Stalin in the photo is actually me

   After more than fifty years of silence in the signing and painting, he finally told the legendary experience in his life…
   Has Stalin ever had a stand-in? How many doubles are there? Who are they? What kind of fate do they have… These many questions, along with various legends, have been torturing the brains of historians for many years. Now, everything is known to the world, and I have seen a living substitute: he lives in Moscow! After being silent for more than 50 years, Felix Dadaev finally told the legendary experience in his life!
  ”Top secret” file: already integrated into the care of his experiences during that stand-still vague in his autobiography blood of
   the USSR People’s Artist Dada Aliyev never even reveal the secret he had played to his wife and children and very dangerous role.
   He knew that only silence can survive. Before 1996, all the material about the doubles was classified and only a few agents knew. After the documents were decrypted in 1996, the family members learned the terrible secrets of the past. They couldn’t believe it. The top-secret materials in the KGB cabinets that year became the most eye-catching content in the autobiography “National Stage” of Dadayev, an academician who has many titles such as a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a hero of socialist labor, and the honor of the motherland.
   The encyclopedia “Warriors of the 20th Century” published by the Ministry of National Defense described Dadayev as follows: “There is also a unique feature in his personal life. The declassified materials in 1996 show that he had been a stand-in for Stalin for a long time. The shooting of the news film…Dadaev and the leader’s appearance are strikingly similar, and he can also imitate Stalin’s voice to make reports…”
   Dadayev never accepts interviews, and the cautiousness that has been incorporated into his blood makes him respond in his autobiography. The double experience is still unclear. If it were not for the introduction of Academician Razic at the “Pride of the Fatherland” charity foundation this time, we would never have the opportunity to listen to those amazing secrets. Even so, the legendary “silent man” has repeatedly stated that some things are too early to say, and some can’t be said at all…
   Create a stand-in: He was thin at the time, which was the biggest difference from Stalin. This gains 11 kg
   Dadaev’s real name is Ghazawat (Gazi), which means “Warrior of Faith”, and was renamed Felix to commemorate the comrades who died in the war. He was born in a mountain village in Dagestan in 1926 and started working at an early age: herding sheep, learning tin plating, and making jewelry. But his biggest hobby is dancing. In the North Caucasus Olympic Art Competition, he came to the fore and was recruited into the Ukrainian National Song and Dance Ensemble to dance the Caucasus folk dance. During the war, he entered the art team of the 132nd Division. He is versatile, can sing, dance, imitate satirical performances, and play magic tricks.
   The young Gazi looked very much like Stalin, and anyone who saw him was amazed. Some mountain people even made fun of him because of this. He appeared sullen on the surface, but in fact he was very proud of being like the leader! In 1943, the anti-revolutionary staff noticed him… Several people in casual clothes didn’t say a word. A special plane took him to Moscow and settled in a villa on the outskirts. After receiving him a delicious meal, he told him his intentions and usual daily life rules: cut off contact with relatives and not leak secrets…
   Creating a stand-in is a very complicated process. First take photos of various hairstyles and mustaches, and then compare the photos to find out the real similarities. Gazi was very thin at the time. This was the biggest difference from Stalin. He gained 11 kg for this! At first I planned to sew clothes specifically for him, and then decided to let him wear Stalin’s clothes… At
   first glance it seemed very incredible. At that time, Stalin was over sixty years old. Let such a young Maotou boy act as a stand-in for his twilight leader! At that time, Gazi was very painful for being so “old” at a young age.
   At that time there was no moldable type. There is a makeup artist who is responsible for it, but the makeup artist cannot follow him all day, so he also learned to add “pock” to himself: first apply a brown base, as if the skin is tanned, and then use ordinary iron with iron The toothed comb is pressed hard on the face, and a deep “pock” will come out. When the makeup is dry, apply a thin layer of powder to the face, and remove it only at night before going to bed.
   But the most important thing is to imitate the leader’s movements, looks and voice…
   It took several months to build Dadaev: I often watched Stalin’s images for several hours, trying to figure out his expression, movement, and tone. The training is conducted under the supervision of the instructor and the staff of the NKVD. Gazi truly achieved the same behavior and manner as Stalin.
   Dadaev is similar in height to Stalin, he is 170 cm tall and Stalin is 172 cm tall, and the heel can make up for this difference. The voice is exactly the same as the nose. The only difference in the shape of the ears can easily be changed through makeup.
   Dadaev showed us a photo, which is the portrait of Stalin often seen in history books. He proudly said: “This is not Stalin, it is me.” It turns out that many of the leaders published in books and media are actually Dadaev.
   Meets Stalin: The only time we met, he was young too nervous to speak in front of the leader
   Dada Aliyev and likeness of Stalin Stalin himself has also been affirmed. The two met first through photos, and then they really met face to face.
   This only meeting was far less magical than the legends outside. The meeting took place in Stalin’s reception room and the whole process did not exceed 5 minutes. Except for Stalin’s smile and solemn nod, Dadaev remembered nothing. The young man was too nervous to speak before the leader…
   Dadaev told us that Stalin had 4 substitutes. Stalin was very afraid of being assassinated, so all his itineraries were carefully planned. For example: sending Stalin to the airport or a certain city. In fact, the person who got into the car from the Kremlin was a stand-in, and people thought it was Stalin. In fact, the real Stalin chose at this time is another road that outsiders know completely, only those who participated in the action know. There are two routes from the leader’s residence Kuntsev to the Kremlin.
   On the question of whether he has seen other doubles, Dadaev said he could not say.
   When the reporter asked him if he was afraid of it, the old man was silent, his eyes a little moist. Then he smiled slightly and unbuttoned his coat slightly, and we saw the pistol on his waist. He said: “Just in case.” Later, his friend told us that Dadaev can live to this day by being cautious. He met Beria because Beria participated in the whole process of creating Stalin’s stand-in.
   On behalf of the reviewing stand: he more than once in the news instead of leaders in the film, make a report on his behalf
   substitute usually work in two phases. The first stage is to appear at the necessary place to divert attention, such as leaving the Kremlin or taking a car. The second stage is more complicated: instead of Stalin, meet with the public, such as receiving party representatives, watching rituals, and so on. Dadaev successfully completed each task.
   On the day of Sports Workers’ Day in 1945, Dadaev stood on the viewing platform and waved to the passing athletes. No one of the Central Committee comrades beside him found out that this was a stand-in. This 7-minute news video is often shown on TV, and people think that the stage is the real Stalin.
   The review is also an “examination” for the substitute, to see if he can be calm and comfortable in front of a large number of scenes and large numbers of people, will he inadvertently reveal flaws? After that, the person in charge of this work will watch the video repeatedly to determine whether the substitute can be trusted and give him more difficult tasks. Later, Dadaev appeared in news films on behalf of the leader more than once, gave reports on his behalf, and even met various delegations…
   In 1943, the important task of “flying” to Tehran instead of the leader to participate in the summit of the Soviet Union, the United States and Britain fell. Dayev’s shoulders.
   Two routes were designed at that time. One is the “Lure Line” in which Dadaev participated. At the appointed time, Dadaev got into the car and arrived at the airport under the escort of guards. And Stalin had arrived in Tehran at this time. Dadayev did not go to Tehran, and his mission ended at the airport…
   According to Dadayev, despite his caution, Stalin himself was attacked twice. The time in Tehran was due to the negligence of the security personnel, and 7 people lost their heads.