The hay-straw fairy

The bright victory at Hohenfriedberg did not end the campaign. II. The army of Frederick’s opponents was still equal to his. The result remained that now they had divided their armies in two and neither had accepted a decisive battle, but they were chasing the king of Prussia for long summer months without any war plan. England gave enough money for the war, and the Muslim Empress encouraged Maria Theresa to send an army to help her.

King Frederick spent this whole summer under a tent.

Towards the end of the summer, then, not from a war plan, but simply to feed his army in enemy land, he marched with part of it into the Czech Republic. All his brigades could have numbered twenty thousand. The other corps was divided into Saxony, Silesia.

With this fragmentation of the army is an old mistake -106-it was committed by King Frederick, and he did not dwell for it.

Surely on a woman’s hair.

Frigyes Trenk was still the fate of the nicknamed children. The king would not allow him to strain his wounded hand. His sword had not been drawn for three months.

On the other hand, the hunting weapon was always on his shoulder and without reporting to his colonel, he wandered all day among the savage Czech pagans and returned to his tent with a normally rich hunting booty.

They camped again in about the landscape of the Elbe Valley where it was last year.

Maybe he remembered the young knight over and over again. Maybe the fairy tale of Beneschau Castle? He was so close to him again now.

One evening, when Trenk returned from scouting since the morning, laden with pheasants, to his great astonishment and horror, he could no longer find the Prussian army in the morning. There were no tents in the square. His own tent also disappeared, the fires were extinguished, the ramparts were torn apart, and not even a drum or trumpet word coming from a distance revealed where the army had gone.

Frigyes Trenk stayed here in the sheer camp, on foot.

Somewhere around the river he saw smoke, hurried there.

To his great delight, a squad found Ziethen a hussar there; he was a good acquaintance of the lieutenant.

They stayed there to burn the remaining ramparts.

The Hussar Lieutenant then informed him that the King had ordered a sudden demolition of the tent in the morning, with all his army retreating to Trautenau. Out of good friendship, the buddy manned Frederick Trenk with a wire horse to catch up with the king’s camp.-107-

He had to gallop well to get his place. The guard was always the front team. And he found the king right there at the guard.

“Was you hunting again?” the king cried from afar to the arriving knight.

Excuses clung to Frederick’s throat. He couldn’t protect himself from it.

However, the king’s face, instead of austerity, expressed benevolent bonhomy this time.

– No hear: he writes this offense today at the expense of his punishment in Potsdam. It was his paralysis. He was given an anti-zipper. But with that, we’re receipts! And what he will do next will be at a new expense.

The king forgave him for this gross discipline for why he deserved to be struck. And at noon the next day, when the bodyguards were all eating in the king’s tent, the king himself turned to joke.

“I’d bet this great passion for hunting is again just an excuse to disguise something gallant. I wouldn’t find it amazing if the hay-straw fairy was lurking here again somewhere nearby.

Frigyes Trenk blushed to his forehead at this aiming. The beautiful Miranda had the title in the public discourse: “hay-straw fairy.”

The king put his palm in front of his mouth.

– Pardon! How the number worked. Our friend will be ready with the sword very soon if they exemplify a beautiful lady in front of her. But maybe you won’t cut me off?

– No! No one for this lady.

The new camp was set up in the region of Soor. There were only five regiments of cavalry in the king’s camp.

On a beautiful warm September evening, Frederick Trenk entered the king’s tent with this word:

– Your Majesty! Here’s the hay-straw fairy!

The king stared at him.-108-

“How is a woman in my camp?”

“She came in disguise like a handmaid.”

– And why did you come here? To visit yourself?

– No. Talk to Your Majesty. He has important discoveries about the intentions of the enemy.

The king commissioned Frederick Trenk to lead the lady to his own tent: he would speak to him there.

Trenk returned with the answer that the lady wanted to talk to the king alone and would not enter another officer’s tent.

– Then let him in front of me. Stand by the door and make sure that our dissertation is not disturbed.

The lady entered the king’s tent. She was wearing a regular handkerchief costume; black velvet lace, with shoulder straps, lace bra and shirt, short red bush jumping skirt, knee-length boots on his feet, wide-brimmed, gold-capped hat on his head, peacock feather bouquet, large silver hoop pendants on his ears. She was the perfect colonel. Upon entering, he greeted the king with a peasant knick, raising his hand militarily to his hat.

