Russian wolf house

   The first wild wolf-Zorro
   “A man captured Zorro with a trap and chained it to his yard, and then abandoned it.” The veterinarian and owner of the “Wolf Palace” Nastya Recalled.
   Many volunteers have taken in Zorro, whose paw was severely injured and skinny at the time, but no one knew what to do next with this genetically pure wild wolf. Zorro’s tragic fate touched Nastya. She spent half a year collecting all the documents and checking in to the Yaroslav Zoo for Zorro. In the past six months, she discovered that there are still many wild wolves in Russia that need to be rescued. So she decided to rent a piece of land with her good friend, a canine expert, near the forest on the outskirts of Moscow, to temporarily take in the unfortunate animals and help them find new owners. However, with more and more animals being taken in, this place became a real animal sanctuary in 2017.
   “Wolves are complex animals that are not easy to be tamed and live in groups as a family unit, so the zoo is not willing to accept them.” Nastya sighed, “They called us and asked us to house the rescued wolves. We also know that, Apart from here, where else can they be sent? Who else will take them apart from us? We take them for nothing else, because they have nowhere to go in Russia. ”
  Return to the forest?
   The “Wolf Palace” shelter is located behind the village of Misheronsky in Shatura District and covers an area of ​​30 ares. Although not so vast, each animal in the shelter has a cage with pine trees and grass, which is much more spacious than living in the Moscow Zoo. A baby fox and three foxes lived alone. They were rescued from the animal farm and escaped the bad luck that might be made into fur coats. There are currently nine wolves in the “Wolf Palace”, most of which have their own guardians.
   “Guardians pay 6000 rubles for their animals a month for food,” Nastya explained. “These wolves generally eat very little. A meal is 1.5 to 2 kilograms of meat on average. , As well as eggs, apples, mushrooms and seasonal berries, watermelon and cantaloupe.”
   “Wolf Palace” has its own webpage, and there are always some compassionate netizens who say: “What a beautiful scenery, but they have no freedom! Can’t they be returned to the forest?”-This is indeed not possible.
   “Sending a man-bred, sick or old adult wolf back to the forest is equivalent to sending it to death. They will be hunted soon after returning to the forest,” Nastya said, “or because of poor feeding And die.”
   Nastya will also adopt wolves that are “abandoned”. A Moscow couple bought a wolf pup from a “merchant” in the Chechen Republic. The two innocent people decided to domesticate it like a pet dog, but gave up this stupid idea after half a year: “Wolves have their own nature, they will jump back and forth on the cabinet, tear up everything, even concrete. It can be crushed, and there is no response to human orders. It can no longer be said to be dangerous!” The
   shelter is next to a lush forest. For a while, the people in the shelter tried to put electronic collars on the animals. , Cage mouth, tied with a hard rein to go for a walk in the forest, but the unfamiliar environment made them panic and eager to return to the familiar cage. Nastya said: “It takes two years to release captive wolves into the forest. They must be prepared to return to nature through professional methods. You can’t just open the cage and shout:’Go ahead. , Wolf kids!'”
   “Sometimes wolf pups must be able to adapt and deal with the new environment in which they may be hunted. We must teach them to hunt rodents and small birds, track large beasts, and learn to find with experienced people. Edible berries and mushrooms, as well as the skills of living in the forest. But even then, it is difficult for them to survive in the wild. Because wild wolves are not willing to accept’outsiders’. So we can only raise them artificially.” Sijia added.
  And wolves living together
   now shelter run by Nastya and her husband Jaroslav business together.
   At first, Yaroslav took care of the paralyzed wolf, Leona. In order to cure Leona, the sanctuary performed muscle stimulation therapy on it, and also invited the best orthopedics and plastic surgery experts for consultation, but in the end it was determined that Leona could not accept surgery. At that time, some caring people initiated fundraising on the Internet, and spent 32,000 rubles to customize a car that could assist Leona to walk on his hind legs.
   “Levona would roar at first to keep people away from him,” Yaroslav said, “but I slowly found the language to communicate with it, lay on the ground with my arms around it, and comforted it to calm it. Now, It loves me very much.”
