A salto mortale

The king’s most confidential man was Jasinszky, of Polish descent, commander of the bodyguard team. This carried him the news from among the officers. One day the king gave the Prince AZ a mandate to keep it away from the capital for twenty-four hours. On the evening of that day, he gave this instruction to Yasinsky:

“Your grace is now planting itself here in the window of my courtyard room, and until midnight and then again, observing the word trumpet alarm, observing those two opposite windows.” (The king knew well which of Trenk’s windows and which of the butler’s). I will then faithfully refer you to what you will animate.

Jasinszky remained in ambush.

His boredom didn’t last long. As he waited for the waiter on the eleven and the guards: «He died! Wer da? – Patrol vorbei! » his cry was heard: the window on the princess’s suite opened. A white figure appeared for a moment; but he immediately pulled back.

A window opened on the opposite window and a male figure was visible there.-15-

However, this stepped out onto the ledge and tossed something toward the linden tree. In the dim light of the courtyard lamp, it was impossible to figure out what? From the next moment, however, it could be combined that a rope, by the end of which a heavy sphere is probably reinforced, is what makes the «lasso» wrap around the branch of the tree. Stretching both arms high, the male figure leaned forward, kicked himself off the wall, and then flew ivy through a bold sway. There he disappeared among the dense foliage.

He appeared on the other side of the tree with a short wait. There he tied the cord to the tree branch and folded its spherical end through the open window opposite. It was pulled tight inside.

Then, hanging from his hands, he clung all the way from the tree branch to the window. The window closed afterwards.

Jasinszky, believing in his instructions, remained on the spy. He enviably counted the clock quarters that the castle clock rang. He had already hit midnight. This is the hour of ghosts and lovers.

Then the word trumpet calling to the gun sounded.

Two minutes later, the window was open.

The male figures tossed themselves from the windowsill onto the linden tree with the same bold ivy flight and emerged from the foliage on the other side. Here, however, he could no longer repeat the flight with the rope, because then the rope wound to the branch would have remained there and would be his traitor. So what are you doing? He stood in the middle of the branch and, swaying himself a few times, used the bent linden branch as a spring and jumped into his window with a reckless escape. If the branch used for trempoline breaks down underneath, it kills itself.

Downstairs, they were already walking in the courtyard of the stables with the lanterns, but because of the light, they couldn’t notice what was happening above their heads.

When Jasinszky recounted this experience to the king, his majesty exclaimed in horror, “I must lock this producer in the tower of fools!”

He was in love with others! But that every day a-16- risk a neck fracture for your love: that’s more than the permissible lightness.

The king assumed to himself that he would cure the protégé of this mourning.

Although he ordered Yasinsky to maintain strict secrecy; but he might have assumed that his other officer had already noticed these night gymnastic exercises for Frederick Cornet. And then the enigma will be invented at once.

Although the window belongs to the maid; but that conspicuous waste is not a sign of a loving relationship with the maid.

The king now knew everything clearly.

This idyll must end.

Jasinszky was given a chance to change things around.

Italian rope dancers threw into the capital, admiring the courtyard and the entire audience with their bold power art stunts. Among them was a boy who threw himself off the swinging trapeze at a height of six kills, and who was caught by an acrobatic lady hanging upside down with both hands.

At dinner, the officers also talked about this amazing salto mortal.

– It’s all nothing; said Jasinszky. But I saw a saltimbanque that flew from one window of the royal palace to another through the large lime tree and stood up there in the arms of the opposite lady.

Frigyes Trenk turned pale at the word.

Officers laughed and protested against Jasinszky. A bear of this size should not be tied to gavaller people.

“Parole d ‘honneur, that I saw this production,” said Jasinszky.

For this, Frigyes Trenk got up from the table and poured the contents of his glass behind him.

“I don’t drink at a table with a man who puts his word of honor on an impossible.”

If this rudeness happens to another officer, -17-it will inevitably be a duel, but Jasinszky was commander of Trenk and the lower officers were forbidden to fight their superiors. Frigyes Trenk received a weekly price report in Spandau.

When he returned to Berlin, he sadly found the windows of the Guards’ rooms decorated with iron bars. The salt shale was over. I had to think of something else.

With the opening of spring, the king, along with his officer environment, moved to Charlottenburg; the queen and the princesses remained in Berlin: the opera season was still there.

However, Charlottenburg is not so far from Berlin that a loving guardsman can’t gallop there late in the evening and be there again at the revee early in the morning.

Frigyes Trenk writes in his memoir that in the year of peace he rode two paripas to death. That way, it could have happened easily.

Sometimes it also happened to him that he was not there at exactly the right time. He cut himself out by saying he was hunting. The king acquitted him from punishment. Maga II. Frederick hated the hunt, but overlooked his officers. He thought it would keep them from their passion for playing cards.

And since Trenk normally brought with him the trophies of the hunt, his hunting bag stuffed with bacon (the time was between Oculi and palmarum), so his chase was justified.

The bacon was served on the royal table, and for lunch, Prince A ** Z * was also official, who did not win enough to marvel at the young Guardsman’s hunting fortune, who could gather ten or twelve bacon a night, even though he had six hunters, and they do not carry more than a dozen together. It was not invented by the serenissime that these other twelve were also shot by his hunters.

