The fatal pamflet

After the triumphant campaign of King Frederick, he returned to his capital. The season of operas and court evenings has begun.

The palace of Princess Amalia was thus the center of the highest society, where the birth nobility, amused with spiritual excellence, was amused. The actors comedy for the lords and the lords for the actors. Princess Amalia was the day of this planetary system. His beauty obscured everyone who competed with him.

In fact, it is difficult to determine what that beauty was like in the era of Frederick the Great? There was no black hair, no chestnut, no blonde, no golden red: all the hair was white, tangled from the forehead, towering, curled; the face is chalk white and crimson, with two or three black flies, the eyebrows are black, well drawn, the eyes are large (because of the painted lashes), the veins on the temple are blue, the lips are wet red. There was no question of room. The upper part of the figure was pressed flat and straight by the shoulder strap made of fish bone and sheet steel, and below the waist was followed by a balloon-shaped balleine held tensioned by a bastard made of tires and white horsehair; and besides, it was added-155-the buffant s were complemented by transverse and surrounding garlands. In addition to the fans, there was fashion on the ridicul hanging on his arm: an embroidered bag that hid the lace cloth, the fragrant bottle, the comb, the mirror, the carmine and charcoal baskets, the pile box and usually a miniature booklet from one of the fashionable poets Laecta regéit, with nonparaille letters, spicy images of steel cross-section.

The king also resented the latter fashion. French ladies are good at such a lecture; but it is dangerous for the Germans.

The king discovered a young German poet whose writer’s name was Raymund. He wrote honest poems and threw himself especially into the intact. By the time the king had completed his great campaign, Raymund had also completed his own Aeneiss, in which he had captured the second Silesian campaign and all its heroes (only the poet had not captured himself).

The king introduced the young writer to Princess Amalia and asked her to read his heroic poem in front of the illustrious company.

Of course, and true to the story, the figure of the king was most vividly highlighted in the poem; but was immediately followed by the householder, Prince A… Z…, to whom the lion’s share came from the triumph of the battle of Score. How many bullets pierced his cloak, how many horses were fired from under him? it was all taken in stanzas and the rhymes were quite correct: «Kugellöcher» = «Amors Köcher». (Gentle aiming at the beautiful princess.) «Todte Hengste = keine Ängste». The applause of the company rewarded the poet for this vigorous detail. Only the princess did not declare her liking with any appearance. It may have been modest. Applause for her own husband’s triumphs would not have been etiquette.

However, giving the laurel wreaths of recognition to the protagonists, the poet also extended to the knights of the episodes. In this way, it was Frigyes Trenk’s turn. It was Achilles.-156-

Here she began to listen carefully to Princess Amalia and gestured to her ladies with her fan not to chatter.

Achilles rushes to the enemy with contempt of death; his sword divides death from right to left, while once he drills his hand through the «mörderische Kugel». But he still firmly remains «im Steigbügel». Although this rhyme was not quite perfect; yet it even had such an effect on the princess that her beautiful eyes were filled with tears at once: she was compelled to resort to her ridicule, to take out a handkerchief, and to soak the book out of her eyes.

It’s a natural thing! The book should be dried. Because if you find dripping all over your face, it will cause a big mistake in the color.

Probably everyone noticed this. Maybe except for her husband. To them the blessed nature gave them the privilege of not noticing anything.

The king was annoyed. Those certain rumors, those understandable facial expressions, made me even more upset.

He could hardly wait for the poet’s reading to be over.

He told his chief master to lead Tyrtaeus to the buffet, give him food and drink, pay him twenty-five gold, then put him in a stretcher and fry him home.

During the minuet, the king then walked over to the princess and sat down next to him. The others were busy with dancing or something.

“You’re very sensitive to these claps, especially where the poem was about a certain Trenk Fricz.”

“I know your majesty is also a special favorite.”

– Of course it is. I couldn’t live without him. He is one of my most fiery heroes. Her husband herself is a pretty big knight; but he can’t follow Friczi either. The pious prince occupied only the suoric batteries; but the-157-drama can take strong castles. His triumphs transcend my victories.

The princess smiled.

The king undertook a heroic cure. With a strong word, he wanted to heal the princess from her fatal passion. This word had to penetrate Amalia’s heart like a poisoned dagger.

