Half face

  Foreign body chest
   Xia Yufei after childhood Lingshan back, chest started aching, and hallucinations. He can barely look in the mirror, because in the mirror he has only half of his face-half of the face is lifelike, and the other half is completely missing. This scene looks very strange and creepy. Xia Yufei touched her face from time to time, her skin and flesh all in it.
   Thinking of the spell, his heart became more and more flustered. He called Xiaosheng, a fellow traveler who went to Xiaolingshan with him. Xiaosheng lazily asked him whether his wish came true. Xia Yufei didn’t answer him, but instead asked him if he felt strange. Xiaosheng said no, it was as boring as usual, wishing something exciting happened. Obviously, although Xiaosheng took Xia Yu to Xiaoling Mountain, he didn’t believe in that horror legend at all.
   And Xia Yufei really believed it, because he was almost pushed into a blind spot by his own feelings, almost desperate. He fell madly in love with A-Lian in the next department, but no matter what offensive he launched, A-Lian was indifferent. Xia Yufei made up his mind to give up several times, but his emotions were always sensible. When he saw Alian, Xia Yufei forgot everything. He just wanted to get close to her, look at her, and smile at her. Almost everyone in the company said A-Lian was kind and gentle, but why was she so cold to herself?
   When Xia Yufei heard Xiaosheng talk about Xiaolingshan and talked about the legend of half face, he really went. Because of his sincerity, he saw half of his face in the deep pool and made his wish.
   Late at night, Xia Yufei’s chest pain got worse and worse. As a last resort, he called 120. When the 120 car arrived, Xia Yufei hesitated and sent a text message to Alian.
   To Xia Yufei’s surprise, A-lian actually arrived 5 minutes after he entered the hospital. She looked at Xia Yufei worriedly and asked how he felt. Xia Yufei was so excited that she almost jumped off the bed, because A-Lian had never looked at him with such eyes.
   The X-rays came out and the doctor said that Xia Yufei had shadows on her chest, which looked like foreign objects. “Tumor?” Xia Yufei asked in a panic. The doctor shook his head and said it didn’t look like it, but the shape was a bit special, like a big bone spur had grown out of thin air. This bone spur is about to threaten the blood vessels, so it must be operated as soon as possible.
   The operation is scheduled for the next day. All night, A-Lian kept guarding Xia Yufei almost every step of the way. Xia Yufei tentatively held A-Lian’s hand, but she did not refuse. Xia Yufei felt that she was lying in a whirlpool of happiness. My God, his wish was realized in this way!
   Xia Yufei was pushed onto the operating table, and A-Lian held a victory sign behind him. Half an hour later, the doctor took out the foreign body from Xia Yufei’s chest. The foreign body turned out to be a tooth.
   Xia Yufei took his teeth and subconsciously licked his gums with his tongue. His face froze suddenly-he lost a chewing tooth.
   Hantan half face
   until the stitches in the hospital, Xia Yufei back home. A-Lian looked like a different person and asked for a leave of absence from the company. She stewed soup for Xia Yufei every day, coaxed him and took care of him, with gentle eyes and blurred eyes, a typical woman immersed in passion.
   Xia Yufei looked at A-Lian and pointed to her face from time to time and asked: “What is the difference between my face?” A-Lian was asked several times, staring at his face carefully, and suddenly frowned, surprised. He said, “Oh my God, why do you have caterpillars on your face?”
   Xia Yufei was frightened, and immediately struggling to get out of bed and walk to the mirror. A-Lian smiled behind him and bent over. Xia Yufei didn’t smile, looking at half of his face in the mirror, his heart seemed to have plunged into a deep thorn. Where did half of his face go? He is very strange in the mirror, one eye, half mouth, half nose and one ear.
   Time passed quickly, and a month passed. It is said that Xia Yufei’s operation is not serious, and it should be no problem after half a month of recuperation, but what is strange is that his wound was repeatedly infected and he was not cured for a long time. A-Lian pours a lot of disinfectant into his wound every day, and injects him with antibiotics, but these medicines seem to have no effect on Xia Yufei. Seeing Alian’s extremely anxious look, Xia Yufei became even more anxious. Lie down on the bed, not only will his department manager be unable to keep it, but I am afraid that he will lose his job.
   Compared with the sweetness at the beginning, Xia Yufei’s feeling towards A-Lian has also changed. When A-Lian approached him as he wanted, liked him, and missed him, he felt impatient. Seeing A-Lian who hurriedly got up to change the dressing for him, her face was pale, her eyes were dark and her hair was messy, Xia Yufei sighed inwardly. A-Lian, A-Lian, who is like an angel like Bing Qing Yujie, it turns out that this is all! How could he fall in love with her madly? Could it be that he didn’t fall in love with Alian, but the feeling of rapid heartbeat? Xia Yufei asked herself in surprise, but the answer became clearer and clearer. Staring at the ceiling, he felt like he was going crazy again. No, he has to release this wish, he can’t be with A-Lian every day.