– Madame! said the king, pointing to a stool.

The lady testified to her upscaleness by occupying the offered seat without any pace, pulling her short skirts to her knees politely.

“Your name is Count Sch … from here, madame.”

– Yes, Your Majesty.

“Do you live here in nearby Beneschau?” I already know it. You were so gracious that you sent me a maternity last year when I was in dire need of it. Trenk told me everything.

– Everything?

“Well, only what was compromising to him: that he got into a trap and was freed by your precaution.” That is why I thank you very much. And now you brought reports for me, madame.-109-

– Even very urgent. Your Majesty is surrounded on all sides.

– Ah! And how do you know that, madame?

– My castle is in the way of the armies; hence I am fortunate to entertain the officers of every transenna team. It is the good habit of the Hungarian gentlemen to discuss all their plans over the table: they say blessings for the triumph that will take place, they bet each other on who will capture King Frederick. They have no secret before me, as I am the widow of an Austrian general. So I learned that King Frederick’s army between the rivers Elbe and Anpa near the village of Szór would be attacked by Prince Charles twice as much, tomorrow.

– Already tomorrow? But where do they take themselves?

– Burkersdorf is a meeting of the Austrian and Saxon armies. From there, they break out with their infantry and their cannons. But it will only be a level attack, a cavalry attack on the strait between the two mountains will start the real battle, holding your majesty’s army from the side. At the same time, twenty-one squadrons of cavalry descend from the mountain opposite Burkersdorf and attack the left wing of the Prussian army. Finally, pro coronide, Ferencz Trenk swims across the Elbe with his hussars and spoils the camp.

“It’s a damn plan, if it’s true,” the king said, looking suspiciously at the lady’s face. But tell me, madame, what reason can you, Countess Sch … in, the widow of an Austrian general, reveal this plan to me, the enemy of her queen?

“That is true, from what I have told your majesty, I also prove by naming the cavalry regiments that will attack the left wing of your camp: the Würtemberg close-ups, the Preising dragoons, and the Philbert Jews, each with seven squadrons.

“And what do you answer my second question, madame?”-110-

At that word, Miranda got up from the camp chair and raised her head pouting.

“Does Your Majesty know the Nibelungen song?”

– I know without a book.

“Then you’ll remember why Krimhild cut off his own brother, Gunther’s head?” why did he get a bloodbath in Etel Castle of his own nation? I have Brunhildom too! I have the Hague too.

At that moment there was a lively hassle in front of the king’s tent. The Duke… Z érkez arrived on horseback, galloping, and as he descended from his saddle, he hurried straight to the tent. Trenk, who was standing on his strass, crossed his legs in front of him.

– Serenissime. Now you can’t go in to the king: he has a lady.

“I also regret having Goddess Cythere herself!” I need to talk to the king right away.

And with that, he pulled up the carpet of the door, crept into the tent, and without any theory, began:

– Your Majesty. I report that a large crowd of enemy cavalry on our left wing is signaling the approach of our raiders.

The king, cold-blooded, his arms folded in his chest, said to the prince:

– I’m already aware of it. The Preising Dragoons, the Philbert Jews, and the Würtemberg Closeups, with twenty-one swarms.

The .. Prince Z. stared apart in the tent. The indicated lady was not visible. Hearing that hassle in front of the tent, he suddenly hid behind the curtain in the king’s locker room.

And soon, Buddenbrock and Generals Golcz arrived at the king’s tent one after the other, to report that there was a large crowd of enemy infantry on the heights of Burkersdorf.

– I know everything. The king said. But that’s not where the real attack will come from. It’s all just a demonstration.-111-

With that, he went to the locker room and took Miranda by the hand, leading him out in front of the leaders.

“Behold, gentlemen, our most faithful correspondent, who was pleased to communicate to me the entire battle plan of the adversary: ​​Mistress Beneschau, Count Sch … in General.”

– Ah! The hay-straw fairy! saliva out of his mouth A… Z… prince.

They made him laugh at it.

– But the danger is quite serious. Good luck knowing about it in advance. Now let’s take action quickly.

The king sat down on his camp bed and spread the military map on the table, and began the council of war.

– Please, madame, stay here. We will need your information more than once if you are willing to provide it to us.

