Cheongsam time flowing love

  It’s said that from my grandfather’s generation, six generations of my ancestors were tailors. In my mother’s generation, although she was an engineer who drew pictures for machines, she also had a talent for being a female celebrity and made it for me. The clothes are also exquisite in style with fine stitches.
  Grandma was born in a wealthy family, and grew up rich. One spring afternoon, my grandpa asked my grandma who was embroidering in the east courtyard: “Do you embroider here every day?” Grandma said “no”, and they ran away.
  Grandma said that she had just learned to embroider at that time and embroidered mandarin ducks into awkward ducks because she ran away because she was afraid of being laughed at. One day, grandpa went to the east courtyard again, and grandma asked him: “Are you going to my cloth shop?” Grandpa nodded. Grandma said, “Going to the cloth shop is further along this road, don’t you know?” Grandpa was at a loss for a while and whispered: “Because there is a cloud in my heart, only by walking to the east courtyard can I see the cloud in my heart.” Grandma laughed, and grandpa ran away embarrassedly.
  Later, my great-grandfather bought the wrong batch of cloth in his shop, and Zhengzhou didn’t sell it. My grandfather made a batch of ready-to-wear garments with other suits and sold them soon. The great-grandfather admired his grandfather’s craftsmanship and deliberately matched him with his grandmother. Grandpa asked, “Do you know how to sew cheongsam?” Grandpa said: “I don’t know how to sew cheongsam, but I can learn it. I will only sew cheongsam for you in the future.”
  One day in the first month is a good day for grandpa and grandma to get married. Grandpa sewed several cheongsams for grandmother by himself. The bright red background, dark blue flowers, and the branches and vines of the tangled lotus were as gorgeous as they were. Grandma asked her grandpa: “How did you learn such a difficult cheongsam?” Grandpa said: “As long as you have love in your heart, everything is possible.”
  Once, grandma went out with a few girlfriends, and grandpa was at home alone and kept a diary. Talking about my heart is not enough, I also invited my friends to take pictures of myself and send them to my grandmother, with the inscription on it: “Holy and holy soul, sincere and intoxicated dear.” I was hit by my grandfather’s “dear”. “My dear” comes from the Book of Songs, it is the thatch that is cherished by the youth in “Bai Mugui, beautiful and different”; from the Song Dynasty, it is the Luo Dai of “Long Lovesickness” who is in the same heart and will never leave; walk from the contemporary This is Mu Xin’s “Life is only enough to love one person”. When I reach my grandfather, “Dear” is an open flower, a clear and bright moon, a simple line of poetry, and a sentence of love is omnipotent…
  When grandma was out, grandpa probably wrote countless times in his heart that “declining, Hu does not return”. Knowing that this is the day when grandma goes home, grandpa looks at the clock, it’s time to go home, hurry up to wash the rice and go to the pot for a while, there is a hot meal on the table-fried seaweed balls, pumpkin sea oyster soup, Stir-fried shredded cabbage with green peppers, plus a plate of braised fish, wait for grandma to come home to eat together.
  One month before my grandfather’s death, despite the obvious symptoms: weight loss, itchy skin…but still insisted on sewing a cheongsam for grandma. Grandpa left before the cheongsam was sewn. At that time, the grandmother looked at the cheongsam for a whole morning. My mother called me and said in a very worried tone: “Little girl, go home quickly, something is wrong.” I went home quickly, and my grandma smiled, “What’s wrong with me, cheongsam.” Yes, it’s as if your grandfather is still there.” In a word, I heard it unforgettable, and I heard the soul-stirring Yongxianghao, don’t forget it.
  In the 86th year when grandma came into this world, her light of life quietly went out. Before her death, grandma gave me my grandpa’s diary and the unfinished cheongsam for me to keep it safe. I read a sentence in my grandfather’s diary: “Please let me cut a cheongsam for you.” As my grandfather wrote, he sewed a cheongsam for the grandmother, and only for her. This is probably the fullest sentiment and the most poetic love I have ever seen. It makes a person’s heart full of summer flowers in the cold spring winter.
  The past of so much love blooms secretly in the time of cheongsam, and in the pale years, it leaves a touch of gentleness and goodness for us to remember. May we be able to flow slowly in love throughout our lives, not to waste, and to live well.