In the prison

Well, since in the beginning this thing cannot be taken as tragically as that of Frederick Trenk himself in his memoirs.

It wasn’t «Justiz-mord».

The king caught a guard who was hunting very forbidden, even in his game garden, committing many kinds of foolishness at his expense, not sending him to a small correctional facility for a little captive captivity.

After all, we know what captivity is. It’s just a joke.

The young man is not locked up: the ordinance sleeps in the same room as an officer, with whom he has lunch, dinner, walks, and tables. You can bring everything from the charcutier, what is good and expensive, you can read, write poems, make figurines from bread casings and grow carnations in the castle garden. And as for other kinds of deprivation: even now is only twenty-one years old; it shouldn’t even have to think about that. At the age of twenty-one, a man does not kiss the hand of a woman other than his mother. This little bribe would not have hurt Frederick Trenk.

To the king, one can imagine what bitter scenes he had with Princess Amalia over the closure of her beloved cicisbeo! As far as he could, King Frederick closed his eyes at the princess’s further conduct. He could have secretly corresponded with Frederick Trenk. It doesn’t hurt. They could write to each other every day, in poetry and prose, about their hot emotions. The princess could also have done to send a thousand gold to her captured minion to make her captivity more comfortable. And a thousand gold was a huge amount of money at the time. Excellent in Glatz Castle. Out of the hands of a prisoner of state. -164-The regular monthly fee for a state prisoner for the whole meal was four thalers.

With this thousand golds, Frederick Trenk was made a duke in the Glatz garrison.

Its watchtower itself consisted of a regiment whose king could take no use on the battlefield. The officers are also all sorts of patterned or depraved figures who have been thrown into this castle out of punishment: debris laden with debts, poltrons that cannot stand fire, incompatible quarrels, meaningless stokfis. In this beautiful collection, the rich, splendid, witty guard appeared as a real lum.

Our joggime was also worthy of being respected.

Brother of the fearsome Hungarian Trenk! The one was locked up here so he couldn’t befriend his brother, the pandur leader. This is the waist lad!

When Princess Amalia handed that thousand gold to the hands of Frederick Urfi, all those who knew about it whispered that it came from the “Hungarian pandur coffers!”

And the greater the respect for him.

The officers did not hide their feelings from Frederick Trenk. They were all angry with the ruler.

This place was a bad institution of correction for the king’s benefactor.

Here he heard only a complaint from King Frederick. They did not see the great man in him, only the great tyrant. His campaigns were bloodthirsty fraternal struggles: the struggle of the Germans against the Germans. Alliance with the King of France is ungodliness, betrayal! His triumphs are all coincidental. He himself didn’t even know it when his grenades won. He ran in front of the Hungarian hussars. Elder Dessauer’s merit is victory. Then that many spicy adoma from your private life! What a tragedy! What a moral morale! How many lovers did you have and what became of them?

These Glatz officers turned it upside down during five months in captivity -165-Frigyes Trenk’s feelings so far that he thought of nothing but escape.

The escape was clear with the treason. Because the fugitive has to flee somewhere, and that place cannot be other than Vienna or Hungary. Enemy land. And then you have to serve the enemy.

If she is merely annoyed by such a turn, and the feeling of discomfort overwhelmed Frederick Trenk, it could be said that such a man is not worthy of being dealt with by a poet’s pen. All the more so because by escaping, he will also be unfaithful to his day: he cannot follow him to the place of his escape. There he will only find his moon.

Well, he just wanted to find it!

And this reason casts a poetic light on the figure of Frederick Trenk.

Princess Amalia learned from her letters what had happened to Ferenczcenk Trenk in Vienna. The Viennese pamphlet itself was also smuggled into his prison. And then came the thought in his soul, which was born of an illegitimate bed, but of noble origin: to break out of this captivity; flee to Vienna: belies the accusations against his uncle; pull the mask off the image of the false doctrine; he, the most authentic eyewitness, who alone can prove that Miranda was not alone with the king in his tent for a minute, the king never had a lover; and Ferencz Trenk could not find him together with King Frederick. Tear up an entire intrigue with a sure iron hammer! That was his guiding idea. And I see even King Frederick did a good service with this.

Finding such a noble basic idea for his escape plan, he was now thinking only of its execution.