Nor could the king know the truth. A salon hunter -18-you can’t be haunted by police spies in cockroaching.

Frigyes Trenk in hunting costumes, as a jaguer belonging to the ducal forest system, came and went without any notices in the ducal palace. There was a border pub outside the city, where he took off the livre and picked up the guardian dolman.

The hero of the novel himself writes of these days that he did not sleep more than the same number of hours in eight days during the Charlottenburg military exercises. So is he who scouts for bacon.

However, – that Jägerlatein says about the bacon: «palmárum! troll! » the draw is over and with it all the hunting excuses are eliminated, the period of time for the game begins. Something else needs to be invented for the thief of paradise. Because that forbidden apple tree of all knowledge is such a wonderful tree that its fruit ripens in every season.

Other obstacles have accumulated. The king and his bodyguard team moved to Potsdam. The guards there taught the cavalry regiments the turn of the war. Frigyes Trenk was confident in teaching the Silesian cavalry. Great respect, but great effort.

The certain freak who mediated the fairy encounters was married. The king acquired for him a forester who took him to Lithuania.

And Princess Amalia was moved to the island of Spree. There the duke had a magnificent holiday castle. But the love urf really couldn’t get in there without control.

Yet at the age of nineteen one cannot put one’s heart on ice.

For the king did not even require his bodyguards to practice ascetics alive.

When it was rumored to be brought to the king by Jasinszky’s spies that Trenk urfi after arduous military exercises, instead of giving his body to the deserved rest, quickly -19-he changes into the garment of his apprentice, and the wire, sitting on a horse, gallops on the bank of the Spree; there is a famous inn, one of its even more famous marshes; beautiful as the daughter of the devils: the more the urfi used to seek consolation; so the king said he was doing well. It was already known without homoeopathy that love was usually healed with love.

The beautiful Annamidi, however, had a lover of a fisherman whose hunt was over there on the island of Spree. And that every time he got the guard in his sensitive meeting with his sweetheart; and there was a great quarrel in the closed room, but what usually ended was that Frederick Trenk knocked the jealous rival well and threw him out the door. This, then, holding his broken nose in his hand, roared to his ladik, and cursed, threatening to paddle back to the island. But the next day he was just there again and threw himself out again. But normally even the sun drove back to the inn and then he reconciled nicely with the cavalry he still found there and drank the cup of peace together.

The spies failed one thing to observe, was the young fisherman covering his broken nose with the palm of his hand the same fisherman who broke into the queen’s room? can you stay there? And the one who was pushed out the door was Mr. Frederick Cornet; who then passed over in a fishing boat to the island.

This suspicion did not germinate.

There was so much less worry because the princess’s summer mansion was kept in very good custody. A huge backboard closed it off from the rest of the island, and a military guard stood in front of the gate.

Well still inside. The princess had an old duet, whose mistress, like the shadow, had to be followed everywhere.

Princess Amalia was a passionate falconer. And the island of Spree, which has a reef, was particularly popular for this sport-20-her side was covered with herons and egrets. The duegna always went there with him. Then the princess gave herself to catch a bird, and the lady of the court had to sit there with her in the bush for days, holding her breath back and lurking for the finches that got into the driftnet. Other times they walked along the large lawn in search of four-leaf clover. The princess also found one at a time. As you know, the four-leaf clover brings good luck, but not to the one who found it, but to whom the apt gives it (of course it grows to a man.) The prince did not get much out of the four-leaf clover. And the court lady never found it; he would have been beaten with his fortune, to whom he would give it as a gift.

But above all, the princess showed great passion for bathing. The park of the Ducal Castle stretched all the way to the shore on one side of the island, where the old man was lined with sad willow trees. Above the river was built a plank pavilion, inside of which was a swimming pool with rooms on two sides.

The duegna was already watching this beauty just by the railing, she didn’t like the cold bath. No one but the two of them was present. What encouraged the princess to skip the swimsuit while she was lubricating. For he could not see her goddess’s stature but her eyes. It was forbidden for all mortals to approach the bath pavilion a hundred steps, on water and dry. In the water, sticks of white and black flags marked the forbidden part, and on the shore stood in front of the wooden cloak the strashing hunter, who shot at everyone, as he crossed the forbidden border.

Here, too, Princess Amalia was perfectly assured of surprise.

Only one thing is not certain. That there might be an experienced swimmer who can swim a hundred steps underwater with one breath; that is the distance between the fishing hut and the pavilion. And one of the dressing rooms can have a liftable floor on the floor.

Frigyes Trenk himself says this:-21-

“Perhaps I will once write a novel that tells Knight Robinson’s three years of experience on the island of Spree in Berlin, disguised.”

Three years in paradise! And we are only at the first one now.

Isn’t that worth ten years in hell?

That Frigyes Trenk was able to hide the secret of his happiness on the island of Spree from all Argus eyes! And during that day he stood face to face with the king from whose garden he stole the flower and with a gentle calm face, half-closing his dreamy blue eyes, he tolerated his investigating gaze.

And once, after years, this king realizes that this man is constantly being deceived and humiliated by his dearest protégé, and he is doing so with the ingenuity of the flamethrower, the refinement of the evildoer, and his passion for the mad! What will this offended man do to him? Who is also a king?