Answers for teenagers

  Before getting to know Peng Bo, I had a prejudice and “chain of contempt” against “special longevity”-the same is that cultural classes do not have the advantage. Children who know musical instruments seem to be more agile than those who learn to paint, and those with developed limbs and brains Simple sports students who are tanned for training all day long are the group I don’t want to see the most. They always appear to be indifferent to learning. They are either sleeping or picking up stubbornness in class, which is not in line with the setting of a “beautiful boy” in my mind.
  But Peng Wei looks like a different kind: except for his tall and tall figure, he has almost no shadow of sportsman, and his style and grace are like the dawn of his debut. The initial impression of him stems from his unique way of greeting-other students met me in the corridor, they just said hello or ran away shyly, only Peng Wei made faces to me every time… After collecting 7 times of his different styles of grimace, I went to his head teacher to summon more information about him: the monitor of the 9th class, a special student in sports, and a major in football. Because the grades in the cultural class are good, I should be able Admitted to high school.
  Oh, it turns out that well-developed limbs do not necessarily have a simple mind.
  Think carefully about his performance in my class: As a class monitor, he acts low-key in most cases, but the way he manages the class is “crude and indifferent”. The students are a little afraid of him. In everyone’s words, “Peng silk gets angry.” It’s like a different person”, which made me quite confused—is this the same guy who makes funny faces? An episode soon after, made me realize that, in fact, I don’t know him at all.

  I was in class 9 that day, and Peng Wei had been sharing with the front and back tables the “joy” that he was about to go out to compete without having to go to class. Half of the classroom was disturbed by him. Since he, the monitor, did not lead by example, I punished him after class and the office helped me score the last test.
  As a result, he played a trick and secretly changed his multiple-choice questions to all right, which I saw through. I endured until the other teachers in the office left work, and then I held up the paper and asked him: “Peng Si, why did you change the answer to the multiple-choice question? You changed it to all right?”
  As expected, his first reaction was a look Innocently denied: “No.”
  I couldn’t help but smile. When I stood at the height of my 30-year-old’s life and overlooked the clumsy trick of a 15-year-old boy, I couldn’t help feeling aside from grotesqueness: it turned out that he was just a boy, with his own cleverness and self-righteousness. What he did is in line with age characteristics. As a teacher, I naturally have to severely punish this. Lying and fraud are quality issues! But at the same time, I couldn’t help but reflect: I realized for the first time that even if he has been labeled as “squad leader” and “specialized student” and other labels that everyone thinks are good, it is still not enough to make up for his lack of confidence in academic performance. .
  Seeing me exposing him, Peng Wei scratched his head embarrassedly; I was afraid of hurting his face, so I didn’t say much, and took the initiative to help him analyze the wrong question. He remembered the notes carefully for the first time, and finally finished speaking. Before leaving, he turned his head three times before leaving, and finally he said: “Teacher, I actually got 4 multiple-choice questions wrong…” After all, I
  didn’t tell the truth—it was obviously wrong 6 One, look down on me who is “scheming”!
  I think Peng Bo is not stupid and his character is not slick. He can get better if someone helps him.
  Therefore, I did not comment on that quiz at all. Instead, I pretended to let the class representative send out the test papers casually, and posted the standard answers on the screen, and then corrected the errors by myself.
  Students will inevitably look around, rustle, and rustle. After all, they don’t care about the quiz. Once they approve the score, they must compare it all around: How much do you score? I am taller than you! Who gets the first exam? Who failed?
  I saw that the flushed Peng Si was being watched by a bunch of classmates—
  ”Wow, monitor test so high?!”
  ”Peng silk, full of your choice! Our class is not only full of you?”
  ”Ha ha ha, you copy it? Than class representatives do well!”
  No Wrong, he secretly corrected the wrong questions and the corrected scores when registering, I kept them intact.
  I stood on the podium and let everyone discuss it. I remembered that Peng Wei, as the monitor of the class, always looks fierce and not easy to provoke. At this moment, I was attacked by my classmates in many ways. It was really rare to see. He cast a shy and confused look at me. I dodged first, feeling that the “punishment” for him was almost over, and then I let the class calm down and start class.
  As I expected, after that day, Peng Si looked like a different person.