And so Miranda also served on the military council.

And he could give very good advice.

The first regiments of the cavalry marching in the valley are Hungarian hussars. Their virtue is that if they can attack, they will not be held up by any cannon fire, shot: they will break through everything; but if they are rushed by the enemy, they like to turn back, and after a short run they face again. This time, however, with this ancient Scythian fighting style, they will all be confused by the second cavalry brigade following them, consisting of Czech, Saxon and Moravian cavalry. (He all learned this from the blessings between cheerful glasses.) Hey, many great things the Hungarians would have done if they hadn’t blessed in advance what they wanted to do!

It was with this circumstance in mind that the king established the battle plan.

He faces or surrounds the nineteen thousand Prussians, thirty-six thousand opponents: his cavalry in a threefold ratio.

King Frederick against this attack all -112-he groups his cavalry towards the mountain pass and begins a decisive battle on the left wing with all his might. He leaves his camp site quite unprotected. All that remains there is the cavalry with the guide horses, the chariots, the artillery, and the infirmary. If the enemy also moves from the right wing, it must be held back for as long as possible. The tents will remain empty.

The commands were immediately scattered.

The… Z… prince threw something into the king’s ear, and the king said to him, “I thought so myself.”

He turned to the beautiful handmaid:

– Madame. We are infinitely committed to the invaluable service He has done to us. You may be certain of my royal gratitude as soon as I have the opportunity to express it. But what will happen to you during the battle that will begin at night?

“Oh, she’s never been killed in a war.”

“So you don’t know fear.” However, it is my duty to suspect. I won’t let you out of here before the battle. I am also forced to consider whether you are the spy of the enemy.

“I’d love to stay here,” she said with a smile, as long as Your Majesty wishes.

– Call Trenk.

Frederick was called to the king’s tent; Prince A… Z maga himself went for it.

– Mr. Kornet. You stay here while we go into battle. He couldn’t hold a sword with the wrong hand either. You will be instructed to guard the lady who came to us as a military spy so that they would not escape.

“How do I keep the Countess?” Frederick said in confusion.

– Do you think you’re not afraid of him? Will the Countess have no objection to it either?-113-

“But I don’t have a shovel in my tent to sit the Countess.”

– Don’t worry about it. I will hand over my own tent to the Count for this night, I will not need it myself. Madame can comfortably relax her fatigue at the camphole. I’ll make everything available to you. No one will upset you. Here is a playing card in your desk drawer. They can play pickets.

“This Trenk has devil’s luck,” said Prince Z. laughing. He doesn’t even come to fight and even he gets the most beautiful flag.

Frigyes Trenk was cruelly in need. This provision was a clear Maliczia from the king.

To keep with her the beautiful fairy (with whom she had long been acquainted) all night in the king’s tent.

If Prince A .. Z returns to Berlin, he will surely tell this joke to Princess Amalia and then the beautiful idyll so far is over.

That the king had enough humor even in a moment of crisis for a similar joke.

Frigyes Trenk made a serious face and showed his fully healed hand.

“All right, all right, Trenk,” the king said atonement. After all, you will have another task, why you have to stay behind. It is not necessary to keep the countess to himself. But be careful otherwise. The camp is left entirely to itself. It may happen that the enemy will also show up on the right wing. In this case, the artillery is instructed to prevent the enemy from unfolding in the gorge with a strong cannon fire. Here, in front of my tent, there is also a howitzer and a ball pyramid next to it. On the outside, it stands only in front of the royal tent for the sake of fairness, as the main standard is set here. Come on, try to pick up one of those howitzers.

The king took Frederick Trenk out of the tent and pointed to the bullet.-114-

To them, the balls placed in the cone looked like ordinary ten important howitzers; but as Trenk wanted to lift one with his right hand, he hissed hard: the boiled muscle ached.

– You can see his hand still hurts! said the king. Hold it in your left hand.

– That’s a sign! said Trenk, raising the howitzer.

– That’s it. It contains fifteen thousand gold. All eleven balls are like that. Inside is empty, if the wick pin is unscrewed from it, the ball will turn in half. These have camp reserve money. One hundred and sixty-five thousand gold. I entrust this to your supervision. Stay here and make sure that when the thing is embedded, the snipers don’t shoot those bullets with a fool’s head. It would be a nice little surprise for Austrian soldiers to swarm between them with fifteen thousand gold! I trust you with that.

