The agreement beyond the cloud

  When I was a child, my father would teach me to recite poems every time I was on the way to school. I sat in the back seat of my bicycle and followed my father’s clothes, reading sentence by sentence. In just 20 minutes, I could write the whole song. Poetry remembers to roll melons overripe. When school is over in the evening, I swiftly climbed into my exclusive seat and triumphantly recite the poem my dad taught me in the morning, and my dad would tell me a story about the poem. Therefore, in my heart, poetry is a condensed story, and a story is a poem that blooms.
  ”Chilechuan, under the yin mountain, the sky is like a dome, covering all fields. The sky is vast, the wind blows the grass and the cows and sheep are low.”
  I lifted my head and looked at the back of my father’s head. As agreed, my father told me something. Story: Thousands of years ago, in the Western Han Dynasty, a warrior appeared in the north. He was very brave and the most powerful leader on the grassland. Everyone called him Mao Dun Shanyu. The people of Shan Yu and the people of the Central Plains often fought, so one year, the emperor of the Han Dynasty married his princess to the warrior Shan Yu. Since then, there have been many fewer battles.
  I listened with gusto, and my father’s voice stopped abruptly. I pulled at the corner of my father’s clothes a little annoyed. Why did I feel that the story was not finished. Dad ignored me, only the ringing of the bicycle and the beep of the car.
  ”Dad! Keep telling it!” After all,
  Dad told me the story. After he took me from the back seat of the bicycle, he told me the second half of the story: “I’m going to Maoton, who lived before. Place.”
  This is the most annoying story I have ever heard! When I heard the news that my father was going to Inner Mongolia to support, I cried hoarse, and no one could comfort me. In the tearful whirling, I determined one thing, I don’t like grassland, I hate grassland most!
  Everything in the world will not make the slightest compromise because of my likes and dislikes. Dad will go anyway. Instead, at 8 o’clock every night, I will be by the phone at home, waiting for Dad’s voice to be transmitted along the phone line from thousands of miles away. come. Dad’s vocal range is still wide, and his laughter is still hearty. He will tell me vividly what happened in the grassland, but I still don’t like it, just don’t like it.
  Everything in the world is likely to go up against my will. During the summer vacation, my mother took me north to reunite with my father. The grassland I think is a modern city, but the color is slightly grayer than my home. Unexpectedly, after only living in the city for one day, I followed my parents to the bus, minibus, and the world of blue, yellow, and green.
  The sunlight pierced people’s eyes. As soon as I got out of the car, a red headscarf was wrapped up, still with a strong smell. I was about to pull it away when I pressed it with a slightly rough hand, and there was a vague but thick sound in my ear.
  ”Take it.” Mom wrapped me in a turban, and I stuck my head out. It was a middle-aged Mongolian woman. Next to her stood a boy who was about my age in school uniform.
  ”My Naga pinch you to put it on!” The boy pointed to my headscarf.
  what? I stared at him with a confused look, what pinch?
  ”It’s the grandma you are talking about.”
  This is my first encounter with Wuyun. He is the child of his father’s best friend. Wuyun is just the first two characters of his long list of names. I asked him: “When you take the exam, do you have to write your name for a long time? If you add the surname, will the grid be squeezed?”
  Wu Yun showed an expression that was difficult to explain to me.
  ”Your daughter of the Han family…”
  ”I have a name!” I don’t like this title, because it is often followed by a series of arrogance: the daughter of the Han family is not exposed to the sun, or is she covered with a headscarf, leather All have sunburn; the daughter of the Han family is delicate, and she can have diarrhea when she drinks milk. I stubbornly rejected these five words, full of resentment.
  But Mom and Dad didn’t think that they would take the bowl with a smile, hand me the thick yogurt that needs to be scooped up hard with a spoon, and let me sit next to Grandma Wuyun and ask her to braid my braids.
