Strange bait

   There is a Xiongji Mountain not far from our community, and there is a natural reservoir in the valley called Xiongjitan. There are abundant water plants and strong fish and shrimps. It is a good place for fishing with a rod.
   On this day, Lao Xia and I were so bored at home, we met to go fishing in Xiongjitan. As soon as we had set up our fishing nest, we heard a “crash” sound on the calm water. A nylon thread pulled a large grass carp out of the water, and then a dip net came out diagonally from the water, just right. Copy the fish. Lao Xia and I could see, and couldn’t help but yelled, “Okay.” Only then did we notice that under the shade of a tree a few feet away from us, there was still a thin old man wearing a straw hat and about 60 years old. Holding a fishing rod, fishing intently. The wonderful scene just now is the masterpiece of this old man. Lao Xia and I are both members of the Municipal Fishing Association. Our “fishing skills” are pretty good, but compared with this old man, it’s too far behind. We sat by the lake for an afternoon, and the two of them together caught four big-headed fish and one crucian. Look at the old man, good fellow, there were at least a dozen fishes in the fishing pocket, all weighing two or three catties. Big fish. It made me and Lao Xia’s eyes straight.
   For several days, when Lao Xia and I went fishing in Xiongjitan, we could meet the old man. Every time he can return with a full load, and the combined gains of Lao Xia and I are not as much as he alone. With a mentality of asking for advice, we tried to talk to the old man. Only then did we know that his surname was Yu. He lives alone in the mountains and comes here to go fishing often. Ask something else. The old man appeared impatient and ignored us.
   This afternoon. Lao Xia and I sat by the pool for most of the day. I saw little fish making a nest, but no big fish biting. And Uncle Yu over there caught a big grass carp in a while, and a big carp in a while, as if he would have caught all the fish in this pool, making Lao Xia and I jealous.
   While being irritable, Lao Xia suddenly got up, the thief turned around behind Uncle Yu, and blinked at me mysteriously when she returned. He quietly opened his palm, and there were two baits in his palm.
   It turns out that Lao Xia has been observing Uncle Yu these days. He found that Uncle Yu’s method of fishing is similar to ours, and the fishing place is also with us. But why is his harvest so different from ours? The only possibility is that the bait he used is different from ours, so he took advantage of Uncle Yu not paying attention and stole two bait.
   I picked up the bait and took a look. These are two meat baits, wrapped in a layer of corn dregs. They smell very good. They seem to have been soaked in flavor. I took a look at the corn dregs. Inside was a pile of minced meat. Very fresh and tender, but not the common pork, beef, and mutton. I don’t know what kind of animal it is.
   Lao Xia and I studied the bait for a long time, but we didn’t see why. Finally, I tried these two baits. As expected, when the hook was clicked, there would be big fish competing for food. It seems that Uncle Yu’s fishing knack is all in this bait.
   In the evening, Uncle Yu packed his fishing tackle as usual and walked to his home in the mountains. “Hurry up, keep up with him.” Lao Xia suddenly pulled me mysteriously and tiptoedly followed Uncle Yu. I was at a loss: “What are you doing?” He lowered his voice and said with a dry smile, “Didn’t the evening paper say that the Municipal Sports Bureau is going to hold a fishing contest next month? If we follow this old man and spy on him making bait Secret recipe, why don’t you worry about not getting the prize?” “That’s true.” Although I felt that this approach was a bit wrong, I couldn’t help but follow.
   With winding mountain roads and breezy winds, Uncle Yu did not notice the two “tails” behind him. He turned around the mountain col, followed a quiet forest path, and walked deep into the valley before stopping. There is a low thatched house there, alone with no neighbors, presumably this is the residence of the elderly. Lao Xia and I didn’t dare to get out of the air, lying in the weeds a few feet away, looking at the old man’s movements. I saw Uncle Yu opened the door and entered the house, put the fishing tackle on his shoulder to the door, and caught a big carp caught today to the creek, ready to make dinner.
   We observed carefully for a long time, and the smoke was rising from the thatched roof, but I did not see Uncle Yu making the bait for tomorrow. Lao Xia couldn’t help being disappointed. I said, “Where are those who make bait right after catching the fish? Don’t we all make bait just before departure? So the bait is fresh!” My words reminded Lao Xia. He patted me on the shoulder, and while quietly backing away, he said happily: “You are right, let’s go back first.” The
   next day at noon. I had just eaten lunch, and before I had time to put down the dishes, Lao Xia broke in, took me and walked out. I yelled, “Don’t worry, I haven’t brought fishing tackle. Besides, the sun is shining now. There is no need to go out in the sun so early.” Lao Xia said, “We are not fishing today. We are going to steal the teacher and learn art. “It turned out that after many days of careful observation, Lao Xia had already figured out Uncle Yu’s rules. He came to the pond to fish at about 1:30 pm every afternoon. The Xiongjitan was about half an hour away from his residence, so under normal circumstances Uncle Yu took his fishing tackle and went out around one in the afternoon. Based on this speculation, Uncle Yu should be making fresh bait from 12:30 noon to 1:00 pm.
