Female novelist Zhi breaks the serial murder case at Oxford University

  In the summer of 1851, several Oxford University girls were killed one after another. In order to prevent the panic from spreading among the public, the police announced the capture of the murderer at a very fast speed. The court subsequently sentenced the murderer to death and executed it at the end of the year. On the other hand, all the criminal investigation files of the case were secretly transferred to London for sealed storage. Time flies. More than 150 years later, a series of murders occurred again in Oxford, the world-famous academic city. What’s even more bizarre is that all the secret murder details are a clone of the 1851 murder, and all things seem to point to an ancient and mysterious ceremony. Although the police tried their best to handle the whole incident in a low-key manner, a journalist and novelist Laura Niven, who graduated from Oxford University, and her daughter happened to be involved in the case. Recently, she recorded the horrifying experience for the rest of her life. , Reveals this stunning secret that has been hidden for a century.
  The serial murder shocked Oxford.
   In early March 2001, Laura Niven, who graduated from Oxford University, returned to his alma mater where he had been away for nearly 20 years. Oxford, the world-famous academic capital, is a place full of good memories for Laura: first love Philip is now an expert in forensic photography at the local police station, and their daughter Joanna is also fortunate to be admitted to the mathematics department of Oxford University. For this reason, the two have kept in touch.
   The old folks are happy to meet each other, and it is natural to renew the past. However, the gathering of Laura and her first love was interrupted by a sudden criminal case. Philip was called to the scene of the murder urgently, and Laura, who was riding his ride, witnessed the bloody scene across the cordon.
   Although she has been running crime news for many years, Laura, who has been trained to become unsurprised, was shocked by the scene of the murder: the victim was an 18-year-old girl named Reichel, a freshman at Oxford University, March 20 After attending a gathering of friends at night, he was killed on the way home. The murderer opened his chest with a sharp weapon, took the heart, and placed a gold coin with five nude girls in his heart. With professional experience, Laura feels a certain ritual characteristic of crime from this detail.
   A few hours later, another murder ensued. In the early morning of March 21, a 19-year-old second-year Oxford University girl named Jessica was killed in a houseboat on the Chawell River she rented. The murderer skillfully opened the deceased Tianling cover and removed the brain. After that, a silver coin was placed in the empty brain, with a large and small pattern matching the gold coin at the scene of the first crime.
   Although the two victims were both Oxford University girls, their qualifications, majors, family background, and social relations were not related in any way. As for the two coins in the wounds of the deceased, the police identified them as antique coins of pure gold and silver.
   These characteristics reinforce Laura’s idea of ​​”ritual crime”. So she began to look up some historical documents in the Oxford University Library through her former teacher, the famous Professor James.
   Soon, Laura learned from the ancient coin data that the five-naked female coin with the same pattern appeared in the Arawa Dynasty of ancient Egypt in 400 BC. According to existing archaeological findings, this coin has different textures such as gold, silver, and iron. Moreover, archaeologists analyzed the coin pattern and concluded that the naked woman on the gold coin holds the symbol of the sun, the naked woman on the silver coin holds the symbol of the moon, and the naked woman on the iron coin holds the symbol of Mars. Since the miners of these coins were court wizards in ancient Egypt, they were not used for commercial circulation, but as an artifact of alchemy and divination.
   Based on Laura’s historical research knowledge, she knew that the alchemists of ancient Egypt paid great attention to the connection between humans and the universe, and even left many works on the connection between the human body and the stars. There are many early explorations of celestial bodies and the universe, but others are the so-called “witchcraft” of alchemy based on astrological signs. Contacting the two murders, she seemed to have touched an important clue: because the time when the first Oxford girl was killed-March 20 was the vernal equinox that means a new year in the twenty-four solar terms, and the specific death of the victim was 8 late. Around 1 o’clock, it happened to be the time when the sun entered Aries; the second deceased died at about 4 o’clock in the morning on the 21st, which is the time when the moon moved into Aries.
   Soon after, Laura, with the help of her daughter and her boyfriend, found an even more alarming situation through the astronomy research website: In the next few days, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will move into Aries at different times. Observing from the earth, it can be seen that these five stars are connected in a line, which is the phenomenon of “five stars connecting pearls” rare in astronomy for thousands of years.
   All the discoveries made Laura subconsciously come to a terrifying conclusion: the murder will continue in a bloody manner, the most recent one was around 9 pm on the 24th, because that was the moment when Venus began to enter Aries.
