Farewell to the rich

  My husband and I are alumni. He studies architecture and I study statistics. He is one level higher than me. We met in an outdoor club in the school. He has a gentle personality and doesn’t talk much. I like it very much. I hate a man talking about stubbornness the most-let him talk, so what shall I say? As for him, he also likes my talking and laughing character, and he feels very happy to be with me, and the two of them came together.
  When he graduated, I was applying to study for a master’s degree in the UK. He said that if the application is successful, we will have to be separated for a year. It is better to meet our parents first and settle our affairs. When I said yes, I followed him to his home in Beijing.
  After I went, I found out that his family is so rich! He used to only say that his family had a small business. In fact, his dad was the first person to go to the sea to do real estate in China. At that time, he had developed several villa areas, and his yard was so big that he could run a horse. I used to think that my family was pretty good. My dad was a grassroots cadre in our place. My mom was a production manager of an electrical company. She was a small middle-class family, but compared with his family, my family was really shabby. His parents were very polite, and their attitude towards me was neither good nor bad. They only said that this was the first time their son took his girlfriend home. They must eat and drink and have fun. They said that there are many fun places in Beijing. Go shopping.
  Before leaving, I asked my boyfriend: “What do your parents think of me?” He said that he didn’t express his opinion, but he felt that we were still young and it would not be too late to consider getting married when I came back from the UK. I think that means to wait and see, maybe I don’t think I’m so ideal, but I’m not worried, for a while, there is no more suitable candidate for him.
  I was originally applying to the University of Nottingham and Lancaster University. The statistics majors of these two universities are more practical and have a wide range of employment after graduation. But because I went to his house and was a little irritated, I thought about it and decided to focus on applying for Oxford University—Oxford University is famous. If I have a diploma from a world-class university, it’s a good match. It’s my husband.
  In this way, I went to Oxford University and my studies were completed smoothly. Before returning to China, my boyfriend said that he has done the ideological work of his parents, but they have one condition. They want me to work in his real estate company after graduation. I must contribute to the family business, but this also means that I have learned. Years of professionalism are useless. I thought about it and agreed. My boyfriend is really nice and sincere to me. Many people think that the rich are not learning or skillful, only playing, but in fact they are not, at least my boyfriend is very responsible. He didn’t like the construction major, but his parents ordered him to study. He didn’t want to hurt his parents. He also knew that as the only child, he would take over the business of the company sooner or later. After graduation, he designed the newly developed villa project in the family that year. Outsiders only know that real estate makes a lot of money. In fact, you have to deal with banks and other institutions, and you have to deal with contractors. If I didn’t help him, it would be pitiful for him to do such a big mess all by himself.
  We had a wedding soon after returning to China. My position in the company completely obeyed his parents’ arrangements. I did whatever I wanted. I sold the house and managed the money. His dad said that nursing homes are a sunrise industry. Don’t waste the bungalows in the company’s yard. If you remodel it, we will also be a nursing home. I am busy with this project from initiation to sales. His dad also said that there is a big room at the entrance of the company and it should be used as a barbecue restaurant. So, I was the one who bothered inside and out.
  Inferiority complex is also a little bit. I always feel that someone from an ordinary family like me must work hard to be worthy of my husband, so sometimes although I doubt if my father-in-law’s direction is wrong, nursing homes, barbecue shops, and later toss In the kindergarten, every project failed, but since this family needs me to try and make mistakes, I am willing to take responsibility.
  I gave birth to a daughter in 2012. My parents-in-law and my mother-in-law are a bit regretful. It is too hard to have a girl to carry such a large burden in the future. In 2016, the country liberalized the second-child policy. They have repeatedly persuaded me to have another child. It would be best if I was a boy. At that time, my daughter was 4 years old, which was the age to toss, and there were a lot of things in the company, and I was so busy. After marrying into a wealthy family, the scenes of cross-legged eating melon seeds and a bunch of people waiting on the side only exist in the movie. In real life, I work harder than Wang Xifeng. If there is a choice, I don’t want to give birth. But after thinking about it, the old man’s thoughts are not unreasonable. My husband still has so much pressure with my help. In the future, my daughter will be alone in such a big mess. I don’t know what it will be like. It would be much better to have a brother or sister to help. Up. In 2017, I gave birth to another son. My parents-in-law laughed from ear to ear and sealed me a huge red envelope. With both children, the task of giving birth is complete, and I was relieved.

