He roamed the streets like a lunatic who had just escaped from the tower of fools. They spoke a foreign language around him. In his unusual folk costume, all men appeared before him as inhabitants of some other world. When he addressed them, they laughed between his eyes. Everyone in the crowd worked to push him away on his own.

Suddenly a voice shouted at him from the great alien crowd:

– Friczó! Trenk Friczó!

This sound was so familiar, so sweet! A fond memory of the mult. – A gold-corded military officer burst at him. – It was his former educator, the waist was Brodovszky. He is now a captain in the Polish army.

As they know each other, they hugged, the bright officer and the ragged fugitive.

– Welcome, my dear son! the soldier sobbed sensitively. I’m sure I’m waiting for you. We’ve heard you’ve run away from Glatz. We have made sure that you will strive for your mother; you put us in the way. Holy Father! What condition are you in! Well, what do you want first? Take a bath or have lunch?

– To Bath! Frigyes rebegé. – The dirt was more out of thirst than hunger.

Brodovszky took him with him to the bath; the good warm water and the soap were like a rebirth to him. The barber combed and shaved: it was heaven!

And as he got out of the bath, there were clean clothes waiting for him, and then a decent civilian outfit.

But Frederick hardly wanted to get rid of the rags he had taken off. They were already relics for him. He was proud of them like the soldier for his torn flag.-192-

– Look! It was here that the bullet of the captives passed, here the sword of the verbungos carved out. I want to see myself in the mirror. I want to paint myself in it.

“Well, a pictor, like Kupeczky, would be an invaluable figure in these rags, my son;” but I cannot show you to my wife in such a costume.

– Do you have a wife?

– That’s it. Imagine: my old age with a gray head. It fell on me at the carnival. We are living in the honey weeks now. Well! More ham than honey. I am sixty years old, my wife and thirty. Capital is a persona. You’ll see. She was a widow’s wife: the wife of a military officer; he was already used to camp life. You’ll see. You will definitely embrace me when you see it. Hugging is common among Poles. But now come for lunch.

Frigyes did not expect a second offer for this either; but he saw the feast served in the guest room of the spa. He ate like a beast, not chewing food, just swallowing, not drinking beer from a glass, but from a pitcher, and while frothing the food, he held the ear of the pitcher with one hand so that he would not run away.

The former educator admired his student’s healthy appetite and did not even speak to him until he lived well.

It was only after Frederick chewed the last squash off the ham knuckles and emptied the jug to the bottom that he began to talk to him about a clever thing.

– My dear boy! You’re staying with me now. He’s not going there. Do not visit your mother in person; but write him a letter so that he may come to you. You don’t know if your husband would welcome you at the house?

“But I got a lesson from this;” from which I can deduce the conclusion a posteriori. They had already been driven out of my sister’s house.-193-

“Well, let’s bring the paper and calamari here, and first you write a nice letter to your mother, and then I’ll write a comitology for the Countess’s grace.”

Frederick then noticed how accustomed his hand was to writing: this wild depravity lasted for three months; under it he became a whole savage. Somehow he punched that letter, chewing the stem of a feather next to it. He almost sweated. – The fan poet could barely write a letter.

Then Brodovszky took over the pen and he was able to write a nice long letter with correct calligraphy.

During that, the marshmallow brought pipes to the gentlemen, and honey brandy was needed in some necks; moreover, he favored the newcomer with a reading, the curled pages of which testified that it had already been turned over in many hands. It was also decorated with woodcuts.

That was the story of the Hungarian Trenk treason.

Frederick Trenk swore like a manicurist when he delved into this history; he beat the table with his fist; Brodovszky could barely write to him. «Shame! Nonsense! Lie! I can all refute that! ”

Well, even when that certain woman comes up with the false testimony!

– Cheeky Jezebel! To fabricate such slander! To both my brother and the king. Especially to the king.

“Are you protecting King Frederick?” asked Brodovszky while writing.

– So I’m protecting! He is chasing me, but I still love him. He is unfair to me, but I am not unfair to him. I know this woman is lying; he lies in a fierce, reckless way. And God forbid that this Circe, this Messalina, fall into my hands once again! Because I’m going to stifle his lie in his throat.

The captain laughed.-194-

– You’re a big fool or my boy! If with a beautiful woman you can do nothing but strangle her.

With it he folded the letters, sealed them and put them in his pocket.

“Well now come to my house, let me introduce you to my wife.”

Armed with the disciple of the former educator, he went to his lodgings, where he introduced him into the reception room. The woman came out; he laughed, “ah, we’re friends already!” He fell on Trenk’s neck, kissed him three times; he just stared and stared.

She was Brodovszky’s wife, Mrs. Miranda.

Miranda did not leave the gentlemen for a long time in amazement: with the cheerfulness of a real Polish woman, she grabbed Frederick Trenk’s hand as if to introduce her to her husband.

