It so happened that the dying emperor foresaw it. The heir to the throne, József Miksa, renounced all his claims to the imperial crown, the inherited provinces of Maria Theresa in return for the peace treaty in Füssen, and in return regained his occupied Bavaria and thus ceased to be an ally of II. To Frederick.

England, the Netherlands, Saxony, on the other hand, formed an alliance with Maria Theresa, and Russia and Poland prepared to contribute to the alliance.

The King of Prussia had no other comrades left but the King of France.

II. Frederick had bitter days! In a memorable letter, he cites two examples: one is that of a sailor captain who, surrounded on all sides by enemy galleys in battle, is about to throw a wick into a ton of gunpowder; and the other is the example of her glorious adversary, Maria Theresa, who did not doubt the existence of a woman when her enemies were already knocking on the gates of the city of Vienna; but he accepted the fight with some.-95-

So this is how much II. King Frederick to let such images permeate his imagination.

But what did the light-blooded youth care about high politics? with the mine work of the Pelham Ministry, which sent words of encouragement to II. To Frederick, however, he raised Maria Theresa’s military subsidy to five million forints and sent the Hanoverian regiments to his service. Frigyes Trenk’s days in Elysium began again.

He forgot all the good advice that the king had impregnated during the massaging and that he had so holy to follow, as they had returned to Berlin.

The charming goddess was in need of consolation. The campaign made him a straw widow. The prince was taken to Vienna. There, however, he received treatment appropriate to his rank: at his knight’s word, he was allowed to walk and get up: he was not allowed to go beyond the customs barrier, and he was invited to every court dance party, which he took advantage of.

However, Princess Amalia lived in a complete retreat: she did not show herself in public places, she mourned and sent a letter twice a week by a baton to her husband.

This veil of mourning was a very good curtain for the love idyll played behind it.

Frigyes Trenk no longer had to fear surprises. He wasn’t even careful anymore. They say love is blind.

The happy relationship with the princess began to be the subject of public discourse.

Once at a dinner attended by full-bodied officers, at the urging of his comrades, Frederick Trenk interrupted the military adventure of the other Trenk, in which he took a castle occupied by the French by straw puppets.

A foot guard, the one Trenk hated for his particularly feminine delicate face and the one he called Ganymedes for this, threw this sharp joke at the end of the story:-96-

– This is nothing. I know a Trenk who can take on castles by straw widows.

Frigyes Trenk forgot so much about this word that he poured the contents of his glass between the eyes of the runner and told him a title, the end of which was «et czetera».

The insulted officer immediately drew his sword and the two bodyguards started a duel in the dining room, which ended in Trenk’s opponent getting a cut on his face, as his previous beauty had been spoiled.

That was pretty foolish of Trenk.

He experienced the consequences in a short time. On the very first Sunday temple parade, when the king passed Trenk, he said these words to him quite loudly:

– Hello, sir! Let the thundering heaven hit the heart of the cloth! Take care of yourself!

Even this admonition did not remind Frederick Trenk. He took it so that once a man had reached the forbidden apple tree of paradise, do not touch it as much as our poor, pious father Adam, to throw away the apple at the first bite, but to climb on his tree and live well to his liking from his donation.

Yet his trap was already set for him.

Everyone envied their luck: and envy is the least reconcilable enemy. You can’t duel with envy. It filters from the back.

Frigyes Trenk was official with the bodyguard commander, Jasinszky, for a friendly dinner a few days after this event. In addition to him, he had two other good buddies at the table, one of whom was a tent companion during the camp, a peer cornet.

The Hungarian Trenk was mentioned again.

Did Jasinszky bring out what kind of kinship might be between the two Trenk?

Frederick told me everything we knew.-97-

But he even spread and chattered about something that was a secret to keep. He said that the Hungarian Trenk, having been mortally wounded in Vienna, wrote a will there, in which he, his nephew, became the general heir of his great estates and even larger prey in Hungary. He also wrote this will to Frederick’s mother, who was married for the second time in Pomerania, and her mother sent the letter to her son.

Then, when Ferencz Trenk wrote that letter to Frederick’s mother, he didn’t even mind making the will: his legs were folded and he was ready to collect his pandurs again in a brigade.

So why did you write this letter?

Maybe to trick the Prussians with the news that the dreaded Ferencz Trenk is dying, chewing on the corpse’s sheet, getting into it and starting to testify?

Or did he have some demonic plan with him to ruin his little brother?

Jasinszky said in this letter:

“Wow, my friend, it’s a Crusad luck.” A few million fortune! Did you only get it with both hands?

– I’m not sure. Not a little finger. Thank you for the Slavonian forests, full of thorns; and the stolen gold, silver. I will not trade my king for all the treasures of the great mogul.

All three officers attacked that luck should not be so easily rejected.

Ingratitude is a shameful transgression! it is at least appropriate to thank his uncle for his good will in a letter. Who knows what else might be good next year?

They urged him to answer directly to the Hungarian Trenk, call it his dear uncle, thank him for his brotherly good will.

Frederick remembered all that Miranda had told him about Trenk Ferencz’s good will for him, and it boiled his blood to anger; and then the night in which-98- He saw him in front of Kollin, in his dæmoni function: the night in the middle of the water, the bullets whistling around his ears, the hellish Turkish music, and the freezing of all kinship love in him again.

– You know what? Jasinszky told him. Write to him that you will thank him for his will, only to continue his pandurs with peace, cum appertinentiis; but if he wants good with you, send you some of those magnificent Hungarian horses that do not get tired of wandering for three days, three nights. Give me the letter here, and I’ll get it to you via the Saxon embassy. After all, it is not a state secret, just family correspondence. Then if your brother sends Hungarian paripas, give me one of them.

Frigyes Trenk allowed himself to speak in order to write a letter to Ferenc Trenk with such a content. Jasinszky received this letter from him and sealed it with his own seal and put it in his pocket.

This letter formed the turning point at which the fate of Frederick Trenk came downhill.

He didn’t think about it anymore.

He lived his world as a light-hearted child. Salvation dwells in the heart of a woman! And who doesn’t want to be saved?

One day it happened to him that he was late for the morning parade because of his happy shepherd’s hour.

The king did not overlook his mistake this time. He sent him to Potsdam for captivity. There they were given a room on the «long bridge».

For such meticulous omissions, a maximum of three days’ imprisonment is usually the appropriate fee.

Frederick was allowed to sit there for two weeks.

They came under him, under the color of friendship, spying agent provocateurs who encouraged him to apply to the king for pardon.

“I didn’t do anything,” Frederick said, not begging.-99-

He was still allowed to sit there.

And she still had no idea it was because of the princess’s beautiful eyes.

Then the king himself arrived in Potsdam, and the next day his wing aide, General Bock, approached Frederick Trenk, urging him to take urgent action to Dresden.

He was glad to be able to ride a horse again.

Returning from Dresden, he met the king again in the parade.

The bodyguard, which had a cornet, lay in Berlin.

“Is Your Majesty ordering my squadron to return to Berlin?”

– Where did the shawl come from?

“I came from Dresden, where I took the urgency.”

– And where was the cloth before?

– In my price range.

– Well, go smear again where it was.

And with that, urge Frigyes had to walk back nicely back to the long hydra, my price.

Hja indeed: “love is a dark stack!”