   Hurry up, we finally came to the woods deep in the valley at 12:30 noon. As we approached Uncle Yu’s thatched house, Lao Xia and I lay on the grass and crawled forward. Just not far away, we heard the sound of sharpening knives. We squeezed away the weeds and looked up. We saw that Uncle Yu was squatting on a large stone in front of the door, dipping in water and sharpening the knife. The horned knife had been sharpened by him. It was clear and clear, and it gave off a chilling light and murderous in the noon sun. I couldn’t help but shiver, and a trace of fear flashed in my heart: Could it be that Uncle Yu discovered our conspiracy and sharpened the knife to deal with us? But this doubt was quickly dispelled. I saw Uncle Yu sharpen the knife and gently tried the blade with his fingers, nodded in satisfaction, and then walked into the hut with the knife. Lao Xia knew that she was about to be done, she couldn’t help but smiled and whispered: “He must have closed the door and chopped meat to make bait. Let’s go and have a look.” We both got up from the grass. Run to the wall and go under the window. Crane your neck and look inward.
   Although the light in the room is a bit dim, everything is still clearly visible. I saw Uncle Yu wielding a knife in his hand, turning around something in the room covered by a black plastic sheet, while still nagging bitterly. I thought to myself: The fish loves the bait made by this old man so much, I want to see what kind of meat he uses for the filling.
   A thought in my mind has not yet flashed. Uncle Yu’s face suddenly became very weird, and his eyes became murderous. With a low growl, he jerked out his hand to uncover the plastic sheet. Lao Xia and I looked at them and almost fainted without being scared. Under the plastic sheet was a middle-aged man who was nailed to the cross. The middle-aged man was naked and was penetrated by several long iron nails. The most frightening thing is that the muscles of the man’s upper body are pitted and pitted, almost hollowed out with a sharp knife, and some parts of the man are still exposed. The dark red blood coagulated on him, and the whole scene looked bloody and strange. The nailed middle-aged man was blocked by a rag. He was dying and could not speak. He opened his eyes in horror and stared at the old man Yu who was approaching him with a sharp knife. Whine whine.
   Uncle Yu was pale and indifferent. He suddenly stepped forward, swiping a sharp knife in his hand, quickly and ruthlessly, cutting off a piece of meat from the middle-aged man’s waist. The middle-aged man fainted due to the pain, his muscles twisted and his head was sweating profusely. Uncle Yu re-covered the plastic sheet, picked up the bloody human flesh from the ground without hurriedly, squeezed it with his hands, and said to himself: “Two or two, enough.” Then he turned to another. A room with fishing tackle, calmly began to chop meat, mix corn dregs, pinch meatballs, and sprinkle flavors. In no time, one bait was made. It turns out that this old man made “human flesh fishing bait”!

   Lao Xia and I only felt nauseous for a while, and vomited out of our food overnight. Lao Xia turned around while vomiting and lingering fear, then I quickly took out my phone and called the police. The police paid great attention to the news and let us wait at the intersection.
   Ten minutes later, two police motorcycles suddenly drove along the mountain road. When the first old policeman met, he asked, “Where is the perverted murderer, take us to see.” When Lao Xia and I saw the police, we felt a little at ease and described what we saw to the police. A bloody and terrifying scene. While leading them along the path through the woods, to the depths of the valley. “The murderer is in the hut…” Lao Xia and I pointed our hands forward, but we were suddenly stunned before we finished the sentence. The wind blows the grass and the valley is empty, where are there any thatched houses? The police looked around blankly and asked loudly, “Where is it?” Lao Xia was startled and anxious, and stammered: “Just, I was here just now, why, why did you disappear in a blink of an eye?” I was also very surprised, pointing. He held a stone and said, “Comrade police, you see, the stones that the murderer had sharpened are still here.” The
   old policeman wandered around the valley in doubt, and saw that it was desolate and remote, except for an unowner not far away. Outside the barren tomb, there was no trace of anyone living there, so my face suddenly fell, staring at us and said, “Are you two working together to entertain us? Do you know if you want to report a false policeman?” Lao Xia and I His face turned anxiously white, and he said hurriedly: “No, no, comrade police, we didn’t lie to you, we talked about the real things we saw with our own eyes.” “Then why didn’t I see anything?” “This…” Lao Xia and I looked at each other, and no one could tell why. After a long while, Lao Xia said, “Or I will take you to the reservoir. The murderer used to fish there. Maybe he can be found there.” The old policeman nodded and said, “Well, anyway, let’s go back and drop in. We have to go through the reservoir.” As a result, Lao Xia and I led the police around the Xiongjitan, but there was no one in sight.
   “It’s a nonsense. If it’s not because you are both getting old, I’ll have to take you back for a few days.” The old policeman waved angrily, and took his companion and left without looking back.
   After returning home, Lao Xia and I fell ill at the same time. After we recovered from the illness, we never dared to go fishing in Xiongjitan anymore. We didn’t even participate in the fishing contest we had signed up for.
   Just one day after the end of the fishing contest, I suddenly saw such news on the legal edition of the Evening News. According to the news, Yu Yunlong, a real estate crocodile with a net worth of tens of millions in our city, and the CEO of Yunlong Real Estate Co., Ltd., who just turned 38 this year, suffered from a strange disease not long ago. The muscles all over his body were suppurative and rotten, and in some places they were rotten to bones. Exposed. President Yu went to major hospitals across the country, but no doctor could find out the cause. It is said that since Yu Yunlong suffered from a strange disease, he has had nightmares almost every day. Without exception, he dreamed of falling into a deep pool and being besieged by a group of strange fishes. Finally, under physical and psychological pressure, he voluntarily surrendered to the Public Security Bureau. He admitted that when his business failed two years ago, he pushed his old father down the reservoir and caused an accident to defraud huge insurance money, and used this to gain business. The fact of the crime of turning over.
   At the same time, a photo of Yu Yunlong was published in the newspaper. Lao Xia and I took a look: Oh, why are you so familiar! Isn’t this the man nailed to the cross in that thatched house?