The breakthrough of the head brand: widening the boundary

  Pepsi will promote the “Bringing Music Home” series of themed advertisements during the Spring Festival to extend the drinking scene of Pepsi to family gatherings; Wanglaoji aims at the brand positioning of “fear of getting angry, drink Wanglaoji” and expand its products to stay up late, work overtime, In the daily scenes of young people such as watching football and eating hot pot; RIO cocktails and Zhou Dongyu filmed “Return yourself to yourself” themed advertisement, which expands RIO from the moment of gathering to the solitary scene…
  When a category matures, it often requires a top brand Get rid of the stock limit and create new incremental opportunities, such as increasing SKUs, innovative products, innovative scenarios, etc., all for the purpose of broadening the boundaries.
  Starting from this, today we are discussing a more subdivided and clearer category-disinfection and cleaning category.
Break through the boundaries of crowds and scenes

  The two sides of things determine that under any circumstances, we cannot be blindly optimistic or negatively pessimistic. The impact of the epidemic on the business society is obvious, but the disinfection and cleaning products have ushered in explosive growth.
  The impact of the epidemic on the business society is a kind of shuffling and screening. The proven and tested business model will inevitably usher in a major outbreak after a short period of labor, but the explosive growth of brands has to face a very real problem: how to change further.

  Dettol occupies 60% of the market in this category and is the absolute leader. The growth of the category is actually the growth of Dettol. It can be said that the expansion of Dettol itself is the expansion of the boundaries of the entire disinfection and cleaning market. This is the leading brand. Some kind of “honor” is also pressure. There are only two ways brands commonly use to widen their boundaries: crowds and scenes. Crowd breakthroughs include age boundaries, gender boundaries, and spending power boundaries;
  scene breakthroughs include life scenes, work scenes, leisure and entertainment scenes, and sports and fitness scenes.
  The same goes for Dettol’s market penetration and border expansion. Among the main crowd, mothers are still mothers, but they are “young mothers”; clean or clean, but clean after “sports scenes”. The cross-border cooperation between Dettol and Keep perfectly reflects these demands. I personally think that this is the most “comfortable” cross-border in 2020.
  ”One step for washing clothes” is an important brand message conveyed by Dettol’s anti-bacterial liquid. It separates “clothing disinfection” instead of treating it as a subsidiary act of laundry, and puts “disinfection” and “washing” equally important This position is highly consistent with the awakening “view of health” and “sense of ritual” of young mothers. The segmentation of the sports scene is not only a broadening of the scene, but also a concrete display of “disinfection and cleaning” in front of young mothers.
  Dettol and Keep represent different modes of “health awareness”, and “for health-Keep exercise-sweating to breed bacteria-Dettol sterilization-for health” form a complete cognitive closed loop.
  Through precise targeting of high-frequency scenes of highly transformed people, Dettol has established the associated memory of Dettol’s clothing sterilization liquid and “sports + health”, and has increased the penetration rate of the mother group through the influence circle, and has also achieved efficient conversion. For example, compared with Dettol’s previous advertisements, the online advertising of Dettol and Keep has increased the reach conversion rate by 5 times.
Dettol’s marketing strategy

  Dettol’s marketing is an attempt for a new generation of young people and new scenes, and it is a successful boundary breakthrough.

  1. The cross-border contact-type lead spheres of
  any type hands are spread, which determines the force point of brand communication, brand communication also determines the potential energy.
  Just as Dongpeng Special Drink anchored the long-distance driving crowd in the early stage, and then covered a wider area of ​​anti-fatigue crowd. It can be seen that the initial crowd selection greatly affects the subsequent brand’s communication potential.
  The initial population targeted by Dettol Antibacterial Liquid is the “sports and fitness” exquisite mother circle. Through social platforms, offline subway creativity and efficient access in the keep station, it will gradually influence the mass of mothers and support mothers in the product force. After the use experience, the brand favorability and preference are formed.
  2. Creative video associated with sports scenes
  when creating a brand, we need a “big idea”, for example, by binding a consumer scene, branded the minds of consumers.
  In the social creativity of Dettol’s antibacterial liquid, it is through creative videos with strong sense of movement and great impact, in the three sports scenes of running, yoga, and spinning, the relationship between “sweat” and “bacteria” is strongly bound. , To convey the educational information of one more step of sterilization after exercise, so that consumers can form awareness of sterilization of clothing

  3. Under Line interactive enhance the sense of participation
  in addition to online content experience, the establishment of “Dettol X Keep” sports hall under the theme of creativity Dettol also online, by placing the heat-sensitive screen in subway tunnels, to encourage consumers to understand the interaction of sweat after exercise It will breed bacteria and convey the core message that one more step is needed for sterilization after exercise.
  These related cognitions and interactive experiences will strengthen the Dettol brand’s anti-bacterial appeal, that is, the deeper the audience and the active participation of a brand, the better they can understand the concepts and appeals of the brand. Just like the sense of participation in Lego’s advertisements, the audience can actively understand the brand appeals of different product lines in the process of assembling building blocks. Dettol clothing sterilization liquid will also reach a certain consensus in the sports circle.
  4. Length occupying the station cognitive scene
  as described above, after establishing closely associated with the motion of the scene, dew droplets have a big idea, and in the subsequent propagation, dew drops need to be repeated, and again and again maintained live This strong connection, and Keep’s sports circle attribute, is a natural topic field.
  With the attributes of “professional + health”, Dettol regards the brand H5 in the station as the main communication position. Whether it is exclusive topics, hard and wide resources or head KOL drainage, it is a repeated and cross-type delivery of “one step more sterilization after exercise” The memory of the scene, maintaining the position occupied by the Dettol clothing sterilization liquid for the subdivided sports scenes.
  In the dissemination, in order to match the scene and better show the benefits, Dettol also did a lot of basic communication.
  I said before that the cross-border cooperation between Dettol and Keep is the most comfortable one I think. The comfort here is not the fit of the platform, but all the actions appear natural. The idea of ​​omitting creativity here is not to think that Dettol’s marketing is not creative, because I think the best communication is not that consumers recognize creativity, but that creativity invisibly allows consumers to recognize the brand and recognize the message that the brand conveys. All Marketing behavior, consumer interaction, and experience are all just right.
  At the end of the year, growth is the most discussed topic. Broadening the boundary is the best way to grow. We must admit that the combination of Dettol and Keep is an important part of the success of this boundary expansion. However, the brand of Dettol itself is in this field. Long-term hard work is also the basis for consumer recognition and acceptance. It is not so much the success of marketing activities as it is the good compound interest of brand building.