Lenny of Lenny

  Leni is a beautiful German girl. She dreamed of becoming an excellent actress since she was a child. But a year before she graduated from university, the war broke out. Leni was seen by the Nazi leaders. The Nazis controlled her through various means, making her a tool for propaganda war.
  A few years later, Germany was defeated and Leni was also implicated for serving the Nazis and sentenced to four years in prison. After serving her sentence, Laini wanted to pursue her favorite performing arts again. Regrettably, although she was brilliant and outstanding in acting, all the directors and crews kept her away due to the “stain” she had served for the Nazis. In desperation, Laini could only borrow money to run a tailor shop. Lainie can do a lot of styles of clothes, but people are not willing to go to her shop to make clothes, it seems that walked into her shop is close to the sinners of history, they can only be diverted to Leni put food stalls ……
  Fast forward two More than ten years later, Laini didn’t know how many trades she had engaged in. When she was at its worst, she could only pick up garbage and sell it. Until the age of 50, she still failed to get rid of the shadow of “Nazis” and “prisoners”. Not only did she have no job, no one even wanted to marry her. On her 50th birthday, Lenny was drunk, and when she woke up, she made a decision-to stay away from this place where no one accepts herself.
  After reading a lot of news facts, Laini decided to go to the primitive tribes in Africa to shoot and write exclusive news. She sold everything, bought a camera, and went to primitive African tribes alone. In the following two years, she overcame numerous difficulties and took a large number of photos of primitive tribes, which in one fell swoop established her position in the international press and even geography.
  Laini spent 18 years in Africa. When she was 68 years old, she began to learn ocean diving. Later, she added many magnificent ocean records to her portfolio. This underwater shooting career continued until her 80 years old. At the age of 83, she set a milestone in a documentary film with a superb 45-minute short film “Underwater World” and also brought a successful end to her artistic life.
  That’s right, she is the only woman among the 100 most influential artists of the 20th century by Time Magazine in the United States-Lenny Lilaustal. “I am grateful for all the hardships in my life. It pushed me to success like a big hand.” Lenny Lilaustal once said with emotion.