“Spider” Requiem

  Her heart is lonelier than Sergeant Pepper and the whole damn band (“Sergeant Pepper Lonely Heart Club Band” is an album by the British rock band Beatles, released in the 1960s.-Annotation), Sitting across from the bar, I saw it all. “Sit across from the bar” does not mean that I and her are separated by thousands of miles. The distance between us is only about twenty feet. At this point, people are almost scattered, it can be said that you can see her as soon as you look up. The look on her face seems to tell people that she is a girl waiting for the bar to close (referring to those who are not beautiful and uncalled. Usually when the bar is about to close, it is possible for men who are intoxicated by alcohol to choose that woman. .——Annotation). Don’t get me wrong, she is not a call girl. She can’t even be called a girl. She must be at least thirty years old, and the term “girl” no longer fits her long ago. What I want to say is that she must have gotten more men than she deserves, and this is only because she knows the truth, that is, the despair of men is her assist. She is like a pair of shoes displayed on a discount shelf. The reason you bought these shoes is because you need a pair of shoes, you only have so little money on hand, and the store is about to close. The bartender shouted “the last time I added wine.” This is her courtship song. She is a girl waiting for the bar to close.
  I saw her prey approaching her, approaching her, buying her wine; I watched them leave together, he staggered, she supported him. I imagined the tingling sensation when she saw his strange eyes the next morning, when he was no longer anesthetized by alcohol, no longer full of despair, and no longer needed the last pair of shoes, when she was lonely The heart will be saddened by hopes once again shattered. Of course, despite her glamour, she is not the reason why I came to the bar.
  I came here because I was so bored. It’s that simple. I’m a liquor seller, but I can’t stand it for an extra minute. I want to sell wine to upstarts, but these bastards don’t even know the quality of wine as much as I know about the role of subatomic particles in the structure of the universe. These people think that they know the meaning of price, but this means that they know little about quality or value. Well, damn it, if your president has been an actor before-or the kind of poor acting-if the high-end financial sector starts to rely on junk bonds and hostile bids, then value or quality will not seem so important, no ? I came here because I have a temporary job, although I vowed that I would never take on this kind of work again after I got my detective license. I came here to cover the “spider”. This spider failed to evolve a suitable rear-view eye, so I had to find someone else to do this.
  ”Spider” and mine are neighbors, and they both live on the corner of the street. As far as I can remember, we are friends. His name is Dick Thomas, nicknamed “Spider”. He got this nickname because he was a slender guy when he was a kid, he looked like he had only arms and legs, and he seemed to have his own ideas on all fours. He wears a pair of spectacles, the lenses are very thick, his clothes are messy, like an untreated bed. For various reasons, he has been staying in the old town. Here is a settlement of Jews and Italians; here, Jews will recite the “Our Lady”, Catholic children will eat bagels and smoked salmon, but if you are a white Protestant, Anglo-Saxon ancestors, then People here will treat you as a monster. We have no idea what the Protestants did, or what it meant. Another thing about “Spider” is that he always has a book in his hand. always. Once, he told me that he had seen the world, saying that it was something we people could not imagine. He told me this, I guess because he thought I was smart enough to understand him, or because I was the only kid living nearby who was willing to stand in line with him.
  If Lincoln City’s senior students were allowed to vote to select the person among us who was least likely to have a relationship with the gang, then “Spider” Thomas would surely win an overwhelming victory. Having said that, just listen to these nonsense. “Spider” is by no means innocent. He studied accounting at Baruch College and quickly set out to build his empire after graduation. He runs underground casinos throughout the five major districts of New York City, several in Yonkers (a city in Westchester County, New York), and one or two in Long Island. He made sure to try not to step on anyone’s toes; he was happy and even eager to hand over up to 50% of his profits, either to the gangster family that controlled the area where his casino was located, or to run rampant on the rest. The various gangs on the site. These people’s Coke is broken, and they don’t have to take any risks to get such a windfall. Because of the generosity of “Spider”, these gangsters (actually his partners) supported him and kept the casino safe from robbery and police raids.
  ”Moy,” he said to me once, “you have been fighting wits and gangsters throughout your childhood so that you don’t get beaten so badly. The more you discover what you have to do to survive. But in me After being blocked by a gangster for the first time to collect protection fees and handing in all my lunch money, I began to hide half of my lunch money in my socks. This way both parties would be satisfied. I will never forget that lesson.”
  ”Spiders” are happy to use part of the casino profits to invest in various legal industries. Today, “Spider” Thomas is a shareholder of two offshore banks and several car dealers, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, and laundromats, with a small share of the equity; although to cover up their actual earnings, these companies’ The structure is arranged in layers. Laundromat, I like the irony between the lines. “Spider” turned these legal and compliant companies into a large money laundering group. This is the purpose of this meeting. The Russian gang is known for manipulating money laundering activities, but recently there have been a group of people from Brighton Beach (located in Brooklyn, New York, also known as “Little Odessa” because of its close connection with Russian and Eastern European communities.-Annotation) Of young rising stars came to grab business and wanted to take a big pie from the money laundering market of Russian gangs. These young people are not the generation who struggled to survive in Soviet prisons, and they have no particular interest in American prisons. They just want to spread the risk everywhere. And this is often the first step to the success of “Spider”, he is well versed in the ratio of risk to return.
  ”Have you played golf, Moy?” “Spider” asked me a few years ago.
  ”I haven’t played much. What’s the matter?”
  ”This is my favorite sport.”
  ”Spider” is the least athletic person I know. I can hardly imagine him swinging Holz’s pole (Tate Liss introduced the first titanium number one driver in the mid-1990s. The number one is used to hit the first shot and usually can hit 200-250 yards. Some professionals can hit 300 yards. Above.-Annotation) The ball is played 50 yards away. “You play golf?” I asked, trying not to sound like I was suspicious of him.
  He laughed. “I don’t play, but I like golf. Every decision of a golfer is the result of evaluating risks and benefits.”