A good old man

  Emily noticed some movement on her right side. At that time, the child sitting on the high chair in the dining room was grinning at her. She glanced to the right and saw a man waving at the little boy half-jokingly. But then the man realized that his actions looked like an overly loving grandfather, so he said to Emily across the table, “Do you miss your grandchildren like me?”
  Emily nodded. Nodding, her face twitched slightly: “Leaving them is really killing me.”
  She looked at the old man and determined that he was older than her sixty-five-almost ten years old.
  ”We are all retired to Florida,” the man began to talk about his generation with Emily. “Longing for a better life, but forgot to bring our grandchildren with us. Where are your grandchildren? ”
  Minneapolis. Every time I see a little doll like this, I imagine myself there.”
  Emily was referring to the kid in the restaurant. They both stared at the back of the child’s head, while his young mother was feeding him scrambled eggs from her dinner plate.
  ”Would you rather tolerate the heavy snow and cold there?” the man asked.
  She nodded.
  The man confessed: “I do, too.”
  Where are your children?” “They are in New York. They lived with me, but my son got a job in New York.”
  ”I bet they must miss you very much. . ” ”
  that I’m not sure, “the man said with some bitterness,” but I’d very much like them that you have many children to you.? ” ”
  a son and a granddaughter and two grandsons – Knight, Aston With Jennifer.”
  ”I also have a granddaughter named Jennifer.”
  Emily smiled. “Yes, everyone has Jennifer.” The
  man laughed, and was really amused by her wit, and then said, “There are Russell and Jason in my house.”
  Emily smiled slightly and said softly: “That’s pretty good.” Then he bent her head and started eating breakfast.
  She took a seat first the next day, pretending not to care that the greeter was leading him to the double seat where he was sitting yesterday. She didn’t expect him to remember her. In fact, he didn’t seem to notice her there at all. He was busy chatting with the greeter first, then chatting with the waiter, reading the menu, and reading the newspaper.
  When they spoke again, it was because they saw the twins passing by in the stroller.
  ”What a double-decker car.” The man said with a smile, and the two little girls in the stroller followed.
  Emily thought it was funny, and smiled and waved to the children.
  She observed that other old people burst into laughter at this lovely sight, and felt a little sad in her heart. They, no, it was us, she corrected herself-if she saw a child, or any one’s grandchildren, they would gather together like lonely seagulls. Florida-the best state for retirees-seems to be far from home.
  The man in the double seat next to him was still looking at the twins blankly, looking a little lost and sad. And when he noticed her gaze, light appeared on his face again.
  ”Good morning!”
  ”Good morning,” she replied, her tone more calm by comparison.
  An awkward silence followed. Finally he picked up the newspaper and ended this embarrassment. But after a while, she heard him calling her, so she raised her head and found that he had put down the newspaper again.
  ”How old are your three grandchildren?” he asked her.
  ”Do you remember this? One of them is nine, one is seven, and one is two.”
  ” There are always people busy,” he said, frowning.
  ”My daughter-in-law, she takes care of the children at home.”
  ”Fortunately.” He looked serious for a while. “Who knows. I don’t know what arrangement is best. I think my wife has been working at the beginning, and my son has grown up smoothly. But now my daughter-in-law is very worried about being away from home for too long.”
  ”It’s hard to say what to do. Correct.”
  ”Exactly,” he picked up the newspaper and then put it down, “I come here for breakfast every morning.”
  ”It’s good and cheap.”
  ”It is.”
  They seemed very satisfied with the consensus reached. Looking at each other with a smile, he lowered his head and continued to eat the breakfast in front of him.
  ”Do you mind if I sit next to you.” He asked her in the morning of the third day.
  ”It’s okay. Have you eaten it already?”
  ”There is still a lot of coffee left to drink,” he moved to the red plastic bench opposite her, “I don’t want them to throw away any sip of coffee.”
  ”Well, Otherwise it would be a waste.”
  They both laughed.
  Emily had already noticed that he was about five feet nine inches tall, thin, and had a narrow face. He wears glasses and the gray hair between the ears above the collar is about six inches long. He is not handsome today, maybe he has never been handsome, but he is a pleasant and decent man. She thought he was like a retired university teacher or the CEO of a small company. He was wearing brown slacks, a white shirt and a yellow and black golf jacket. When he changed seats, she noticed that he was wearing a pair of clean white sneakers and white socks on his feet.
  ”My name is Bob Hearn.”
  ”My name is Emily Steele, and it’s nice to meet you.”
  ”Now we are old friends.”
  She smiled in agreement.
  In the following communication, she ate a light breakfast and learned that he was a widower. His wife Ruby died three years ago.
  ”My husband died five years ago.” She told him.
  ”Is that your wedding ring?”
  She looked at where his gaze fell: the gold ring and the big glittering gem on it.
  ”Yes.” She replied simply.
  ”What an eye-catching ring, your husband must be a successful man,” Bob smiled, “or you are.”
  Emily leaned forward and said in a low voice, “This ring is not real. . ” ” but
  how? “he looked surprised, and a little disappointed, as any reaction after a general who heard the remark,” but it looks any I’ve ever seen a diamond as real! ‘
  ” This is what Ted thought after we bought it back on our 30th anniversary.” She said, and then smiled affectionately and regretfully.