  I like grandma. Her eyes were full of smiles, and when she looked at me, the entire gentle galaxy was flowing in her eyes. Grandma doesn’t speak Chinese very well. We need the help of dark clouds in our communication, but every time grandma calls Saren, I know she is calling me. Saren, the dark cloud means moonlight, and the dark cloud means wisdom.
  Grandma always let Wuyun take me to play. I learned how to play sheep braids, how to drive sheep, how to dig sand dates, and the most powerful thing is to learn how to ride a horse. I can’t even ride a bicycle. I climbed onto the horseback as if I was trying to save myself. At first, I swayed and then my thigh hurts so much that I can’t sit down and cry. Finally, I can sit firmly on the horseback. . When the pony took me to run on the grass field, everyone came out to see me. Mom, Dad, Dad, Dad and Dad, and grandmother exclaimed: “Saren!” After
  learning to ride a horse, I became unscrupulous. It seems that the entire pasture in front of me is my site. Although my horse is small and my people are small, I hold my head high, like Maudun Shanyu, a brave warrior on the grassland. Just as I was parked on the high ground with excitement, the dark cloud took my hand and pulled me down. I lost my weight and fell heavily to the ground. I looked at him with an angry look and shouted, “What are you doing!” I ignored me, just dragged me and Ma anxiously for a while. When I was about to have an attack, the dark cloud pointed to a nest of bird eggs not far away.
  ”Your shadow is on the bird’s egg!”
  ”What happened to my shadow on the bird’s egg!”
  ”It just can’t be on the bird’s egg!”
  ”Why are you doing this!”
  Friendship broke quickly because of my shadow and developed quickly When I was crying and crying, the parents came out to persuade me to fight. Unexpectedly, Wuyun was beaten by my grandmother again, and I became more confident, holding the lamb that I know the most, and refusing to go out to eat out of anger, rather grunting in my stomach.
  ”What do you look like sitting here? We are guests in someone else’s house. Did I teach you this way?” Facing my father’s lesson, I turned my head.
  ”Do you want to eat this sheep?” Uncle stepped forward, seeming to want to take my sheep.
  I had an inexplicable impulse and closed my eyes and yelled, “No, this is my fancy sheep. You can’t eat it! I want it!” The
  surroundings were quiet, and I was a little scared when I was doing it outside. Necked his neck.
  ”I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have pulled you just now, I was wrong.” Wuyun walked out of the house and stood straight in front of me and said, “I won’t pull you anymore.”
  I saw Mom and Dad’s expressions eased. The courage was fattened. I moved my butt, and the dark cloud took my sheep. Afterwards, Wuyun told me that human shadows cannot be covered on bird eggs, because this is their awe of life since ancient times.
  Wuyun is getting more and more familiar with me, and I am getting more and more used to running around with him. The pasture is not big, but for me, that is my Chi Lechuan.
  When I was parting, the galaxy in my grandma’s eyes fluctuated, and the dark clouds kept sending me to the airport. My parcel was full of things sent by him and grandma, so heavy that even my eyes became extremely heavy.
  ”Do you know? The lamb you were holding before has been kept at Wuyun’s house.” Dad put down his luggage and looked at me seriously.
  ”Because it was Sarren’s fancy, they kept it.” Dad laughed, but I suddenly wanted to cry inexplicably.
  After returning home, I contacted Wuyun. At the end of every call, Wuyun would tell me the news about the lamb.
  ——Lamb, grown up.
  ——Lamb, become a mother.
  ——Lamb, become grandma and grandmother.
  A few years later, Wuyun gave me the last news of the lamb: the lamb is old and dead. Sitting in the bedroom, I suddenly burst into tears. I took a breath and said to Wuyun, “Wuyun, since I came back from Inner Mongolia, I have never eaten mutton again.” This time it was Wuyun’s turn to wonder. Without waiting for him to ask questions, he quickly returned to him: “The lamb that Saren decided not to eat is our awe of living things.”
  On the other end of the phone, dark clouds shook the mountain with a smile.