It was very easy to get away. The officers themselves, trusted by his guard, undertook to flee the castle with him. Everything could be bought for money, guards, citizens, horses were also ready. Yet he lost on it. And it was not sin that overthrew him; but his virtue. He was sentenced to a castle arrest in the prisons of Glatz-166-officer with whom Frigyes Trenk had done much good during his stay; he also initiated this into his secret and wanted to take it with him out of mercy. This then betrayed the castle commander’s intention to escape. The traitor was pardoned, released, and regained his rank. And Frederick Trenk was now imprisoned in real prison for the intention to escape; into the highest cell of the «noise tower», with a double padlock on the door and an iron lattice on the window.

He now deserved the prison.

His restless blood spurred him to another attempt. He bribed the service officer and he obtained a rasp for him, through which he sawed the iron bars of the lattice and then, ripping his suitcase to the sills and braiding the bed sheets, they descended from the tower of fifteen kills on a stormy night. Then, however, he fell into a cloaca and could not get rid of it. There he was captured and taken to the castle commander in such a miserable state.

The castle commander’s name was Flonquet: old, hateful. He also had some memories from the Trenk family. As a young lieutenant, Frederick had a duel with his father and received a cut on his face, which also cut off his nose. He has been wearing a silver nose ever since. Frigyes Trenk was caught in the fingernails of this man with a silver nose.

He is now locked up in an even tighter prison.

Here they then checked every day to see if anything was preparing for another outbreak.

One day, the space commander, his military assistant, and the supervising officer came to his prison, and after searching for every nook and cranny, he remained there to give a cruel lesson to the evildoer for his shameful sins.

Even the words of humiliation set the young man’s blood on fire. And when the commander spoke to him of patience, he defiantly asked:

“How long have I been condemned by the king?”

If there had been only a drop of human feeling in that commander, he would have told him the truth. “One-167- You will be released in four weeks and then you can go back to Berlin. ”

The prisoner could only spend these four weeks patiently.

But instead, the commander cruelly said proudly:

– There is no time limit for punishing a traitor! Only he can expect deliverance by the grace of the king.

This word brought Frederick Trenk into a flaming rage: he jumped over to the commander, pulled out his sword, dragged officers, tips aside, ran out the door: there he was straddling a soldier with a rifle, dropping it from a rifle on the stairs, and running down with a sword in his hand.

Just then, the guard was replaced in front of the prison door. The two teams stood with rifles on their shoulders facing each other. Frigyes Trenk ran madly between them, cutting left and right, whom he found in front of him; he wounded four men, rushing him up to the parapet’s parapet and jumping into the ditch from two feet. There was another rampart in front of him, he climbed on it and escaped from it.

The castle guard was so surprised by this recklessness that no one remembered his persecution. The rifles were not loaded so that they could shoot after him, no one wanted to jump after them through the rampart, and while they were going through the castle gate, the fugitive wins a mousetrap. Officers and soldiers looked into each other’s eyes.

Frigyes Trenk fortunately escaped all the way to the outer rampart that surrounds the castle. It will be easy to jump over this.

Here, however, a guard stood in his way at once, nailing a bayonet. Trenk slammed the bayonet gun aside with his sword and then gave a cut to the soldier’s image, which was enough.

At the wailing of the wounded guard, the other strass ran from the other side of the pallisade; he was no longer expected by the fugitive, but threw himself through the pile.-168- He was unfortunate: one of his legs was sandwiched between two stakes and he could not free it, then he was grabbed, his mouth was wounded with a bayonet, he was beaten with a rifle, and he was tied back to the castle: vomiting blood, sprained legs.

The silversmith raged in rage over this unheard-of assassination. Now, in addition to imprisoning Frederick Trenk, he was being held in his prison day and night with two soldiers who had been replaced at six-hour intervals: so that Trenk could not seduce them. Frederick Trenk then seduced some of them. He already had thirty-two soldiers whom he persuaded to flee the castle with him. They were all Prussians. They are unhappy with their king. They also had a leader: Sergeant Nikolai. Unfortunately for them, an Austrian fugitive also got involved and betrayed the whole conspiracy to the governor. He immediately ordered his captain to arrest Sergeant Nikolai. However, as the captain crashed into the soldiers’ room with the patrol to beat Nikolaai, the sergeant jerked his sword and shouted at his companions, “Buddies! To arms! We are betrayed!

However, Frigyes Trenk was stuck in the prison, the iron door of which was not broken by his comrades.

Now he had a real sin. Entice Prussian soldiers to run through the enemy. He did not answer anything during the interrogation: he said bluntly that he, who was being held without conviction, would use all means to escape.

King Frederick’s anger against him intensified to the point of unforgiveness.

