The most disgusting attraction in the world: Seattle Gum Wall

  For Seattle, the most familiar stories are those movies that are well-known to Chinese people. Pike Place Market was one of the filming locations of “Sleepless in Seattle” that year.
  Now in Pike Place Market, the most annoying thing is no longer the love of young people, but a wall not far away. In an alley behind Pike Place Market, there is the Gum Wall, known as the most disgusting attraction in the world. Before I saw the wall, I smelled chewing gum. The red brick wall is densely covered with red, yellow, white, blue, green and other colored gums, and in some places it is even three or four layers thick. When you look at it from a distance, the color is quite moving, but when you look at it up close, it will inevitably make people sick.
   There are divergent opinions on the origin of this wall. I heard from the nearby merchants that in the early 1990s, when people waited in line outside the theater, they stuck their chewed gum on the wall. Over time, the wall became like this. But some people say that this wall is because a film crew was shooting near the theater many years ago. At that time, a superstar was in the crew. Many fans of the star were waiting outside. One of the fans glued gum to the wall, and the others Then stick to it, and the result is today’s scene.
   In 2009, among the world’s dirtiest attractions voted by a well-known travel review website in the United States, Gum Wall ranked second, but the degree of disgust was the first.
   The result of the selection not only did not lead to the depression of the attractions, but on the contrary stimulated more people’s curiosity. Most of the people who come here are young people. After taking photos, many people still don’t forget to add a bit of “disgusting” to this attraction. Some young people, in order to show their own difference, even kiss this chewing gum wall-the brain fills up such a picture, it does require a certain psychological endurance.
   The smart businesses around are naturally reluctant to let go of such a good opportunity to make money easily. The sign that says “Gum is sold here” is placed in the most conspicuous position at the door by many businesses. Some businesses simply make chewing gum into handicrafts. Sell ​​in the window. An uncle of the grocery store saw that I was about to buy gum and said jokingly: “After buying, you’d better go shopping elsewhere. When the gum is almost chewed, go to the wall, just to stick the gum to it. !”
   Of course, this kind of nausea is not something that everyone can bear. When I saw a few elderly white tourists, I saw them standing in front of the chewing gum wall with a blank expression, “What the hell is this, it’s so boring.” Let’s go!” An uncle took the aunt next to him and ran away in less than a minute.
   While some people cannot accept it, others regard it as a great work. They think that the gum wall is Seattle’s inclusive art. Its characteristics are unique and diverse, and it is equally close and expressive. On weekdays, many young artists also come here to find inspiration for creation. Some people create interesting graffiti directly on the wall, which is mixed with countless chewing gum, which seems to be natural. In addition, some environmentalists and pacifists will also come here to leave messages and create. Romance, art, disgusting… the mix and match of multiple elements makes this slightly dark alley look extraordinarily dreamy.
   It is said that at first the theater staff tried to scrape off the gum and restore the cleanliness of the walls, but people still went their own way, and the cleaning work ended in failure. To this day, it has been officially declared as a “tourist attraction”. But even so, out of the protection of the walls, the local government cleaned it up a few years ago. According to the “garbage” cleaned up, it is estimated that millions of pieces of chewing gum were stuck to the wall.
   After cleaning up, new chewing gum soon arrived as expected. The government is probably happy to see it happen. Nowadays, when it comes to tourism promotion, the government has not concealed its preference for this landscape, and even compared the rationality of its existence with the urban spirit of Seattle.