My name is Grady. If you know something about Atlanta’s history or culture, you will know that there are many things, such as a hospital called this name. These buildings are named after Henry W. Grady, a newspaper reporter in the 18th century, who opposed this before apartheid prevailed. My father, a journalist, added Henry W to my last name when he named me. In this way, there is another person named Henry W. Grady in this world-me.
  I did not take the old road of my father. In order to avoid going to jail for a year at a young age, I accepted the opportunity to serve in the US military. After retiring from the army, I started to go to college and became interested in criminal trials. After working for the Atlanta Police Department and the County Police Department for a few years, I left my job and married the daughter of a rich man and worked for him. After that job, I opened a private detective agency by myself. Well done.
  This time, I was introduced to a client by a guitarist I met in another case. This client is a cocktail waitress who works in an entertainment venue outside the city. Her name is Josie. I was sitting at a table outside, and it didn’t take long for the office workers from 9 to 5 to rush in. The traffic jam became an excuse for them to drink and pass the time. I was drowned in the crowd, drinking my beer. My black Great Dane Emma is at my feet. In fact, if it sits up, it can reach the position of my eyes. There are bowls of salty snacks on the table. Seeing that I didn’t want to throw a few to eat, it fell to the ground and put its chin on my feet. I don’t want to feed him snacks because my landlord (and my dog ​​sitter) fed him ginger biscuits and I had to ask someone to clean his teeth, but this is another story. Now we return to Josie.
  Atlanta is in the mid-winter season. It’s only a week since Thanksgiving, and the temperature has reached a biting 16 degrees Celsius. You will fall in love with a city where you can play golf and jog without wearing four layers of clothes at this time.
  Josie came out of the shop and sat down with me. In order to earn a tip, she worked hard on her legs and chest. Tight denim shorts lined her slender legs, and the neckline of her jacket was opened very low. Of course, I mean proper tipping. She has a lot of freckles on her skin, so I guess the red hair hanging down her shoulders might be natural. The most important thing is that her nose is very cute, and the tip of her nose is just right, but she looks only 25 years old, too young for me, and too many personal problems. Besides, I know a female friend who often comes to Atlanta for business trips. She is French, beautiful and golden. Do I need to say more?
  ”I didn’t know that Labrador was so big.”
  ”Because steroids (some steroids can be used to treat common dog diseases, such as skin allergies, but also have some side effects.-Annotation).” I replied. .
  I have never done ear erection for Emma, ​​so it does look like a big Labrador.
  ”Isn’t it harmful to it?”
  ”No, it’s a dog-specific steroid.”
  Like many people, Josie looked at me with a strange expression-no one can understand my humor-think about it .
  ”Manny the guitarist told me that something went wrong in your house.”
  ”Almost. My ex-boyfriend is unwilling to accept our breakup.”
  ”Are you two living together?”
  ”We lived together. But I took advantage of it. He was away from home and moved all his things out and changed the lock.”
  ”What happened?”
  ”He was going to knock the door open until a few maintenance workers let him stay cool.”
  ”He really is.   Have you ever done this?”
“You know you can go to the magistrate, and they will fill out a temporary protection order for you.”
  ”Before that?”
  ”You need someone to accompany you.” I confessed Said.
  ”Very good. But even if I do this, we still have a child.”
  ”Sounds like a case
  that the Family Court should take over.” “That’s great.”
  old is the child?” “Two years old. My friend. Take care of her and bring her over in a few minutes.”
  ”Has he physically abused you?”
  ”No. He just hurt me with some words.”
  ”I don’t want to be a villain, but my offer is not low , And you need to pay for a week in advance.”
  I drove a Mercedes-Benz, dressed in a decent suit, and lived the life I wanted. That’s why I don’t bargain.
  ”How much?”
  I told her. I thought the conversation would end directly, but I didn’t expect her to reach into a tight and short pocket, take out a folded check, and sign it after filling it out.
  When she handed it to me, I noticed two names in the account column. One is herself, and the other is the name of a man whose last name is the same as hers.
  ”Who is on the check?” I asked.
  ”He is my dad. He has some money. He thought that I was a waiter and living with a man was just a hot head, but then I gave birth to a daughter. He wanted to give her all the advantages I once had.
  ” It doesn’t sound that bad.” I said, considering my average background.