  In life, there are of course grandma Kuo who buys and buys every day, and even asks her husband for money for eating, drinking, and fun, but they must be at the cost of the transfer of the family’s right to speak. I want to live with dignity in this family, and I can only make continuous efforts.
  After several years of marriage, I have forgotten my dream. To make a New Year’s wish, my wish is “the whole family will be safe, my husband will work smoothly, and my children will grow up healthily”. It’s my dream to live well as a family.
  It’s a pity that there are unforeseen circumstances.

  The real estate market has not been doing well in the past two years, and the turnover rate of villas has been even lower, and the family suddenly became poor. In a recent project, there have been ups and downs since we acquired the land. We made a desperate effort to develop this project. We invested only a small portion of the money, and most of the funds were borrowed by middlemen. We promised to give the middleman some remuneration and a villa as a thank you. This was written in black and white on the agreement and had legal effect, but the entire building was not sold. We did not have money to give him or pay the debt. The middleman went to the court to sue us. He won the case. If we don’t pay the money, we will be on the list. Some people advised us to give him a few million first, say a few good things, and let things slow down, so as not to make things so stale. But now the family can’t even get 50,000 yuan. Unexpectedly? Giants will have this time. The parents-in-law were not willing to help, and it was useless for us to wear our mouths. Some people also persuaded me to transfer assets, with a large amount of cash in my hand. I don’t agree. Once I become an old man, children’s education is restricted. As a mother, I want to give them the best thing. How can we let them be affected by us?
  From before the Spring Festival to now, it has been more than half a year, and the villa we developed has still not been sold. The intermediary applied for pre-litigation property preservation. Even if we want to transfer assets, it is impossible.
  Where can I get such a large sum of money? Relatives and friends who can lend us so much! My husband dropped a lot of hair, and I was distressed and sad. I can’t help, so I have to watch the inspirational stories of the comeback on the Internet every day, but I feel so anxious.
  We originally wanted to pay back the money from the middleman, but then we calculated it. The development cost of this building was about 70% of the housing price. However, there are some large developers’ projects near our project, even at 70% of the price. , Our price-performance ratio is still not as good as others, which means that even if the real estate is sold out, it will only work for the creditor. Therefore, we decided to wind up the company, at least saving time and cost. Of course, after the liquidation, we have nothing left.
  I have become accustomed to being immersed in the envy of others. For a long time, people around me have praised me for a good marriage, that my husband is rich and loves me very much, my daughter and son are so cute, and my parents-in-law treat me with respect. Now I suddenly return to the life of ordinary people. I can’t live in a villa or drive a luxury car. I will either huddle with my parents-in-law or rent a house by myself. How many people will I be the laughing stock of? The dream of a wealthy
  family is broken, and my life is empty… I feel very pitiful . I have dedicated my youth to this family for so many years, and the majors that have been so hard to learn are of no use. But look at my husband again. The poorer person is him. From the age of 19 to university, he has been doing things that he hates for the younger half of his life, but he still has nothing. How should he view his life? ?

  Recently, I chatted with my husband every day, he sometimes cried, I just hugged him, I said this is also a relief, you like to engage in breeding, eagles, cattle and sheep, you can continue to do it in the future, we two actively exercise , How can we live another 30 to 40 years? In these 30 to 40 years, we must do something we really like and live our lives; we also have to watch the children grow up, nurture them, and let They are becoming more capable. In fact, we didn’t get nothing in the past. At least we got a happy family. This is more important than anything. Without billions of dollars, we have to live a good life.
  I recently got a job related to statistics. During the interview, I talked about my previous experience. The boss asked me if I did not lose what I learned at school. I said no, English is good, but professional is tough! The boss used me. On the first day I went to work, I was so happy that I was flying, and doing what I liked again, it felt better!
  My husband is still cleaning up the mess. He said he hasn’t thought about it yet. Maybe he will engage in aquaculture next time. Maybe he will raise something else. No matter what he does, I will support him. In the past, our life trajectory was set; now it is different. We plan our own future. Although it is a little late, it is still too late. I found that two people are looking forward to the future together, very happy.