   But Yaroslav’s favorite is Nastya. This is not their first marriage. Human beings will not stick to a marriage all their lives like wolves. But in fact, wolves sometimes turn around. For example, two wolves, Altai and Radha, were sent from the temporary wildlife breeding base of the Soviet National Film Foundation in Vladimir Oblast. They chose a den for themselves to live in for a few months, but they did not become a couple. Lada quietly observed other similar species, sent out a date request, and finally chose the wolf-Severstal as his partner, and quickly dug a tunnel to find it, although Severstal loved the Czechoslovakian wolfhound before that. Yuru (a mixed breed of German Shepherd and Karpatsky wolf, also lives in a shelter). Although Viju has been sterilized, it will still excite all the wolfhounds and wolves in the “Wolf Palace”. The “boys” will look at it intently, while the “girls” will grin and become angry. So far, every time Vijuru passes by Severstal’s house, Severstal will be very happy, and Lada will be very angry, as long as she sees Vijuru from a distance, she will put on a bad face.
   The shelter wanted to send the baby wolf to the biological experiment station, where it happened to be doing wild training and reintroduction experiments.
   “We have no place to accommodate new members,” Nastya sighed. “Therefore, during the mating period of wolves this year, we can only separate the couples, including Mira and Holt, although Holt will Very unhappy, but there is no choice.”
   This is the hall of wolves, where they enjoy the treatment of their masters, but they have no choice in the biological world: hunting wolves does not require any permission, and people can hunt them with any weapon throughout the year. The state and hunting companies often set up bonuses for “forest killers.” For example, in Dagestan, there are always wolf hunting activities during festivals. There are not many wolves left. In other regions, the enthusiasm for hunting wolves is also very high.
   Because of this, there are no purebred wolves in many places. “Swedish and Norwegian experts were shocked to see our wolves!” Nastya exaggeratedly said, “In their country, the only wolves that are crossbred with dogs, whether in captivity or in the wild, are bred! Including Canadian wolves. They have dog genes, so they are so big. Russian wolves have pure blood, especially wild wolves in the central region. That’s why I am so afraid of Holt. Some people question their small size, but purebred wolves are It should be like this!”

   There are not only Russian wolves in the shelter. The wolf-Skifa, who had participated in the movie “Old Man” (Oscar nominated by Kazakhstan in 2013), his daughter Lager was also sent here, and Lager was once imprisoned in a tourist attraction in Kazakhstan In the small cage. There is also the oldest wolf-Vanya, which was also sent from the temporary wildlife breeding base of the Soviet State Film Foundation. At that time, it was dying, and now it is not only alive, but also fattened, and often puts on airs in front of the wolf pups.
  Wolf friends
   Wolf Wei Liesa is the protector of animals rescued from Dagestan down – it was being held in a cage on the sun exposure, has been ordered soon: a narrow space that it appeared osteodystrophy. Knowing that their “comrades” were suffering, the enthusiastic Dagestan silently donated nearly 80,000 rubles to build a cage for it. But in the North Caucasus, there is often a different attitude toward wild animals. It is common for people there to give each other wolf cubs or lion cubs on birthdays. It’s not just UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) champion Habib Nurmagmudov who will play videos of him fighting a bear chained up. Many Caucasians will show off on the Internet the tamed tigers and wolves in their backyard cages. In fact, as long as the animals grow up, it will become difficult to feed. People will shoot and slaughter these animals in their cages, or call friends and neighbors to join the “battle”, and they will instigate Alba to protect the sheep. The dog persecuted the wolves who had smashed his legs, and used his mobile phone to record while making happy shouts. The owner of “Wolf Palace” admitted that people often send them videos like this, asking them to do something for these animals.
   But what can be done? Buying all the animals from the abuser-this is undoubtedly a reward for the abuser. The new “Law on the Management of Animal Responsibility”, which is well received, has no way of doing this.
   “In the Caucasus or in private houses on the outskirts of Moscow, bears and wolves are often poisoned, and this phenomenon will continue.” Yaroslav said firmly. “Any inspection agency will ignore these being abused and killed at home. The new law does not prohibit’baiting stations’ and hunting in animal cages.”
   The new law stipulates that the breeding of wild animals on private farms is prohibited from 2020-the “Wolf Palace” shelter happens to be one of them. But the owner of “Wolf Palace” does not want to go through the formalities to become a legal person or private business owner.