– We are close relatives: Frigyes Trenk’s younger brother to my sister’s husband, Ferenc Trenk. “The unfortunate hero Trenk, who was envied by the envy of his enemies, was so fatal in Vienna.

Brodovszky was even more surprised now.

– Ah! Do you think Ferenc Trenk is being unduly accused?

“It’s a lie, a false testimony about the whole charge.” Miranda is on fire. If I could go to Vienna, I could prove that Ferenc Trenk was falsely accused of capturing and releasing King Frederick for money. Isn’t Frederick: I know that best? “But I can’t show up in Vienna.” I once told my lord why?

– Well, tell Frederick too. I’ll leave him here with you. You are brothers. I hurry to find a courier with whom to send the letters to the Countess.

With that, the captain left Miranda alone with Frederick.

Frederick Trenk was in a state like the fairy-tale enchanted prince against the fairy. Here stood the a-195-a woman who has made known to her everything from the beauties of paradise to the suffering of purgatory. She could feel his kisses and bites. It was at this hour that he vowed that if he could get his hands on it once more, he would strangle him cruelly. And now here he finds him as the wife of his benefactor, his deliverer. And this woman regrets Ferenc Trenk! You are horrified by the accusation against the «unfortunate hero»!

Where is the solution to this riddle?

As the captain put the door behind him, Miranda escaped with full passion into Frederick’s neck, hugging him with his arms, strangling him with kisses until he was tired.

The boy was quite stupid and helpless with him. Neither his mind nor his senses could think of anything to protect him. She just felt the kiss be sweet. How not? For fourteen months she had not felt the mesmerizing amber on her face. And how many kisses, so many sins! Thief, cheating, trespass, sacrilege!

And how much frantic words, chatter, flattery in the meantime.

He just tolerated and listened.

The lady then sat him down on the couch, pulling her beside her.

– Well, are you silent? Are you frozen?

– Madame! Frederick said. A thought freezes me into a statue. You yourself brought it up when you mentioned my uncle. Your fate regretted the fate of Ferenc Trenk. Was it not your favor that testified against Ferencz Trenk before the Vienna Military Tribunal?

– Me? Where do you get this idea?

– It was at this hour that I read the Viennese pamphlet, in which Ferencz Trenk’s treason was treated.

– Well? And did you find my name in that pamphlet?

“It is true that it is not General’s widow who is brought up in it, but General’s daughter.” But I know the latter very well. This is a worried girl, the head of the camp hospitals. It did not go to Vienna Trenk-196-To testify against Ferencz; To brag about the love of King Frederick. So it was either one or the other. Tertium non datur! That’s the logic.

– Well! That is all I know as a student: «purus putus logicus; purus putus asinus. ”4) Is it the imagination of such a small poet lord that he cannot find the punctum saliens on his own? If tertia non datur: de tertia datur. That false sworn lady witness was neither the widow of General nor the daughter of the other General; but there was an ordinary hübschlerin; Baron Rippenda’s persistent lover, who testified under this lying name.

“But how could this Miss Vienna know things that no one but your mercy could have known about?” He was not in King Frederick’s tent.

– You will soon understand the connection; just listen carefully. In this horror tale, reality is entangled with lies in such a way that reason must be dismantled. It is true that Ferencz Trenk found me there in the king’s tent. I was the one who, for my own deliverance, revealed to him the secret of the gold-hiding howitzers. Well, that’s why you can’t condemn me. Which woman would not sacrifice, even the diamond mines in Golkonda, if her femininity had to be saved from disgrace? On this prey, his harams then quarreled with him: he was forced to share with them. What happened after that I do not know; for he immediately released me, and I, with my gripping cord, handing out brandy, got rid of the pandurs. But you are well acquainted with the habit of Ferencz Trenk, according to whom he is the officers who demanded a class from the prey, he used to send them to dangers where their heads were left there and if they were suspicious, my infam had them. These three officers were involved in the criminal charges against him. These taught Baron Rippenda, a forensic assistant, to the role of false doctrine.-197-Because everyone in Vienna already knows this. And I was at home in my castle in Beneschau during that time, where I met your former waist instructor and gave him a hand, and now I am here in Polish Borussia.

Miranda told this whole tale to Frederick with such an innocent, sincere face that the young man believed it. His soul was freed from a great burden. So you don’t have to redeem your bet to kill him at the encounter. So you don’t have to hate him.

And the place of escaped hatred is very soon occupied by some opposite daemon. It was no better than to have hatred between a young man and a young woman.

Frederick asked no more questions. He surrendered to his fate.

Yet during his whole vicious escape he did not revolve in greater danger than he does now.

It is characteristic that this whole stage of his adventurous life was omitted by Frederick Trenk himself from his memoirs for the «German» audience; on the other hand, through the memoirs of «France» he allows him to see through the wall. Madame calls the honest wife of Brodovszky Potiphar; but that she herself was a biblical Joseph, he does not say a word, on the contrary, that if Ms. Potiphar, the infamous «Koleikhab», had been blessed with such extraordinary graces as her housewife, the cloak of the virtuous Joseph would hardly have it would have been torn into his hands, or even served as a blanket for his beauties.