  As a sports student, because he often goes out to participate in competitions and has a fixed time for training every day, he originally had “sufficient” reasons to avoid homework and self-study at night, but Peng Bo did a very good job of time management, and he not only handed in his homework. , Almost never dropped out of class, and since that day, has never disturbed class discipline, even frowning in class to listen hard-although I know that with his foundation, no matter how serious listening to the lecture, it will not be able to follow But at the very least, he has made a good start for the possible transformation of himself.
  It just so happens that the school implements the “helping critical students, the responsibility goes to the individual” plan, and I gave my help quota to Peng Si. The so-called “help” not only requires teachers to be responsible for their own subjects, but also to serve the target students in an all-round way and help them improve their general subjects. As a result, every time between classes and every day after school, I was used to “receive” Peng silk. At the beginning, he started with some very simple questions, and I tried my best to be patient and help him answer them. Fortunately, he has a high understanding, and he understands many points of knowledge thoroughly after explaining them. The rest of the time was spent on mathematics, which was the most confusing to him; and in order to help him with tuition, I had to regain the headache of quadratic functions…
  During that time, apart from textbook knowledge, Peng Si The question I ask the most is: “Teacher, do you say I can get into high school? Is it too late for tuition?” Every time I don’t comment, even if I know that he has little problem in getting into high school, I have never given him anything. Guarantee. Because I believe that in addition to the small goal of “entering high school”, he has unlimited potential to shape a better self.
  Soon, his hard work paid off—in the model exam, his political score ranked second in the class! You know, he was only the second-to-last level before. In order to encourage him to keep it up, I gave him two marker pens, and he was flattered: “Teacher, this looks very expensive. Don’t become poor because of me!” Yes
  , don’t look at people’s appearance. “, A mouth is still a child.
  What also surprised me was that he was not so careless, but had a very delicate and soft side.
  For example, when I went to class, I forgot to take a cup of water. He filled me with water and put it on the table; I was so angry because the student was so angry that he was hesitant to speak, and finally plucked up the courage to comfort me to calm down; my lumbar muscle strain relapse It was the first time that he gave me plasters from the pharmacy where his mother works; even once, when I was working at the desk, a figure suddenly flashed across, and then a piece of chocolate appeared on the table, looking up, only to hear him whispered ” “It’s for you” followed by “Oh, it’s class…”

  I looked at the little piece of chocolate for a long time.
  Gradually, Peng Si occasionally showed fragile and sensitive emotions in front of me. I discovered that no one can escape the troubles of the teenager: in Peng silk’s world, “sports specialties” and “squad leader” are his only protective shells. Once he gets home, he will have no right to speak. Poor worm. It is said that his parents spoil his sister even more and are very strict with him… His QQ signatures are changed every other way. After a while, “The heartbreak of this life has begun”, and then “I will not fear anything from now on.” It seems that all the difficulties encountered in adolescence have fallen on him.
  After understanding this, I seem to understand why I treat Peng Bo a little bit better, and he will do his best to return me: He did not get enough understanding and tolerance at the age when he was most eager to be concerned, but was always Forcibly placed high hopes of becoming a “man”, not being allowed to be vulnerable and hesitant…
  Sometimes I think about it, is it true that every boy spends his youth in such a rough way?

  If I can get anything from getting along with Peng Bo, it is because of him that I have re-acquainted and approached many sports specialties. It turns out that they are not as unlearned and boring as I imagined, but very enthusiastic, tolerant, and conscious of the overall situation. Compared with some “honorable students” who are implanted early in the “grand ideals” such as “taking a good high school, a good university, finding a good job, and making more money”, sports students’ ambitions are obviously more romantic: someone wants to become The second Liu Xiang, some people regard basketball as their life, and some people firmly believe that they can lead the national football team out of Asia and into the world…
  I thought that Peng Wei, like his friends, also has a clear, sport-related My dream, but I didn’t expect that my understanding of him is still too shallow-he is trying to get into high school, the real motivation behind it is to get rid of the label of “sports specialties”…
  ”Teacher, if I can get into high school, do you think I can study hard and get into a good university? I don’t want to play football anymore. My dad chose to be a sports student for me, but I don’t seem to really like football. I even Sometimes I hate it, because playing football makes me study
  hard .” “Do you have anything else you like?”
  ”My dad said, let me do business with him in the future, he is a medical device… He said it was very profitable, but I didn’t understand it.”
  I didn’t answer his premature question directly: “Don’t worry, do the most important thing in front of you. As for the areas you really love and are good at, just You are willing, it is never too late to start, and there will never be a time limit.”
  His focused listening but seemingly understanding look is the eagerness and ignorance that is exclusive to the teenager. And I hope that no matter when he arrives, he will never forget that he used to be a sports student—maybe he didn’t realize it. The hard physical training has already honed his perseverance, and his desire for victory also prompted him to Will not surrender easily when faced with academic setbacks. Sometimes, it is precisely the direction we passively choose to achieve the self that gradually controls the initiative. In fact, every step counts for those roads taken.
  I believe that without me revealing the answer, he will understand one day.