Spam web ad: too low!

  Looking at Qzone, online advertisements dominate. There are no fewer than 20 software applications that publish such advertisements. The more common ones are Qi Mao Free Novels, Dejian Free Novels, Tomato Novels, Lian Shang Free Books, Rice Reading Novels, Crazy Reading Novels, etc. Although there are different software applications, they have all the same forms of expression—the text part is composed of the dialogues of the characters in the text and a simple introduction to the content of the web content, together with the characters and background pictures. It is called by netizens because of its bloody storyline. Advertising for sand sculptures.
The advertising plot is bizarre and poorly produced

  ”The sister-in-law said she was unmarried, and the boss said angrily. Let the national advertising screen broadcast our marriage certificate 24 hours a day.
  ” “The pet concubine pretended to have a miscarriage, and the emperor angered his wife and killed her alive. The autopsy found that she was pregnant. Twins, he is crazy”;
  ”God of War returned home and found his five-year-old daughter living in a grass nest. With an order, China’s 100,000 retired soldiers rushed.”;

  These advertisements are full of plot slots, do not base on the basic common sense of society, do not show any cultural connotations, and do not convey the correct values. There are many routines. Relying on unbounded imagination, reversing the gods anytime and anywhere to create a mad and cool image against the sky, such a level of online literature is hard to say.
  The picture is even shoddy, simply sticking the character picture on the background picture, regardless of whether the character is compatible with the background. Some pictures even cause discomfort to people. I have seen a picture with a little girl on the left and a snake staring straight at you on the right. The fear made me throw away the phone directly. So far the shadows are still lingering.
  In addition, stealing pictures, copywriting and plagiarism are also widespread. Some apps directly use the character material in the game, take screenshots of videos that are not related to the subject, and match the same copywriting that the counterpart app is using at the same time. The advertising content posted by all apps is similar, and some of the content has become “public material.”
Interesting advertising creativity is the last word

  Advertising creative master David Ogilvy once pointed out that any advertisement should be a long-term investment in brand image. Choosing this low-quality display of works will only make your brand appear low-end. Now that the online novel market has become fiercely competitive, how can it stand out? Naturally, high-quality advertising content and creative advertising formats are indispensable.
  The author once downloaded the Tomato Novel app and read an article published on QQ Zone. In addition to the plot falling into vulgarity, the writing style is blunt and the character’s image is changeable. Is there no good work? The author began to search continuously, and finally after spending 3 hours, I found a work with delicate writing, sincere feelings and reasonably clear logical structure. Why are the more outstanding works not selected as advertising content, so I must choose no brain text?

  In the past two years, with the rise of short video formats, online advertising has become more and more video-oriented. The use of amateurs to interpret the contradictory fragments, the crappy acting skills and the consistent brainless plot is really embarrassing. The ad for “Clued Mouth God of War” is out of the circle, but this does not mean that the ad is successful. Although this kind of aestheticless advertisements can be shared and spread in a short period of time, allowing the brand to be exposed, it has exhausted the intrinsic value of the brand.
  William Bernbach, the standard bearer of advertising creativity, has always believed that the most important thing in advertising is to have originality and novelty, and have its own personality and style. Why not tell the story behind the application to convey your unique value concept, or express the core of the product through creative videos? Behind many online advertisements are large companies, such as Byte, Tencent, Baidu, and Palmyue. They have enough strength to create a good advertisement, but choosing this type is really disappointing.
Ads should spread high-quality content

  Advertising does not simply convey product information, but also convey values ​​and life concepts. Like the pathological views of love, naive money, and refined self-interest conveyed by the QQ space online advertisements, they all deviate from the social values ​​that the advertisements express. This kind of dog-blooded web articles are actually misleading young people and have a negative impact on the basic cognition and values ​​of young people. As the main social media used by teenagers, QQ must assume social responsibility, strictly review the content of advertisements, and reduce the release of bad advertisements. Unfortunately, the so-called youth model still cannot stop the penetration of online advertisements.
  Creative advertising forms will attract people to click on this ad, and good advertising content will make people pay for this ad. High-quality content and interesting presentations are what people love, and they are what advertisers should strive to achieve. Therefore, the vulgar web advertisements of Qzone should not be created or spread.