   In order to prevent the next bloody case from happening, Laura rushed to the police station with great anxiety. However, when she informed the police of her analysis, what she got was polite and noncommittal. Because no one would believe the imagination of a novelist. Moreover, even if her analysis is reasonable, the police cannot monitor and protect all Oxford girls aimlessly.
   It was night, and the murder happened as Laura had speculated. Only this time there were two victims-Oxford girl Samantha and her boyfriend. The two were killed in their rented apartment on Princes Street. The boy’s body was intact, the girl’s kidney was taken away, and an antique copper coin with a five-nude pattern was left in the blood hole.
   “Five Star Pente” incomprehensible mystery
   in the police to re-examine the analysis provided by Laura, she also started an in-depth investigation. Through searching the “Five Stars Link”, she found that the last time this celestial phenomenon occurred was in the summer of 1851. Continuing to investigate along this line of thought, something even more surprising appeared. At that time, several mainstream media continuously reported several serial killings in Oxford. Although the media did not report the details of the murder due to the extremely strict control of the news at the time, the words “young women were murdered” and “corpses were killed” were used without exception.
   This discovery gave Laura a certain inspiration. She thought of her college friend Charlie, a scholar who devoted himself to the study of medieval occultism in London.
   The meeting with old friends was really rewarding. Charlie hesitated to tell her that he had come into contact with some unknown secret societies in Oxford while studying the occult, and some of them were conducting some mysterious research and were related to the experiment of ancient alchemy.
   The trivial information immediately reminded Laura of several murders in 1851. According to media records: the three murders that year occurred on June 16, June 24, and July 9 respectively. Four people died, three of them. It is a girl from Oxford, and the other is a boyfriend of one of them. In mid-July of that year, the police suddenly announced the capture of an Irish worker who allegedly had appeared at the scene of the crime. The court opened a trial on August 9 and found this person to be a criminal. He was sentenced to hanging and executed on the 12th. Although these measures are clearly intended to reassure the people, some media have also questioned the results. However, because there was no subsequent murder, it was rarely mentioned.
   Laura curiously compared the time of the three incidents with the astronomical calendar. It was easy to learn that those three days were the time when the sun, moon, and Venus entered Cancer, and that year’s “Five Stars” Appeared on July 20. Everything is so consistent, but why didn’t the subsequent murders happen? Is the little worker sentenced to hang the real murderer?

   Laura went to the London Historical Archives with doubts, and several declassified official documents made her creepy. In particular, the criminal investigation records of the three murders that year: the first girl was taken from the heart, the second was emptied of the brain, the third had his kidneys missing, and gold and silver coins with five naked girls were placed on the wound. And copper coins. The victim was the boyfriend of one of the girls, and his body was intact. After a century and a half, how can history be so bloody and terrifying?
   Another declassified document is the secret report of the inspector in charge of the case. The article bluntly stated that one organ of all the female victims was harvested with professional and precise medical techniques, and the successive murders revealed an unquestionable but unexplainable mysterious hint. Moreover, there are signs that the real culprit is someone else, but because the person is a famous medical professor in Oxford, a member of a senior academic group, and a high-level background, he disappeared after a simple questioning.
   However, when Laura went to visit Charlie again, she learned that her old friend committed suicide at home due to depression. Immediately afterwards, there was news that Professor James, who had provided her with help with books and materials, had disappeared. Although the incident happened suddenly, the death of her friend and the disappearance of her teacher strengthened her determination to explore the foundation.
   Just as Laura’s rush began to bear fruit, the police also found extremely valuable clues. A year ago, the Department of Psychology at Oxford University launched an activity called “Experiment Day”. A total of 47 junior girls from different departments and majors participated, and the three victims were among them. Is this a coincidence?
   The police immediately questioned relevant personnel in the Department of Psychology. It turned out that the so-called “experimental day” activity was a research topic of a doctor named Julius in the department. This person had studied medicine and received good medical clinical training, and later changed to psychological research. His subject is mainly to study the physical connection between IQ and the corpus callosum of the human brain. The main items of the experiment not only allowed the sampled subjects to do some intelligence test questions, physical manipulation tests and physical sign response analysis, but also cooperated with related teaching hospitals to perform complete body and brain CT scans of all sampled girls, and to take full-body spectral pictures and many more. What is strange, however, is that Dr. Julius left shortly after completing the sampling on the grounds of being hired by MIT.
   The academically open Oxford University has countless similar sampling tests. Students who are accustomed to it usually cooperate voluntarily, and the school management will not go to too much inquiry about the process and results. However, this “test day” immediately attracted great attention from the police, and the data of 47 samplers checked in the hospital were quickly sent to the criminal investigation center.