  ”Yes, yes, look at what I look like today.” She replied.
  I did not respond to that sentence again. Even if I have a three-year-old son, family matters are still a bit vague to me, but my ex-wife and her father’s lawyers refused to let me see my son.
  ”Then what do you want me to do?” I asked.
  ”I hope you can keep him away from us.”
  ”Why don’t you live with your father and ask the court to ask him to do so after the documents are completed?”
  ”He will also hire a lawyer and try to take my daughter away.”
  ”Does he have the money to hire a lawyer?
  ” Of course.”
  ”What does he do?”
  ”Receiving goods.”
  I have always disliked this answer. Most people cannot make a living by doing “receiving goods”-at least not legally “receiving goods.”
  ”How is he going to take your child away?” I asked.
  ”At that time, I lost my temper and ran away from home. Then I was living on the street, you know?”
  I know. I am pretty sure I know what happened next.
  ”Moreover, I don’t have any money, so I thought of a way to make a little bit.”

  ”Skin and meat business?”
  Have you been arrested ?” “Yes.” ”
  How many times?”
  ”Twice, and then I stopped doing it. I asked Dad to help a little bit and got a job here. . It’s been five years ago. I mean I met Mike when I was working here. We got along well. We have lived together for almost three years. Most of the time I have a great time. Mike became moody since last year. Very mean to me.”
  ”How does
  he treat your children?” “He treats Sarah like a princess.”
  ”Tell me about his job of’receiving goods’.”
  ”In this case, he will not follow I said, but sometimes I overheard what he and the entourage talk about.”
  ”The entourage?” I asked.
  ”Yes, that’s what he calls them-like he is a movie star.”
  ”Ok, what did you hear?”
  ”They found something’falling off the truck’ in a joke, do you understand? ”
  Yes, I understand.
  I asked her Mike’s last name. She told me it was Fulton. He wants to make sure that the goods fall from the truck intact. Not long ago, a driver’s skull was smashed into pieces by a baseball bat during the resistance. The man died in the hospital, leaving behind his wife and two children. Although Mike and his accomplices were interrogated, they could not be linked to the murder and finally escaped by chance.
  At this time, a black-haired girl came over with a two-year-old girl who looked like an angel and interrupted my thoughts. The little girl inherited her mother’s freckles and hair color.
  ”Sarah, say hello to Mr. Grady.”
  The two-year-old little guy turned his head away, leaned on the nanny’s leg, and hid his face. This makes me laugh. I don’t like the things that adults do, but they let children suffer along with me, and I really can’t bear it.
  Josie looked towards the parking lot and I noticed that the love for her daughter on her face had turned into fear. I turned my head and saw a muscle car from the 1970s, painted with ugly green spray paint, and four men filed out of the car. The four guys wore different styles of clothes, from overalls and camouflage pants to jeans with short sleeves and motorcycles. They also had fancy tattoos. Most tattoos were written by amateur artists in prison.
  My height is 5 feet 10 inches, and I guess the smallest of them should be about 2 inches taller than me and about 30 pounds heavier than me. If we did fight, it would be unfair to me, but no one ever said that I would fight them fairly.
  ”Josie, be honest with me. Let’s fix the matter.” The biggest one in the group shouted. He is about 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 225 pounds. That guy was the exception among those people. He didn’t have a tattoo, but he wore a huge belt buckle.
  The four people walked up the wooden steps as if they were trying to make noise, the louder the better. They may want to try to declare to everyone how tough they are. Emma raised her head and made a ho ho sound in her throat. I put my left hand through its collar. Although it is well-trained, it does not like aggressive behavior. Then I freed my right hand.
  ”What the hell-did you change the lock?” the leader asked angrily.
  ”Josie, you and your friend quickly bring Sarah in.” I ordered.
  ”Dad?” Sara said in the unique voice of a two-year-old child, her voice vague and a little hesitant.
  ”It’s Dad.” There was a hint of love in the man’s tone.
  ”Hurry up, Josie,” I said, “I don’t want her to see her father hurt.” The
  two women moved, and the group turned their attention to me.
  ”Little Mike, how are you doing?” I said.
  ”Don’t call me that!”
  ”In my eyes, you are little Mike.” I said.
