How is Volkswagen named

  Golf has nothing to do with “golf”. In fact, Golf comes from the German word Golfstrom, which refers to the Gulf Stream. This famous warm current, under the influence of atmospheric circulation and geostrophic force, rides the westerly belt, all the way from the warm Gulf of Mexico to the north along the Atlantic Ocean. The warm humid currents and precipitation make European regions at high latitudes also quite mild. The climate, even the annual temperature in Tromsø and Murmansk in the Arctic Circle can be kept within a suitable range for human settlement. It can be said that the Gulf Stream is the lifeline to ensure the livability of Europe.
  So, in this way, Golf is still a very warm car name, strong, gentle, and indispensable.
  Passat comes from the German word Passatwinde, Chinese refers to the northeast/southeast trade wind. This is the wind blowing from mid-latitudes to tropical low-latitudes. On the Atlantic Ocean, it can blow fleets from Europe all the way to North Africa and South America. In the Pacific Ocean, due to the seasonal temperature difference between the land and sea in Eurasia, the Indian fleet can sail from the subcontinent along the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula to East Africa in winter in the northern hemisphere; in summer, it can return along the same route.
  Then Passat, as a car suitable for both domestic and commercial use, has an identity immediately.
  The name of Jetta is derived from the German word Jetstream, which means high-altitude jet stream in Chinese. This is an airflow belt that traverses the top of the convective zone over the mid-high latitudes of the earth, from west to east. It is formed by the combined action of the earth’s rotation deflection force and the cold and hot circulation crisscross zone at lower altitudes. It is especially strong in mid-latitudes. Many airplanes use this airflow zone when flying from west to east, so the flight time from west to east is usually about 20% less than other flights at the same distance.
  Bora is named after Bora scura on the Adriatic Sea. This kind of wind generally forms in winter. The northerly wind brought by the high-pressure vortex on the Eurasian continent quickly drops after crossing the mountains along the coast of Croatia, turning into a dry, cold and violent wind; the other name sounds a bit ” The “violent” car is called Polo, which is taken from Polarwinde; in addition, there is Scirocco, Volkswagen’s two-door small sports car, whose name comes from the West Roco wind blowing into the Mediterranean from the North African desert ( Sirocco).
  However, the naming method of Volkswagen in recent years has deviated from the tradition of “named by wind”, and the names of new cars come from various sources. For example, Touareg comes from the “Tuareg”, a people around the Sahara Desert, Tiguan is a combination of the German words Tiger and Iguana, Phaeton and Eos come from Greek mythology, and so on.