The stars shine: the inspirer who changed the world outlook in the 20th century

  Being creative is not easy, but truly great artists and writers always have extraordinary creativity. Their works are not only original in content, but also can resonate strongly with people-they empathize with how they see or experience the world.
  It is precisely because of their works that we can understand the true meaning of life that would otherwise require personal experience.
  There were such four artists and writers in the 20th century. They were full of vision and creativity, and their extraordinary works inspired audiences all over the world to think about society from a new perspective. To this day, these works are still enlightening, thought-provoking, and arousing numerous resonances.
  Lily Cole, the initiator of the “Artists and Writers” column, said: “Excellent artists break through cultural boundaries, reflect the spirit of the times, and point out a new direction for society. Their works allow us to touch the historical emotions and cultural pulses, and let us Close contact with the past and ourselves in a profound way. ”
  Who is the greatest person in your mind?
Alfred Hitchcock

  Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) was born in London, England. He was an avant-garde film director. He made the world fall in love with watching movies… and was afraid of taking a bath!

  ”The only way to get rid of fear is to put them into a movie.”
  First, the invention is a new visual language
  Hitchcock put the camera as a movie character’s eyes, allowing viewers to spy Perspective, insight into human nature in the most intimate, dark side. In order to create this “Hitchcock” style, he adopted new film techniques and invited famous composers, thinkers and artists at the time to jointly realize his aesthetic ideals. The surrealist master Salvador Dali designed a dream scene for his movie “Doctor Edward”. Hitchcock made a trendy movie that everyone wants to watch.
  Hitchcock once said: “Silent film is the purest form of film. It just doesn’t have character dialogue and various sound effects. But this small lack does not mean that sound can bring earth-shaking changes to movies. Many of them are now Movies, I think they can only be called’pictures of people talking’, and have nothing to do with film art.
  ”We tell stories in movies, and only resort to dialogue when there is no other way. For me, when screenwriters encounter difficulties, the most taboo thing is to say:’We can use dialogue to show. ‘The dialogue between the characters is only one of the sounds, and the promotion of the story depends on visual factors. ”
  Second, to capture the spirit of the times
  Hitchcock’s movie credits mostly adapted from the best novels of the 20th century, including Daphne du Maurier’s” Rebecca stranger on the train “and Patricia Highsmith’s” People. Hitchcock’s films focused more on the hot topics of the time. For example, “Doctor Edward” explored psychoanalysis, and “Rear Window” showed the creepy urban claustrophobia.
  III. Horror movies
  The shower scene in the master’s “Scary” is one of the most memorable fragments in the history of film-presumably anyone who has watched this movie can’t take a good bath again, this scene also directly inspired later The film’s horror film director. The film was released in 1960. The plot design is exquisite, quiet and peaceful, and there are often huge horrors hidden behind it. Later, a large number of horror movies also borrowed this technique. The commercial success of “Scary” proves The audience is willing to pay for the night of fright.
Pablo Picasso

  Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was born in Malaga, Spain, and is a pioneering modernist artist with ever-changing styles. This cross-genre art genius has a perspective on the world completely different from ordinary people.
  ”People will see the truth, to ask is ‘why’, I see the possibility of things, ask is ‘why not’.”
  First, reject the shackles of
  the work style of Picasso’s Variety, covering a variety of genres, There are dazzling art forms, showing free and uninhibited artistic ideas. From drawings to oil paintings, from sculptures to poetry, Picasso never set limits on his creations. More importantly, he continues to develop and transform his own style, drawing inspiration from the places where he lived in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and Paris, and drawing nourishment from the writers and artists he met. Picasso’s powerful creativity and his unconstrained imagination complement each other. This unique way of perceiving the world is reflected in all of his works.
  Second, the real innovation of expression
  Picasso painting abandoned the rule of their predecessors, his work is very abstract. Around 1907, Picasso and several artists jointly established a new painting genre-Cubism in Paris. Cubist artists perceive society in many combinations of fragments. Cubism has set off a similar movement in the fields of architecture and literature. The new visual language created by Picasso conformed to the artistic aesthetic of the 20th century and promoted the rise of the modern art movement.
  Third, the face of the world do not back down
  even though some artists known as the “out of society” hat, but Picasso has always had a strong political consciousness. In the 1930s, Picasso’s native Spain was suffering from the division of the civil war. He created Guernica to express his complaint against the bombing of civilians. “Guernica” conveyed a clear anti-war message and presented this cruel conflict to the world, which still resonates today.
  Picasso published this passage in the “Français”: “What do you think an artist is, an incompetent boy? The painter has only one pair of eyes, and the musician has only one pair of ears? The poet has only one heart instrument and the boxer has only one body. Muscles? On the contrary, artists also care about politics, the joys and sorrows of the world, and respond in various ways… Painting is not to decorate the house, it is a weapon to resist and fight the enemy.”
Andy Warhol

  Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was born in Pittsburgh, USA, and is a pop artist.
  ”Art is a dream village to escape the status quo.”
  ”From soup cans to rock band, Andy Warhol redefined modern art.”
  ”Art is everywhere.”
  First, break the boundaries of elegance and popular
  Warhol Drawing inspiration from soup cans, rock bands, and abstract movies have influenced high art and pop culture. His popularity has never diminished. The sales of his works account for one-sixth of the total sales of contemporary art. The magazine “Interview” he founded is still in circulation today. In addition, the Velvet Underground Rock Band launched by Warhol is also one of the most influential rock bands in history.

  Warhol once said: “The reason America is great is because she created a tradition-the richest people buy the same things as the poorest people. You can drink Coca-Cola while watching TV. Knowing that the president drinks too, Elizabeth Taylor drinks too, and you can drink it if you want.
  ”Cola is Coke, no matter how much money, the Coke you buy will not be better than the street corner homeless. All coke is the same, all coke is delicious. ”
  Second, the redefinition of the artist
  Warhol art far more than in the studio creation tradition of” work. “For Warhol, his life, his every move and evaluation of the community, is the same as prints and movie Important art. Contemporary artists Jeff Koons and Damian Hirst are also loyal followers of Warhol. On the issue of how to define and appreciate art, Warhol’s revolutionary concept breaks the “work” and the boundaries between creators.
  Third, the price of fame
  Warhol art has attracted about their academics and collectors’ interest, but Warhol also paid a price for his self-exposure. in 1968, radical feminist The activist Valerie Solanas shot him and almost killed him because the prints he created criticizing President Nixon caused excessive attention from the tax authorities. But Warhol has suffered from recording life. For obsessive-compulsive disorder, he will record everything he does. In the era when no one knew about the “status update” decades ago, Warhol had foreseen the selfie society driven by social media.
Virginia Woolf

  Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) was born in London, England, and was a writer who innovated the rules of creation on his own.
  She explored her heart and shaped the way of writing the stream of consciousness in modern novels.
  ”In most of the history of the time, Anonymous are women.”
  First, the modern way of writing rapidly modernizing world
  Bloomsbury Group of intellectuals at the time of the British influential, with new members Ways to discuss social economy, feminism, pacifism and other related issues. Woolf is one of them. Her works interpret the rapidly changing world, are extremely innovative, follow new rules, and adopt new narrative methods and perspectives endowed by modern society. Her works reflect controversial and individual themes, including mental illness and sex. For example, the protagonist in “Orlando” has changed from a male to a female over a period of nearly 400 years. It is the first English transgender novel.
  Second, suffered mental torture, tough creation
  from the age of 13, Woolf will be well received and suffering severe depression manic excitement.
  Woolf stated in her autobiography that she and her sister were abused by two half-brothers. Despite being devastated by the demons, Woolf has created outstanding literary works. In 1941, Woolf filled his pocket with rocks and threw himself into the river.
  Woolf once said: “Words don’t live in the dictionary, they live in the mind.
  ” Of course, you can sort them in alphabetical order, and there are half a million words at our disposal. But words do not exist in the dictionary, they live in the mind. If you want to prove this, think about it when we need words to express emotions the most. Can we find the right words in the dictionary? ”
  Three, support fellow creators
  Woolf co-founded Hogarth Press in his Richmond residence, which was undoubtedly a feat for women of that era. Woolf is a well-known writer himself, and he also helped Thomas Eliot, Edward Foster, and Gertrude Stein to gain recognition for their creations. Woolf is a staunch supporter of women’s rights and believes that it is important to record the marginalized and neglected-“the ordinary mind in an ordinary day”. The stream of consciousness style created by her shows the inner world of the characters in an unprecedented way, opening a new creative path for other writers.
  Four legendary artists and writers, four types of extraordinary achievements, who is the greatest person in your mind?