Chasing dreams

  I am not surprised to see anyone who can’t swim. A swimming school is a place where people never come to the meeting. For some people who do not know how to swim, not to mention the inability to float their body on the water, even to expose their face to the water.
  I think even these people can learn to swim in no time if they can persevere. Participating in the Olympics is of course impractical, but at least they will eventually find fun in swimming.
  However, even though it has been a long time, something shocked me. I took the junior class during the daytime on weekdays, regardless of gender, but most of the trainees were housewives. No male had ever joined this class before.
  But he is the only man: he is estimated to be forty-five years old, he is about 1.65 meters tall and weighs about 70 kilograms. There is not much hair on the top of his head, but he has black body hair on his hands, feet and abdomen. I don’t know his occupation and his wife’s condition, but I can be sure that he really can’t swim.
  ”Okay, Mr. Naruto, relax a little bit more.” I said to him. To be honest, he couldn’t even do simple movements like stretching his arms forward and kicking his feet alternately. He always loses his balance due to excessive force, unable to swim straight forward, and his feet are constantly hitting the water, splashing on the people around him. Everyone looked bored.
  ”Don’t try hard! Relax! Relax!” He swam forward desperately, and I shouted in his ear. He didn’t know if it was breathing difficulties or something, he raised his head suddenly, like a big octopus suddenly appeared in the water, scared me enough. His body immediately lost his balance and sank slowly. I hurriedly grabbed his arm. Although the swimming pool is only as deep as an adult’s chest, accidents can occur in shallow and deep water areas.
  ”Mr. Naruto, how many times I have said that, bend his body when his feet are on the ground, and then slowly raise his head.” I stared at him panting, wearing a bright red swimming cap and waterproof glasses, “otherwise, It’s dangerous.”
  ”Yes… I’m sorry, I just tried to stand up, and the soles of my feet slipped a bit…”
  ”Is it? This is dangerous. You have to stand firm and then raise your head, understand?”
  ”Ming…understand.” He nodded in frustration, and went to the pool again to practice kicking with his feet alternately. I looked upset at the splashing water.
  ”Boom, boom…” Someone was tapping on my door, “Miko, don’t you eat dinner?”
  ”I don’t want to eat… I’m sorry, you two eat it!” I lay on the bed, Said to the mother in the hallway.
  After a moment of silence, I heard the sound of my mother walking down the steps in her slippers. This type of dialogue has been going on for more than a year. Although I say that I don’t want to eat every day, my mother must come and call me at dinner time. My mother likes cooking, and dinner is very hearty. If I eat this way, I will lose weight. But this is not entirely the reason. I felt miserable for dinner with my parents, so I would simply eat sandwiches and soba noodles on the way from get off work before going home. But when it was late at night, I was so hungry, I couldn’t help eating French fries and chocolate. I smiled bitterly, I won’t lose weight if I keep it this way.
  Compared with the past, my weight has increased by about five kilograms. This is because the amount of diet has not changed, but the amount of exercise has been greatly reduced. I was a swimmer three years ago. From elementary school, I went to the swimming club regularly. However, it was not my initiative to go, but my parents who were former swimmers sent me there.
  I have never felt that swimming is a happy thing. When I was in elementary school, I was asked to swim 2,000 to 3,000 meters a day. I was so tired that I vomited, but I had to continue swimming. When I was in the first grade of middle school, I won the championship in the city competition, but I only participated in one interscholastic competition in high school. These are the awards I won. In other words, I never surpassed myself in the first grade of middle school. My parents seemed to want to train me to be an Olympic athlete, but I failed to satisfy their wish. But I can confidently say that I was fully committed and tried my best. At that time, in order to get praise from my parents, I only thought about improving my performance by one second.
  However, I gave up swimming when I was nineteen, because I have never been able to refresh since I swam my best performance when I was seventeen.
  Instead of blaming me, my father looked at me kindly and said: “You have been working hard for you.” While my mother looked at me and said, “I can take a good rest.” I did nothing for a year. Lying in the room, watching TV and eating snacks, the rest of the time is sleepy.
  When I was an athlete, I couldn’t hang out with my friends at will. I once thought that if one day I don’t swim, I would just watch a movie with my friends or go out on a date with my boyfriend. But now he is really a free man, but he doesn’t want to meet people at all. Maybe he is ashamed of his frustration.
  Despite this, I stayed idle for a year and really didn’t want to go outside.
  I am already twenty years old, and I cannot always rely on my parents to raise me in the future. The atmosphere of disharmony between my parents and me made me feel a little suffocated.
  I had the idea of ​​looking for a job, and I bought a recruitment magazine, but after reading it after thinking about it, there was almost nothing suitable for me.
  If I have anything better than others, it’s only swimming.
  ”When freestyle swimming, you should put your ears on your shoulders like this, tilt your face up, and then quickly inhale.” The young and middle-aged ladies in the junior class stand side by side in the water, raising their arms to practice breathing, standing next to Naruto The husband is also waving his arms. “Swim again, and, Mr. Naruto, fasten this.” I handed him the auxiliary lifebuoy, “Attach it to the back, yes, yes, tie a belt on the abdomen, it will be easier to swim ”
  I’m sorry, I’m the only one,” he said shyly. He did not reach the qualified level for breathing. The people who studied with him had already swim well, and I couldn’t just take care of this uncle.
  ”Okay, then start from the beginning.” I stood in the middle of the pool and everyone swam towards me in order. Seeing their diligently practicing posture, I was deeply moved in my heart, and at the same time I was a little confused. Why are they so serious?
  I have been a swimming coach for two years. I work four days a week and only teach junior classes. Of course, the salary I received was still not enough to support myself, so I took a job in a restaurant run by my relatives, so that the income was not bad.
  Since I don’t have the qualifications to train children and pregnant women, I can’t teach children’s classes and maternity classes, and I don’t have the experience of the recently popular soundtrack water sports, so I can’t teach them either. There is an older female coach in our club. I don’t know when she has obtained the qualification of a first-level instructor. She has also studied and mastered the soundtrack water sports in other swimming schools. She is already able to take the class. When we were in the locker room together before, she said that she was still studying hard to obtain the qualification of boiler engineer. Once the qualification was obtained, it would be easier to find related work in the indoor heated swimming pool.
  The housewives who could barely swim 25 meters, swam hard in front of me. And Mr. Naruto who was swimming at the end stood up midway. He was choked by the water, and seemed to drink a lot of water when his breath failed.
  For me, who walked into a swimming club as a child, I look down on men who can’t swim and have poor motor skills. I don’t think this is right, but this is just a personal like and dislike.