“You’re on a confidential footing with each other, I know.” Ask Mr. Achilles only once, in such an idyllic minute, what you know about that beautiful golden-haired fairy at Beneschau Castle; and what about the charming handmaid in the camp of Soora? You will be able to tell the young Lancel about a miracle victory.

The princess was still smiling.

“Your Majesty, I have learned from a very good well source about the ballad of the Beneschau fairy and the sojourn of Soora. If Your Majesty does not yet know you, I am happy to serve you.

With that, he opened his radish, took a tiny booklet out of it, printed it in small letters, and handed it to the king.

It was the pamphlet published in Vienna in which Ferenc Trenk’s scandal was sung.

And King Frederick could read from the pamphlet the beautiful story of his love fly with the Beneschau palm, under whose intoxication he allowed himself to be surprised by Ferencz Trenk and then redeemed his release for big money.

The only thing that changed the details was the wise Viennese censorship that he travested the daughter of Count … Sch … in. He converted the widow of the Austrian general into the daughter of a Prussian general.

The king possesses great restraint. He didn’t show any temper on his face. He put the pamphlet in his pocket.

– Don’t you need it? Do you already know without a book? he said-158-there to the princess and got up next to her, walking through the column of dancers of the mines, straight to Jasinszky, who was playing at the card table set up between the columns of the ballroom. He hit his shoulder.

– Wake up. I have a talk with you.

– Your Majesty. I’m losing.

The king threw his purse in front of him.

– Here. Pay it off. Then come after me to my library.

– Then I have to go for my fur first.

The library was an unheated room.

The king waited impatiently for Jasinszky in the library.

– Well, how are you! I thought you escaped. Have you read this pamphlet?

Jasinszky was embarrassed. Now wanted; but the king’s sharp gaze read the evil self-consciousness from his face.

– You read! Everyone has read it in the yard. Certainly the queen, too. I am the last to know.

“It’s all nonsense, Your Majesty!” A pure tale.

– No nonsense! When a supreme court strikes the stamp of «coram me». And now, all over the world, the music is being sung by King Frederick, cowardly letting himself be caught in the arms of his lover and provoking himself from a traitor with gold.

The king angrily cut that pamphlet to the table.

“And then at least they would be lying!” They would say he was seduced by a devilish beautiful woman boasting the charms of Calypso! But Sch … in Countess quidam is adjusted to the daughter of my General Sch … in. A pious virgin, who is as skinny as a mantis religiosa, and the boss of the nurses in the camp infirmary, who really came with us in that capacity. And now no sea washes away from me that old Emerencia is my secret lover.

Jasinszky wanted to reassure the king.

“But let the heaven be in the minds of those who are.” -159-this mistake is made up. I had nothing to do with that man. After all, Frigyes Trenk is a lover! I left him there with him in my tent to guard; lest he betray our war plan to the enemy. And now that whimsical fiddler is sewing his own adventure around my neck.

“It is up to the Viennese to seek revenge for the defeat they have received by slandering Your Majesty.”

– What do I care about Janahel in Vienna! Let them prove that they can spit better than they can shoot. And if you break the neck of that damn Hungarian Trenk, I’ll even tell you, “Löwe gut gebrül!”

With both hands, the king signaled a completely different animal.

“I have an account with this other Trenk.” This Seladon piles shame on me in my own family. It no longer takes confidentiality into account. He believed the princess to be “my day!” And he also has a “moon” next to him. If the princess found out, she would close the door in front of her. You can’t find out! Au contraire! This bachelor is transferring to me the double infidelity sin. And now with this pamphlet you bring privilege to your loved one. For if the king is allowed to catch himself in open adultery, why not follow the example of the whole country, the court, up to the ruling family?

The king did not know, nor did he want to hide, his extraordinary upheaval before Jasinszky.

– All of Europe is laughing at me! I imagine how many chansonettes were made of me in Paris! I dare not meet Voltaire. I’m afraid to see Trenk kill me! This fool is chasing me out of human company. I have to make this fool harmless to me.

– I would know the way, Your Majesty.

– How?

– Put the boy under lock and padlock for about a year, a -160-until it cools down. Prison is a very good hospital for love patients.

– Well. Think of something. I don’t know why it could be closed for a year. Gézenguz looks like a waist soldier, noble character, loyal: I know no sin. He just wouldn’t be such a damn fool.

– I know something, Your Majesty.

– Well, do it. I trust you quite.