   “This means that we must not only implement strict financial management, but also deal with endless inspections,” Nastya said firmly. “The layman will also make comments on what kind of meat we give animals and which brands of meat we eat. “It’s
   a nonsense! I’m a veterinarian, and of course I will give my animals the best meat! The inspectors think that as soon as the wolf eats lunch, we should clean up the bones in the cage. It’s ridiculous. Isn’t it? First of all, it’s impossible for us to always walk around the animal cages in order to cope with the inspector’s sterility check. Bones are toys! We moved Mila temporarily during the renovation, and when she went back, it would immediately check every small bone to confirm if anyone had stolen its baby. We should make dears for these stupid regulations Is Mila depressed? Do you want to keep these wolves nervous? By the way, even the smallest changes in the familiar environment can make wolves nervous. What’s more, there are hundreds of such absurd regulations! Inspectors never care. The life and death of animals, whether they live comfortably, health, and their feelings will only sway back and forth with the rules and regulations printed in the office.”
   Not long ago, Nastya and Yaroslav served as guests in the State Duma and studied how to get it right. Experts in the protection of wild animals met to discuss the new legal regulations.
   “The speakers at the meeting, as well as biologists and zoologists from all over the world are very concerned about species and biodiversity, but no one wants to listen to us!” Yaroslav said angrily, “our proposal None of them were adopted or even considered. I really don’t understand, if everything is in their charge, why do they pretend to call us here!” The
   wolf is enjoying the treatment of a master in the “Wolf Palace”, But there is no choice in the biological world, and there are no pure wolves in many places.
  Groundless accusation
   People in surrounding villages are very alert to shelters far away from them. There are often rumors: the wolf ran out, the wolf bit someone.
   “Someone called in panic a while ago and said:’Your wolves are hunting our cows.'” Nastya laughed, “Some people even sent photos saying that our animals were grazing by him. A ditch was dug in the field. I said: “This beast in your photo is too small?” And he plausibly said: “Who doesn’t know that there are small wolves in your shelter, although I have never seen them either. “”
   In fact, the animal cage is very strong, and no wolf has ever run out of the “wolf palace”. But even the dogs of the Nastya couple are not liked by the villagers. Because they always walk with their owners, not chained.
   “But we never wanted to be close to the villagers!” Nastya said angrily. “We bought the land far away from the residential houses, just to not disturb others.”
   Fortunately, the villagers in the shelter were not useless. For example, prudent farmers began to drive cattle around the city, and horned cattle no longer stepped on the vegetable garden and destroyed the fence as often as before.
   The only thing that can’t be locked into the cage is the howling of the wolf, which can spread to places up to one kilometer away. At first the dogs in the town were angry, but now they even try to bark from a distance. By the way, Czechoslovakian wolfhounds will respond to dog barking in one dialect, but another bark for wolves. Maybe they are acting as translators?
   In addition to wolves of pure blood, the offspring of wolves and dogs live in the shelter. The latter are now called “exotic species to be excluded” on the Internet, and because of this title, people often abandon them.
   These animals with wolf blood have joined the big family of “Wolf Palace”. They are fed by compassionate caregivers. They also talked about love with local watchdogs, and their lives are very good.
   “These children should also have a good place to go,” Nastya said thoughtfully. “Now we are helping them find their owners. We are not asking people to take them away quickly, but we dream of raising them. For a person with an animal of wolf descent, this is indeed an opportunity. Look at how beautiful they are, and look more handsome than wolves and Czechoslovakian wolfhounds.”
   However, the Nastyas are most concerned about pure Russia. Wolf.
   “We don’t need these animals to kiss us or listen to us,” Nastya said. “They have all been mutilated by humans, so we have to take care of them. But ideally, wolves should stay away from humans. They live in their own natural habitat. The land will live better.”
   So the Nastya couple dreamed of building a national wolf center. This requires a large area of ​​land: in nature, a wolf family covers an area of ​​100 to 200 square kilometers. At present, the shelter can only provide 100 square meters of habitat for a wolf couple.
   “Give us a piece of land!” Nastya looked at the forest outside the window, “Even if it is a game reserve or a garbage dump! Look at Italy, the state will provide land for private ecological centers to protect these animals. And we We don’t even need state funding. We raise money to buy land and build a real wildlife protection base! Isn’t that bad? Isn’t it very valuable to protect the true and pure Russian wolf like a fairy tale?”