The epidemic is at home, the window of Vienna becomes a landscape

During the period of home office work and study during the epidemic, the window is an exit from the closed house to the outside world, bringing more opportunities to communicate with nature, society and others for people who have been living at home for a long time. The epidemic has caused Vienna’s tourism industry, which is dominated by international tourists, to almost stagnate. “Viewing Vienna from my window” is a theme photography solicitation activity launched by the Vienna Tourism Administration for locals who are restricted from their homes due to the epidemic. Vienna citizens are invited to shoot with cameras or smartphones Landscape photos of my own window are posted on several major social media, with text describing my own story or mood, and use “Vienna at the moment” or “Vienna from my window” as the hashtag. The “window” of the Viennese is like a mirror, reflecting the infinite scenery of the city and the various forms of daily life, and letting sunlight shine into people’s hearts through the thick walls.

During the event, thousands of submissions were received. The Vienna Tourism Bureau forwarded these beautiful pictures to the official social media accounts for Vienna fans around the world to enjoy. Some people photographed the magnificent buildings, spacious streets, and gorgeous sunsets outside the window. Some people photographed the vibrant flowers and plants on the windowsill and the exquisite decorations. Others photographed the beautiful girl sitting by the window. The audience praised and commented on these wonderful ideas. The effect of “Viewing Vienna from My Window” activity is very good. It not only encourages the locals in Vienna to discover and record the beautiful things around them, but also conveys to the world the creation of the city and every citizen under the crisis. Strength, sense of humor and optimism.

During the epidemic, Vienna adopted strict lockdown measures several times. People gave up social and entertainment life and stayed at home to work and study. Wien Florant is a young professional female photographer. Due to the epidemic, the number of clients and businesses has dropped sharply. She decided to use her free time to do some artistic creation outside of work, and use her camera to capture people’s special Images of life in the period, not just empty streets. Wien planned a window photography event with the theme “Stay at Home” and recruited families willing to be models for portrait photos through the Internet. Applicants need to answer three questions raised by Wien via email in advance: “The current epidemic What is the impact on your life?” “Can you tell me the five things you want to do after the epidemic is over?” “What can you do for others in this extraordinary period?”

Among the many applications received, Wien read a lot of answers that moved her. She finally selected 23 families, covering and representing all 23 districts of Vienna. In order to maintain social distance with the subject as much as possible and avoid face-to-face contact, Wien has to stand on the street and take portraits of people standing in front of the windows of the houses, so she can only choose residents on the first floor as models to ensure the best shooting angle. There are single people living alone, couples, and small families. They are engaged in a wide range of occupations, including singers, talk show actors, pastry chefs, website design developers, nurses, architects, scientists, and yoga teachers. , Reporters, etc., everyone appeared in the camera with their true appearance and state, and used words to tell their own experiences and perceptions during the epidemic. They also expressed their wishes and expectations for the world, others, and the future.

The completed “Window Portrait” series of works were first made into a huge advertising painting, which was hung on the outer wall of a residential building in the 9th district of Vienna for display. At the same time, Wien also held an online photography exhibition on her personal website and social media. She also plans to open her own offline photography exhibition after the epidemic is over.

Located in the inner city of Vienna, the “Vienna Art Forum” is an art exhibition hall funded by the Austrian Bank Foundation. It provides project funds to support young artists who have not yet become famous to carry out creative activities. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Art Forum launched an open solicitation for the art world, with the theme of works of art created during the epidemic and blockade.

Finally, the works of five artists were selected, and the Art Forum planned and organized an exhibition called “New Crown Art”. Among them, the work of Bernd Kohler, a local artist in Vienna, is very special. He was unfortunately infected with the new crown pneumonia and spent 20 days in the hospital in isolation and treatment. During the hospital stay, he would observe and capture the changes in the scenery outside the window through the window facing east in the ward every day. After he recovered and was discharged from the hospital, Bernd made 20 sets of prints from the pictures taken by screen printing as a record and reflection on this special experience.