Set a theme for the new year

  At the end of each year, He Li makes a plan for the beginning of the new year. She wrote the plan on the calendar, and she could see it as soon as she looked up, and she was full of ritual. Every time she sees those plans, it seems that after one year, she can become what she wants; after three years, she can become a winner in life with all-round development of German, intellectual, physical, and artistic.
  However, at the end of each year, He Li found out that her plan for the year was simply impossible to complete. The more “higher the mark” she established, the more likely she was to “slap her face”. Especially in 2020, it is not easy for He Li’s offline training industry to maintain adequate food and clothing. Therefore, all her work-related and economic-related plans are either in vain or discounted. “People are not as good as heaven,” He Li couldn’t help sighing as she looked at the annual personal summary.
  Do you still plan for the New Year? How to do it?
  He Li turned over the first five years of the year-end plan and year-end summary, closed her eyes and thought about what it meant to herself in each of the past five years, and what did the things that were not done as planned have caused. The consequences; what has been done, which one made the year seem not in vain.
  In 2016, when He Li graduated from university, employment is the most urgent thing. In the plan, although “raising a cat” and “thinning to double digits” were not completed, in today’s view, it does not seem to have much impact.
  In 2017, He Li wanted to apply for an on-the-job graduate student in psychology due to work needs. She spent the entire year preparing for the exam. The plan of “Eating with 100 Strangers” was a way for young people to expand their social circles that He Li saw on the Internet. She copied it down and included in the plan, but by the end of the year, only one tenth was completed, , What does it matter?
  In 2018, He Li fell ill and underwent a minor operation. Restoring health is a top priority. “Slim to double digits” became a gift for surgery, but “raising a cat” still did not come true. “Eating with 100 strangers” was naturally a fantasy. In addition to work, study, and health preservation, He Li’s goal of “traveling abroad” has become an empty check to herself.
  In 2019, He Li fell in love and got married in one go. Solving personal problems is a major task of “the merits of the year and the benefits of the whole life”. She met her current husband while traveling abroad. And her husband, who is a chef in a Michelin restaurant, also let her idea of ​​”learning to cook 30 dishes” disappear.
  In 2020, the offline children’s training organization where He Li works will gradually adjust its main business to online training. After He Li experienced major changes in salary reduction in the first half of the year and overtime in the second half of the year, her vacation plan was stranded, she did not dare to change jobs, and she had no chance to change jobs. But this year, what she wants to be most grateful for is that she still has a job that looks stable now.
  If time goes back, let her finish reading the script and start again, He Li will definitely make a plan according to the theme.
  2016 is the year of employment.
  2017 is the year of entering school.
  2018, the year of health.
  2019 is the year of marriage and love.
  2020 is a stable year.
  All actions are centered on the theme, and the most important thing is done well. Even if you only do this one thing a year, it is worth looking back. As for other plans, they are just icing on the cake. Don’t be frustrated if they are not completed. There is still time to complete in the future, or maybe not at all.
  Now, He Li unrolled the paper, unscrewed the pen, and listed all the New Year’s wishes on the paper. She wanted to find the most important thing.
  There are a total of 100 wishes: preparing for pregnancy, getting a promotion, making money, buying a house, keeping pets, filial piety to parents, reading 100 books, exercising 3 times a week, saving 200,000 yuan…
  When all the wishes are put together in front of you, how Li found that there is a causal relationship between them. For example, the first promotion in order to make more money in order to save 200,000 dollars, three 200,000 to buy a house, buy a big house we go prepared pregnant, we go to the parents took it live, have a place to pets ……
  if “Buying a house” is set as the theme of 2021. Borrowing money, viewing houses, and buying houses are actions of this year. So, how many months to look at the house, where to look at, and which agency to look for? If you want to borrow money, who can you borrow, how much, and how long will it take to repay it?
  If “buying a house” is set as the goal after three years, “saving” is the theme of 2021, “how much to save throughout the year” is the big goal, and “how much to save each month” is the interim goal. In order to achieve the goal, promotion, job hopping, and part-time job are the specific behaviors that serve the subject. How to achieve it and what are the ways?
  These must be considered carefully.
  After discussing with her “natural ally” her husband, He Li agreed: the theme in 2021 is “savings”, and the theme after three years is “buy”.
  Complete set theme, two of dialogue, such as
  under –
  ”In order to resolve, I simply most drastic, the existing deposits with on a regular basis.”
  ”Well, I’m part of the monthly wage for fixed investment, a time to bank I just rushed away.”
  ”Don’t let yourself go back.”
  When He Li finished the annual and monthly plans for savings, listed relevant plans, and then looked at other sectors. Although 2021 is a “saving year”, life is more than just one thing. Based on the principle of doing only the most important thing in each section, she singled out “read 100 books” in her wish to study the section. Think about it, discount it in half, “find 50 books”; in the social section, He Li streamlined the plan to “give 10 mentors and seniors gifts for the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and National Day, respectively”… The
  beginning of 2021 The plan is much simpler than in previous years.
  But He Li believes that as long as she progresses as planned, she will not struggle again at the end of 2021; looking back after many years, 2021 must be a year of comfort and success.