Princess Amalia then wrote her last letter to him, which deprived Trenk of all hope.-169-

«I mourn with you: your misfortune is incurable. This is my last letter to you. Free yourself from the fact that you know. I will stay for you, who I was, and where I can do, I use. God is my unfortunate friend. You deserved a better fate. ”

Now, then, the silver-nosed applied the rule that instead of public soldiers, an officer should always be on guard in the prison of Frederick Trenk. And the officers alternated frequently with the garrison. The Glatz station was a punishment for them.

Once a lieutenant named Bach was delegated to the castle, who was also brought there by his mistakes. He was a big fighter, making everyone in a duel a chatter. Of course, he kept his habit here as well.

Barely looking around the castle, he had already found an excuse to tie him up to a young officer also named Schell. He was a man with a thin donga, a zigzag, and the goliath could be easily treated by Bach.

The next day, Bach was on the verge of guarding over Trenk. As usual, he immediately boasted of the prisoner’s latest feats.

“Thank you for being unarmed,” Frederick Trenk told him; for though ye would receive of me the lesson which thou hast not received.

At this the officer came in rage, ran out, brought with him two musketeer sabers worn by the soldiers.

– Well, here are the swords. Let me see what you know, you child!

Frederick Trenk apologized uselessly, Bach pressed the sword into his hand and forced him to the match.

– No boy! You are my master. We are good friends by now.

With that, he hugged him, kissed the prisoner, and then went to the wound to bandage the wound.-170-

The castle commander would then jump out of his skin in rage when he heard this gossip. They even duel in the dungeon!

He then banned officers from entering Frederick Trenk’s prison. He was locked up in a prison with a compartment on the door: through it the tip gave the prisoner’s food. The prison key had to be handed over to the castle commander every day.

Well, then, the officers made a thief’s key to Trenk’s prison door, walked in with it, and smoked there all day, playing cards with him.

One night Bach came in with:

– Shell, buddy, do you like hunting?

– To hunt? For mice maybe? Here in prison.

– No! For deer. In the forest of Glatz. I received an invitation from Count B., the landlord, to take part in his drive hunt, along with another of my officers. I thought I’d take you with me. Of course, tying your word of honor that you will not use this opportunity to escape, but will return to the castle with me after the hunt. We’ll be back tomorrow.

“But how is my prison left empty?” They find out when they bring food.

– Don’t be afraid, you won’t be left empty. Underneath, you lie down in your bed with the poor little Schell; it is still raging from the slaughter he has received from me: he will do it for us. Blessed good boy. In its uniform, you can come out of the castle with me with all fairness.

And with the friendship of the two officers, it could have happened that the strictly guarded castle prisoner hunted deer in the Glatz forest for thirty-six hours. There he saw in front of him the small river that formed the Prussian border from the Czech Republic. It should have been just a jump. But the word of honor given to a good buddy is stronger than any chain and lock. On the third day, Frederick Trenk was sitting in his prison again.

– Waist boy or buddy! Bach told him when-171-they were returned to prison with the help of a fake key. I see that you are a real noble man. It would be a shame for you to rot in the dungeon here. I wouldn’t stay here if I were you.

– I would go, but I’ve lost three times.

“Because you approached him very poetically.” On a dark night, in a thunderstorm, through a sawn iron lattice, on a folded bed sheet, to descend from a tower window; to cut through the guards with a sword in hand, to jump off a bastion: these are all stories into a novel. You have now seen how easy it is to escape the castle of Glatz. Early in the morning, on a bright day, you order the chariot in front of the castle gate; you walk out with yourself, in the company of the ordinance officer, in a muscat officer uniform; the guards present themselves before you: with them you both sit in the pot and «fog before me, fog after me!» by the time the silver-nosed smells that you have fled, you are long past the Prussian border.

“Why don’t you do this to me?”

“Buddy, because I still have something to do with the Prussian army.” There will be war again, they will need me. They can appreciate my courage. I still have a bright carrier in front of me and I won’t spoil it for your beautiful eyes. But look at this honest Schell boy. There is no prospect of this in peace or war among the Burks: because it is cold from the fire. Austrians, on the other hand, would appreciate it because they have plenty of theoretical knowledge, speaking and writing in six languages. Flouquet can’t stand it: he hates scientist officers. He will run away with you as soon as it is his turn in the inspection.

Little Schell, meanwhile, exchanged his clothes with Frederick Trenk.

He didn’t need much encouragement. At the first word, he offered that he was ready to escape from the castle with Frederick Trenk.