   “A-lian, take me to Xiaoling Mountain. I can’t go by myself.” Xia Yufei said cautiously while eating.
   “Why are you going there?” A-Lian wondered, “Your body is still not well.”
   Xia Yufei shook his head, took the mirror, and asked A-Lian if he could see her entire face. A-Lian nodded. Xia Yufei sighed and said, “I can only see half of it.” A-Lian was surprised that the chopsticks fell to the ground.
   Alian drove Xia Yufei to Xiaoling Mountain. In the dead of night, the two of them turned left and right and walked on a rugged path. The road is overgrown with weeds, which is very difficult. When they reached the end, a deep pool of pale white mist appeared in front of the two people.
   Xia Yufei stopped, panting heavily. After resting for a while, he repeated in his heart what he had prayed for half-face to appear.
   A-Lian looked at the deep pool, her face pale as paper. She had heard of this legend. The cold pool of Xiaoling Mountain has withered for nearly a hundred years. Last year, a heavy rain filled the pool. Since then, the legend that has disappeared for a long time has become popular again. Legend has it that there is a cursed person living in the deep pool, he has only half of his face. In the dead of night, the devout believers came to Hantan and said a few times to the deep lake, “Half face and half face appear quickly”, and half of the face will appear on the water. This half-face will promise any wish you wish, but this is half-face forced. Because he was cursed, he can only survive by promising people’s wishes, and promised people’s wishes can only have half a face. This is always a contradiction, and it is destined that he will always be imprisoned as a “half face”. Last time, Xia Yufei stayed in the cold pool until late at night, and then saw half of his face, he begged half of his face to let him be with A-Lian every day. However, he did not expect that half face was actually realized in this way.
   The water in the deep pool gradually became turbid, and suddenly a column of water rose into the sky, almost several meters high. A-Lian was frightened and backed away hastily. After a long while, the water gradually calmed down, but something was floating. A-Lian was so terrified that she almost screamed loudly, half a human face floating on the water! She covered her face with her hands, but saw Xia Yufei muttering to herself: “Half face and half face, I want to give up my wish.” After
   Xia Yufei finished speaking, she turned to look at A-Lian apologetically, and said, “You too Just say a wish. You see half of your face, it shows that your heart is very religious.” A-
   Lian stared at the water blankly. The half of the face was calm, and one eye looked at her deeply. Who is so cruel that cut half of his face away? A-Lian calmed down, her lips trembled and gently said to the half-face in the water: “I have a wish to make your face complete from now on.” The
   deep pool was calm for a moment, so calm that there were no ripples. After a long while, that half of the face fluttered on the surface of the water, slowly making up a complete face. That face looked at A-Lian for a long time, but tears came out.
   Unlock Grudge
   small Lingshan back soon, Xia Yufei wounds will heal, and no longer need Alian care. Looking in the mirror again, he found that he had a complete face, which made him extremely happy. Later, he and Xiaosheng went to the deep pool again, and unexpectedly found that there was nothing but a mess. Xiaosheng said that they must have remembered it wrong, but Xia Yufei firmly said that it would never be wrong. He felt strange, how did the deep water suddenly disappear?
   A-Lian left the company without whereabouts. When contacted Xia Yufei again, she got married.
   Xia Yu flew to the wedding, and the bridegroom was wealthy and handsome. What’s even more rare is that he loves A-Lian so much that even the look in her eyes is affectionate. Xia Yufei drank glass after glass, and in front of this man, he was ashamed of himself. He blessed A-Lian from the heart.
   A-Lian’s face was full of happy smiles. When she came to toast, she deliberately walked to Xia Yufei’s side. Xia Yufei jokingly asked her where she caught such a beetle-in-law. A-Lian laughed and said that she had been looking for her first boyfriend for 10 years. She fell in love with him in high school, and later she moved to another city and the two lost contact. Because of him, she can no longer be tempted by any man. Unexpectedly, the next day after returning from Xiaolingshan, she got his message.
   “Does this have something to do with the cold pool of Xiaolingshan?” Xia Yufei was surprised.
   A-Lian pursed her mouth and said in a low voice, “I really want to thank you. When I came back from Hantan, I had a dream and dreamed of that half of his face. He said that he finally left the deep pool full of desire. He After spending hundreds of years in the deep pool, everyone’s desire is to get something, and no one is grateful. Therefore, he has been imprisoned year after year, and he can’t expect the day he will leave. And return it intact. His face is the key to unlocking the curse. In order to thank, he sent me a lifetime of happiness.”
   Driving home, Xia Yufei remembered half of his face again. Half face and half face, it turns out that only selflessness can make it complete. Is the half-face in the deep pool the half-face imprisoned by desire? The teeth on the chest are clearly his own teeth. It turned out that he was bitten by his own greed.