  For a moment, the four guys looked a little flustered. They were used to the cowardly appearance of others in front of them, but soon their expressions returned to normal.
  ”Glib, come and meet Shank,” Mike said, pointing to one of them. “Do you know why we call him Shank? Let him know, Shank.”
  Shank took out a butterfly knife. There is nothing in my hand that can resist the knife. This world needs a knife-don’t be in the hands of a fool.
  Then Shank demonstrated many ways to open, retract and brandish the butterfly knife. I admit that his speed is fast enough, so fast that only afterimages can be seen. However, he and his brothers only praised his skills. This gave me ample opportunity to touch the holster under my arm.
  ”Shank, now let him see how you shaved him. We will help you hold him.” Mike said.
  Before they acted, I had hit Shank’s knife in the hand with my .45 caliber pistol. Shank may no longer be able to turn the knife.
  The other three stood there, staring blankly at the bloody hand.
  ”Before he loses too much blood, you’d better take him to see.” I said.
  ”You actually shot him,” Mike said. “You’re dead. Also, if Josie let you in, she’s dead too.”
  The group left hastily after leaving a threat.
  I don’t worry about being threatened at all-are there any new moves? I am worried about Josie. I can’t stare at her all the time. I want to drive him away completely. An idea gradually formed in my mind. It takes a bit of time and some tricks. Maybe I can treat the person in the same way.
  I called a liar I knew. The idea I told him is not new. He has used this kind of scam a dozen times on greedy citizens, and this time he will use it on another scammer. It is not difficult for him.
  Josie and her friend walked out and washed the outdoor wooden platform where the man was bleeding with hot water. Half an hour later, the local police arrived and they received a call saying that someone had heard gunfire. I told them that I heard it too, but I don’t know where the gunfire came from. They left with a suspicious look.
  I told Josie that I would let Mike leave here and never come back. She didn’t ask me what to do. I guess she learned not to ask too many questions when she was with Mike.
  My idea is to change a simple scam. This scam requires some props, but it should work.
  A week later, I was sitting in a small truck equipped with surveillance equipment, which was parked outside a warehouse. This car was borrowed from another private detective who owed me favors.
  I watched the liar bring Mike and his associates to a warehouse door. Did not see Shank. The crook opened the small door of the warehouse for people to pass through. It is so real that he plays a nervous warehouse worker. Then they disappeared into the warehouse.
  I switched to the camera installed in the warehouse, which was transmitting signals to the monitor in the truck. I saw them standing in front of rows of boxes with a certain famous brand written on them and plasma TVs inside them. Mike picked a box and opened it with a folding knife (not a butterfly knife). He moved out the TV in the box. There are many of the same plasma TVs in these boxes. Unfortunately, none of these TVs worked. They are defective products discarded by the manufacturer. Mike picked another box at random and checked the contents. He seemed very satisfied, so he handed an envelope to the liar.
  The door of the warehouse opened. An associate of Mike drove a truck. The contents of the warehouse were transferred to the truck. Thirty minutes after the start of the transaction, the group left.
  This scam is actually very simple. The scammer used the local contacts to convince Mike that he was a gangster on the street. After disappearing in a warehouse in another city, these TV sets were smuggled here. Every normal TV set retails for more than US$5,000. The scammer’s offer to Mike is US$1,000 per set. After some bargaining, the two parties finally agreed to deal at a price of US$750 per set. In other words, Mike bought a truckload of defective TV sets from the crook for $75,000, which is strictly worthless. I think that the 75,000 US dollars should not have been paid by him himself, which means that he has gotten into trouble.
  A week has passed, and I haven’t heard anything from Mike. One day, while I was sitting on the sofa watching the evening news, an interesting piece of news appeared.
  ”Someone found a male body, and the deceased was initially identified as Mike Fulton. A police spokesperson said that they have been investigating Fulton’s suspected robbery of goods on a truck. Fulton has both hands and feet tied up. , And then he was shot in the head.”
  So I’m right. Mike’s “investor” was unhappy because he was cheated of $75,000, so he put his anger on him. Now Josie is safe, Mike will never harass her again.
  I picked up the phone and called Josie. I thought she would feel sorry for Mike, but she didn’t seem to be. I don’t know if she suspects that Mike’s matter is related to me-she didn’t ask. I just hope she can improve her perspective on men.