The honest Brodovszky was not jealous. He was already sixty years old. In this age, generosity adorns the husband.

But so many sober Estonians were kept by Frederick Trenk that he did not stand on Miranda’s plan to escape to St. Petersburg together. Although the young man had a great desire to enter Russian military service, he had a bright career. Ugly ingratitude would have made his educator, deliverer of his heart so deadly-198-give a blow. This disbelief only fit the character of that other Trenk. Though he was close to him to do it. “One fool makes a hundred!” Well, another fool beautiful woman!

Even memory and friendship were associated with a sense of honor. The memory of Amalia, and the friendship with the left behind Schell.

If Trenk escapes to Russia with Frederick Miranda, then the wounded Schell is left there miserably, beggar-like on the foreign farm.

But can the three of them together: honor, friendship, memory, can they fight the lion of emotions: love? With hell love? Unless another power comes to their aid: heavenly love.

But he came.

On the eighth day that Brodovszky sent the letters to Frederick Trenk’s mother, the Countess arrived in Elbing. And he was given the miracle of being able to give birth to his son. In the embracing arms of the mother, the honest Trenk, who was forced to return to prison even by the bound word of honor, awoke again.

The Countess’s sharp eyes recognized the situation at first. He immediately figured out – what a relationship there was between Mrs. Miranda and her son. At Brodovszky’s first request, he settled there at their house, and from then on the lovers were placed in such good custody that they could not even speak to each other.

The Countess brought to her son a thousand thalers and an expensive diamond cross worth five hundred thalers. Now he could buy a paripa, a decorative uniform.

The two women also clashed over the issue of uniforms.

Miranda wanted a Jewish costume to be made for Frederick: on the other hand, the Countess demanded that she be dressed as a dragoon officer. They both had the secret idea. Jewish uniforms work very well-199-St. Petersburg, on the other hand, would be unsuitable in Vienna. On the other hand, the dragoon suit is home to Vienna.

The mother wanted her son to go to Vienna. There Miranda couldn’t escape! Miranda, on the other hand, appealed to the young man’s best emotions, loyalty to his homeland. Frigyes Trenk is not allowed to serve the enemies of his country. He can only offer his weapon to a neutral state. And there was no such thing but Muscat. And this noble feeling: love of homeland, played a very seductive role. – Frederick gave Miranda the truth. He cannot go to Vienna; even if his own country is unjustly persecuted: he cannot turn his sword against him.

However, the Countess had not yet played her last trumpet.

He stayed there for fifteen days in Elbing, at Brodovszky’s house. Both women deliberately delayed Frederick’s departure. Making a uniform was a good excuse. For the former tailor, this took its time. And then, when it was ready, again, one woman and the other found something objectionable on it: the cords, the trimmings, and the collar, then the sleeve! It had to be taken narrower here, there had to be more. – It also takes a lot of time to gel the helmet. The women wanted to fast each other. Miranda hoped that one day the Countess would get tired of the Elbing party and go home; And Trenk’s mother was waiting for a letter that had to come from Berlin in response to her letter.

On the fifteenth day, the long-awaited letter arrived.

The Countess with great refinement held back its presentation at the end of lunch. Then he took it out and handed it to his son.

– Do you know the writing of this hand?

Frigyes Trenk whispered intact with Miranda. He turned pale at once, as he recognized the writing on the envelope of that letter.-200- She recognized the handshakes of Princess Amalia on it.

Well, the content of the letter!

Princess Amalia sends a hot thank you to the Countess for reporting that her son has successfully escaped to Elbing. For further advancement, he sends him enclosed in this letter a bill of exchange for four hundred gold to be paid in Dancka. He asks the Countess to persuade her son to hurry to Vienna to belie the slander with which the reputation of King Frederick was tarnished.

This letter simultaneously threw Frederick Trenk to another planet.

The instinct of blood was silenced before the words of noble tempers.

The ideal reclaimed its place on the altar.

The image of the glorious figure, who himself is offended, offended in his hottest emotions, without any selfishness, without any hope of satisfying desires, rushes to the aid of his beloved to lead him further on the path of chivalry, honor, and shows him the goal, the the direction to be achieved, to be followed; to wash away the reputation of his king; to the king who tramples on him in a tyrannical manner; but who is right! even when he tramples him.

– I’m leaving today… this hour! said Frigyes Trenk, getting up from the table.

Miranda’s eyes sparked hellfire at the Countess.

– I’m traveling with you to Danczka too. The Countess said.

He was etched. It’s not good to travel at night. His son also begged.

– Not my son! Sugá the Countess. From that moment on, I don’t eat any more of Mrs. Miranda’s stew.

It would have been able to mix aqua toffana into your food.

Frigyes Trenk says in his French memoir that the parting was extremely bitter.

You can understand who understands.