When the music comes from the bottom of your heart

  People often ask me what I like, my family opposes, my classmates laugh at me, and my respected elders are not optimistic. They are distressed: how to get others to support their choice?
  There is a movie called “Dancing Out of My Youth”, which tells the story of a boy learning to dance.
  The boy’s name is Billy, the son of a coal miner. Undoubtedly, his world is full of all the so-called “masculinity” symbols that we know well, such as stinky sweat, manual labor, and foul language. Naturally, Billy will attend boxing training classes every week to enhance his masculinity.
  However, one day, he came into contact with ballet accidentally and was immediately fascinated.
  Seeing this, I pressed the pause button and thought about it, what if this story happened around us?
  I know a writer who is a young man from a mine. During the high school entrance examination, he was admitted to a technical school set up by a steel company. After graduation, he naturally entered the steelmaking workshop. In his spare time, he worked hard to write poems, prose, and contribute to the company’s internal journals, but he has been silent like falling leaves into the water. By chance, the editor of the internal magazine called him, asked him to chat, and encouraged him. He was very happy. However, his workshop director told the editor: “My mine child, if you can work in a company, you have to set off firecrackers and invite neighbourhoods at home. Don’t hurt him.” This means that writing can’t make money, and it also hinders work.
  At the same moment, what did Billy do?
  The dance teacher admired him so much that he even gave up his female disciple and devoted himself to teaching him. At this time, the mine was surging, and the strike caused Billy’s father and brother to lose their jobs. But they still loved Billy and didn’t stop his boxing class. But what they never expected was that Billy secretly used the cost of boxing lessons to learn ballet.
  How do you think your father and brother will see Billy and his choice when they discover this?
  My thoughts: Prejudice will definitely exist, even everywhere. In Billy’s time, his parents may not be able to accept this happily.
  It is impossible for us to let others not laugh at ourselves. Isn’t the celebrity popular all over the country also subject to the baptism of Internet public opinion?
  We cannot guarantee that others will support ourselves. Yi Shu wrote a novel until she was in her seventies or eighties. What she has been worrying about all her life is that after she became famous for many years, her mother still had to say: “What else do you write?” It means that Yi Shu’s works are in She doesn’t look into her eyes, and it’s not worth writing.
  What can we do to face these?
  It is to determine the way you want to go, to go down, and to turn a blind eye to other people’s directions.
  If you are not sure, if the opinions of other people are really unavoidable for you, and you don’t have the courage to run in the rain, then such persistence cannot be given up.
  Of course it is a pity to give up, but isn’t a large part of a person’s life linked by “giving up” one after another?
  But what if what you want to give up is your love?
  The writer I knew finally wrote his first book, which was made into a movie after publication. Although he did not make money, it also gave him the possibility of leaving the steelmaking workshop. In this life, ups and downs, he is always doing what he likes.
  As for Billy in “Dancing My Youth”, when dreams and barrenness are intertwined, when prejudice and support are wrestling, guess what his choice is?
  If the music is loud enough, there will be no gossip.
  Especially when this music comes from the bottom of your heart.