The big world in “little eyes”

  ”Do you Chinese like to eat cats? I am really afraid that you will secretly eat my pet cat.”
  ”No, no, you must not have such concerns, I am a vegetarian. We Chinese don’t eat everything, especially cats. If you’ve been to China, you’ll find that people who act as cat slaves can go around the earth at least three times together!”
  ”This is true Is it?”
  The protagonists of this conversation are Chinese girl Cao Siyu and her French classmates. Cao Siyu is an authentic Beijing girl. After graduating from university, she went to France National University of Road and Bridge for further study. Once here, she was questioned by a classmate who likes to keep pet cats.
  When faced with such doubts, Cao Siyu felt both funny and helpless. Originally thought this was just an accident, and then several similar things happened again. Only then did she understand that foreigners have a deep misunderstanding of China and Chinese people.
  On this day, Cao Siyu encountered something like this: A classmate wanted her to recommend a few Chinese dishes. She likes spicy food on weekdays, she asked the other party if they can eat spicy food, and the other party replied: “It’s okay, I can eat spicy food. Yes.” She recommended the boiled pork slices to the other party, but the other party was sweating profusely. The other party thought she was deliberate, and cut off contact. Only then did she realize that the “can eat spicy food” in the other party’s words was not the case at all. In the final analysis, it was the difference in cultural cognition, and it had affected the communication between her and her friends, which had to arouse Cao Siyu’s thinking.
  How can we eliminate misunderstandings? Cao Siyu had this question in his mind. That kind of direct and straightforward argument must be thankless. She remembered her hobby in drawing and design, and foreigners like comics very much. On weekdays, there are far more people who read comics than those who read text. Why not express it in the form of comics?
  Once the idea was finalized, Cao Siyu did not rush to write, but was thinking about another question: how to determine the image of the protagonist throughout? What name should it be given? She came up with several names, but in the end they were all denied one by one. In the end, she decided to use her own experience as a prototype to draw the interesting daily life of a little-eyed girl from China abroad. She wants to use cartoons that foreigners can easily accept, subtly correcting foreigners’ prejudice against Chinese people. With a clever idea, she decided to name the master with “tinyeye”. If it were translated into Chinese, it means “小眼”, so the name of “Miami” was determined. She registered an account on the social application of the photo wall and prepared to post the comics she created to it.
  Everything is ready, I just owe it to work. Cao Siyu quickly created a series of cartoons showing the differences between Eastern and Western cultures based on his experience in studying abroad. The content of these cartoons is simple and clear, and the pictures are clean and concise, which makes people feel relaxed and happy at first glance.
  According to Cao Siyu’s thoughts, he just wanted to use this method to subtly correct the prejudice of foreigners around him, and he did not expect that too many people would notice it. Who knows, once her comic series was launched, it attracted the attention of more than 2 million foreign netizens in a short period of time, and received at least more than 210,000 likes, and media from various countries also rushed to forward it, “Little Eyes.” He has become an internet celebrity. Not long ago, the Chinese International Channel of CCTV introduced Cao Siyu’s cartoons and praised Cao Siyu by name.
  As the creator of “Small Eyes”, Cao Siyu is still working hard to make “Small Eyes” fuller and fuller based on his own experience. Only by seeing the outside world can people have a clearer understanding of themselves. Living in the same global village, people can only move forward together if they re-recognize each other with a heart of tolerance.


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