a fleeing monster. One shot hit the monster. In the night, the monster screamed desperately, but it Finally escaped. A few days later, Talavera saw a vulture hovering over a field not far away, and a terrifying body lying on the grass.
   The corpse, severely damaged by vultures, was quickly sent to the University of Nicaragua in León. After the scientists restored the bones, they came to a disappointing conclusion: the so-called corpse of Chupacabura is actually the corpse of an ordinary dog. Although he could not get the real answer to the existence of the vampire, the herder Talavera used bait to trap the vampire Chupacabra, but he gave Marshall an enlightenment. He believed that even if there are so-called vampires in this world. Chupacabra, this monster is by no means what people describe. He decided to trap the vampire.
   By summarizing thousands of previous cases, Marshall discovered that the area where the blood-sucking monster Chupacabra committed crimes is generally relatively open. He found the carcass of a cow and placed it in an open area where several livestock had been drained of blood; Marshall also placed several cameras next to the carcass of the cow, hoping that they could take more comprehensive pictures. Looks like a vampire; he also set up a surveillance shelter hundreds of meters away from the cow’s carcass to guard against scavengers that might come to eat the cow. Marshall stayed in the shelter with all his attention, extremely nervous, thinking about what a vampire was like.
   Soon Marshall was surprised to find that the cow carcass in the surveillance camera began to change and slowly bulged. Since it was a hot summer, Marshall knew that if the carcass of a cow was exposed for less than 24 hours, the carcass would become very swollen. As the observation continued, the corpse of the cow was also swelling. By the next morning, the swollen cowhide began to crack. The cracked cowhide and strong rancidity did not attract the famous scavenger red-headed vulture, but unexpectedly attracted tens of thousands of uninvited guests-blowfly.
   These blowflies launched a frantic attack on the corpse of the cow, and they unceremoniously sucked the blood on the corpse. In less than 48 hours, the blowflies performed a miracle on the corpse of the cow: the blood of the corpse was sucked completely, and the cow’s eyeballs and genitals were missing… This trapping plan carried out by Marshall gave those thousands A reasonable explanation for the case of animals and people being sucked up blood is that their blood was sucked up by blowfly, not a blood sucking monster. The reason why those animals died before they were sucked out of blood may be attacked by other beasts or died for other reasons.
   The eyes, ears, and even breasts of the animals that died strangely disappeared. The traces left by them are as if they had undergone an operation, which is better explained. Blow flies reproduce extremely fast. When enjoying food, they like to lay their eggs on some soft parts of the carcass, such as the eyes, ears, nostrils and reproductive organs of animals. After the blowfly larva breaks out of the egg, it always cuts off the carrion with its mouth hook, and uses saliva to break down the dead tissue. In a short while, the skills of these mini-surgeons were revealed, cutting skills no less than scalpels or lasers.
   The answer is self-evident. The blood-sucking monster Chupacabra, who sucked up the blood of livestock, turned out to be an extremely humble insect class Diptera. Through years of investigation and evidence collection, Marshall finally used the corpse of a cow as a bait to uncover this mystery that has puzzled people for many years. The rumors of the vampire that caused panic at one time came to an end with the efforts of the sheriff Marshall.