   Just as experts from the police station set out to analyze possible victims, another murder occurred. On the afternoon of March 30th, Gail, a female student from the Department of Archaeology at Oxford University, had just returned from an archaeological excavation in Greece. She was killed and her gallbladder taken away. An iron coin with a five-naked woman pattern was placed on her wound. Also killed was the boyfriend who went to the station to meet her. However, the always meticulous killer this time sexually assaulted Gal for a long time before killing him; therefore, he left some traces on the deceased for police investigation.
   Conspiracy burst murderer arrested
   at the same time, Laura after attending the funeral of Charlie, accidentally received a video disc by his friends quietly transferred.
   Charlie probably realized the danger before his death. In the self-made CD, he told Laura: The Dark Sphinx Order is a 300-year-old secret society, although the original members were obsessed with the longing and fantasy of ancient alchemy. , But they were mainly engaged in the textual research and research of some classical documents and rumors. However, gradually, some senior members began to indulge in various strange alchemy techniques and experiment. What’s more, some of these leaders actually took a fancy to the so-called “Summon Satan” top secret ceremony. According to the ancient Egyptian alchemy literature, the organs of five young women were collected at five predetermined moments, and five special coins of gold, silver, copper, iron, and nickel were placed on the organ wounds. Afterwards, with five organs as sacrifices in special celestial moments, the devil Satan will be summoned to the world. He will not only reveal the secret of turning stones into gold, but also the secret of controlling mankind with divine power.
   It can be inferred from this that the several murders in 1851 were an unfinished secret ritual carried out by the Dark Sphinx Order using the upcoming “five stars in a row”. Although the police’s rapid intervention interrupted the conspiracy, the evil fantasy continued along with the secret of the ceremony.
   Due to his curiosity and research on occultism, Chai accidentally noticed some clues. However, he didn’t have the real evidence, so he only left Laura in the disc for route speculation and a few secret words.
   The Oxford University Library in the heart of Oxford not only has a magnificent series of ground buildings, but also has a huge underground tunnel since the 18th century, which has continued to expand since then. According to incomplete statistics, these labyrinth tunnels are more than 100 kilometers long, and many books and precious cultural relics are still stored in them. However, some parts of the tunnel are closed or abandoned for various reasons.
   With familiarity with the Oxford campus, Laura quickly analyzed that the underpass Charlie mentioned was part of the Oxford University Library tunnel. Due to time constraints, she mailed the relevant information to the police, and she visited the secret road on the night of March 30.
   In the middle of the night, Laura deciphered the secret language according to the thumbnail of the secret tunnel, and arduously opened the layers of institutions, and finally entered an abandoned tunnel underground of Oxford University. However, the scene in front of her was shocked: Professor James, who had been missing, waited there with a grin and raised his gun.
   It turns out that Professor James has long been the successor of the Dark Sphinx Order. Over the years, he has used the convenience of free access to the library to explore the secret path of rituals hundreds of years ago, and carefully prepared for “summoning Satan.” And that Julius who wears the title of Doctor is his accomplice and is called the “waiter” of the ceremony. Under the guise of subject research, he selects innocent girls who meet the ritual standards, and then executes murder and organ collection.
   Laura tried to persuade her teacher at first, hoping that he would treat the so-called alchemy rationally. However, Professor James triumphantly showed off his “insights”: Contemporary technology provides superior conditions for “summoning Satan”. The medical preservation box can keep organs alive, which may surpass the failure of predecessors. And he also released even more sensational news: “Everything is going well. The last organ will be delivered to this secret place soon. Your daughter is also an active participant in the’test day’ and is lucky enough to be selected. And you, too Will witness a top secret ceremony of the Dark Sphinx Order.”
   The former teacher pointed a gun at his students while showing the so-called ritual altar. There is a huge five-pointed star pattern on the altar, and the medical crisper next to it contains the organs of four victims, only the last one. Laura looked at the old man’s almost crazy eyes, and realized that the once elegant and knowledgeable professor no longer existed, and was replaced by a crazy madman.
   However, just when Laura was about to despair, the police suddenly rushed in. It turned out that the police immediately took action after receiving her express mail.
   Laura, out of danger, anxiously informed the police that her daughter was the next victim. In fact, the police had earlier taken corresponding measures based on the situation they had known. So the brigade rushed to Laura’s home and rescued her daughter before the “waiter” executed the murder plan.
   As for Professor James and the so-called “waiter” Julius, both were shot dead on the spot due to stubborn resistance.