An authentic story

  Ruth has mud on her nose.
  Although there is not a lot of mud, it is enough to arouse others’ suspicion. Lake pondered over and over again, hesitating to tell her, but then again thought that it would be stupid to do so, so he pretended to be looking at the tie seriously. The background color of the tie is green and yellow, and the pattern on it is a staring eye.
  ”This tie is good,” he said while stroking the tie.
  Ruth became wary. This customer was in his thirties, with blue eyes, black curly hair, a handsome appearance, and a heart-felt smile on his face. It is estimated that he has always had this expression. The quality of his suit is not bad, it is a grey wool blend fabric, but it is definitely not handmade by a tailor. What made Ruth wary was that this man couldn’t really like that tie, and he seemed so confident that he seemed to have some important secret.
  Ruth thought to herself, so what? Everyone in this world has secrets, even major secrets-Ruth is like that.
  ”You only sell ties here,” the customer asked. “Am I right?”
  After saying this, he and Ruth glanced at the small shop in the downtown area. The ceiling of the shop is very low and it feels very depressing, and the shelves for displaying ties are also crowded together.
  ”We are a small shop, there is no extra place to sell other things.” Ruth said.
  She thought he would next say that the tie in the shop was the ugliest tie he could imagine. She waited for him to say this, but he didn’t say it. Indeed, the gathering of those ties has constituted a visual attack, and some of them are really “spicy eyes”.
  ”You want to buy this?” Ruth asked, standing behind the counter.
  He took five ten-dollar bills from his wallet and gave them to her, watching as she stuffed the money into the cash register.
  ”Don’t ask for money for me?” he asked.
  ”Tax included,” Ruth said, “no more, no less, exactly fifty.”
  ”It’s cheaper,” the man said with a smile.
  Ruth ignored him, but carefully folded the ugly tie and put it in the bag.
  ”No invoice?”
  ”Didn’t I give you the tie ? What invoice is needed.” Ruth also smiled.
  ”It makes sense.” Before she could thank her, he already said thank you. Then he walked to the door and opened the door. The little bell on the door jingled, as if giving a weak warning. “I will tell my friend that there is a tie shop here.” He said, walking onto the bustling sidewalk outside.
  Ruth said you don’t forget to tell your friend, and then she dashed to the back of the curtain. Behind the curtain is the back room, where there is a wooden step. Walking down the wooden steps, you came to the excavation site.
  ”I sold a tie.” She said frustratedly.
  Donna and Colleen stopped digging. Donna has long red hair and big green eyes. Although her body is dirty, it doesn’t hurt her beauty. She looks like a contestant participating in a beauty contest. Colleen is a blonde girl with a heart-shaped face, and she is lovable, but she looks weak, not like the kind of woman suitable for any competition. The shovel in Colleen’s hand is smaller than Donna’s. I don’t know what method she used, there is no dirt on her body. The three women are the same age, all 21 years old, and attended the same university-Pierpont University. This semester was already over and they had no classes, so the three of them discussed what to do in the summer. Finally, the project they decided to do was to grab the bank. They are working on this right now.
  Specifically, their target is the bank opposite the tie shop. They bought this small shop called “Tie Tie” only six weeks ago. The owner is eager to dispose of the small shop because he wants to go to Florida for retirement. The small shop originally sold jewelry, but the three people who tried to rob the bank turned it into a tie shop, which sold ugly ties. From the attitude towards customers to the price of goods, they tried everything possible to drive away customers. They don’t want anyone to buy things. They want to concentrate on digging tunnels.
  The tunnel will pass under the Ninth Avenue, dig under the treasury of the sixth branch of the “National Bank”, and then dig up. The tunnel has been dug in half.
  ”This kind of thing will definitely happen—someone buys a tie.” Donna said, taking off her work gloves and stroking her hair. This hair was made at the Ivande Hairdresser yesterday, and it is expensive.
  ”But there is something wrong with the guy who bought the tie,” Ruth said. She is not tall, thin but sturdy, with gray-brown hair and a hedgehog head, and two brown eyes above her upward nose. She is nothing like a contestant in a beauty contest. If she was born a dog, she must be a small dog that is good at digging holes and killing burrowing animals.
  ”Does he look like a policeman?” Colleen asked with wide-eyed eyes.
  Ruth thought for a while, and said, “He doesn’t seem to be honest enough, he should not be a policeman. He doesn’t seem to like the tie in his heart, but he pretends to look like it.”
  ”He’s quite cute,” Donna said. “According to your description, I dare say he is cute.”
  ”Cute and dangerous,” Ruth said.
  ”It’s your food.” Donna said.
  Ruth did not refute.
  ”Selling ties is part of the whole plan of action,” Colleen said. “After all, our shop is doing business.”
  This is a joke, because the three of them come from such an unimaginably rich family. Because of this, it is possible for them to afford a prestigious school like Pierpont. They are the same age and have the same personalities. They both hate having money at home and hate their dependence on family members. They want to be independent. They have to resist. This is not unusual at all. This kind of young girl wants to betray her family and do some extraordinary things. They can oppose this and oppose that. In Ruth’s view, most of the techniques have been used. So she persuaded Donna and Colleen to shelve their original “career” (one’s “career” is to oppose the world government, and the other’s “career” is to find a substitute for eggs and liberate women), and She robbed the bank together. They have nothing to do with money. Bank robbing is done by people who have no money, and this is the crux of the problem. Also, even if they robbed the bank, who would doubt them? Because their families are too rich.
  No one would doubt them.
  Who-no one.
  The three of them agreed that this incident was truly incredible. So they dug a tunnel under Ninth Avenue. Every night, Ruth took the subway to the place where they parked their truck, drove the gray and unremarkable truck to the tie shop and backed the car to the back door of the shop. However, the car parked at the back door was not for delivery, but for loading soil. After loading it, she drove the car to New Jersey and unloaded the soil. New Jersey’s nickname is the “Garden State”, where soil can always come in handy.