Yet there remains a serious task: to guard the military treasury.

The actions of the Council of War were immediately taken hold. The generals lined up the officers’ tents, spending them and communicating their duties to them, and the officers then awoke the public: a drum word, a trumpet sound was not heard, the whole preparation was in the greatest silence. The guard fires were extinguished and even the outposts were withdrawn to make the enemy all the more deceived, in the belief that he could surprise the Prussian army in a deep dream.

All troops withdrew from the camp; not a rifle guard was left even before the king’s tent; only the distant rolling of the cannons proclaimed the movement of the leviathan.

Frederick Trenk was left alone in front of the king’s tent.

He thought about his situation.

Left alone with a seductive fairy, whose magic had once stolen her soul from her heart. What a reminder of the first intoxicating meeting! And this is the second-115- even magic is more charming, because all the commandments of all the laws sanctify it.

Whoever does not use such fairy luck is a coward.

Not true! the coward who gets on it.

To sacrifice on the altar of Anaitis in Babylon when his comrades, the king himself, face death! Swap kisses from fairy swarms when they swap swords there! In love intoxication to forget that the fate of your homeland is at stake for hours! And don’t rush to the point where your blood drops victory from fate with every drop. To miss a beautiful death for a beautiful woman!

Frigyes Trenk thought of a boldness.

He spoke through the curtain of the tent.

– Madame! Can I enter?

– Free.

Frederick Trenk entered the king’s tent.

A roll of wax burned on the table.

The lady was already lying on the camp bed, covered with a lampshade. The handmaid costume lay on the stool.

“Has the countess rested?”

“Yes, but I couldn’t pull off those damn long-boots: it won’t go without help.” Come here, help me pull it off.

Well, performing such a service is a chivalrous duty.

Frederick approached him.

Miranda took off the blanket. He was wearing only a short, embroidered hem shirt, and then the boots on his feet. He held them before Frederick, who had to kneel before him during the service.

Then the lady threw herself on the deck chair again, pulling the blanket over herself and making a cold shiver, which then turned into a quiet laugh.

“Well, aren’t you sitting here on the edge of the bed?”-116-

Since the stool was busy with the suits taken off, he really had to sit there.

“Well, my little friend,” she told her; so have I told you that we will meet again? And that we will meet here.

And then he laughed out loud.

– Is that so? If someone were to surprise me here now, I would say I am King Frederick’s lover.

This word completely froze Trenk’s emotions.

Even the appearance of shame is glory to this woman.

– Well? He wanted to tell me something that he came in.

– Yes, Countess. I wanted to say that I would go after my peers too. I can’t stay in sluggish inaction when they’re fighting.

Miranda shrugged angrily.

“Well, you could have done that without telling me.” Without you, I have even less reason to be afraid of myself here. Did you come to me just to let me know your high contempt?

– On the contrary, Countess. You will soon understand that the greatest appreciation has led me here to you. The king was just kidding that he had placed me in the custody of your grace. There was no reason to be distrustful. You see, he left all his notes in your tent here in front of you, unfolding. From these you can learn the dislocation of the graces of your grace. Here is your cash register with the key left in the lock. But I want to show even more confidence in you. The king trusted me to keep his camp fund. If I get a horse now and then gallop for the guard, I have to leave the secret of the treasure to someone. I dare not trust anyone else but the Countess.

– Slowly! It flows into my ear.

Frederick had to lean over Miranda to suck the secret into his ear. During this, the lady’s white arm wrapped nervously around her whispering neck.-117-

The transfer of such a great secret is indeed a testament to great esteem.

– It is a great honor to have told you this; I will take care of it, the lady said sharply. Have fun!

With that, he turned his back on him, blew out the candle, and wrapped himself in a blanket.

Frederick Trenk hurried out of the tent.

His horseman waited there with his saddled paripus, threw himself in the saddle and cut him off. An hour later he caught up with the king.

– Are you here?

– Punish Your Majesty after the battle; but it is impossible for me to flinch motionlessly when my comrades fight.

The king did not have time to ask any further questions

– Well, it’s good to be here! The guard is not fighting today. Join the war.

Yes: this time the bodyguard was given the task of forming the nerves of the battle. The whole fight was improvised. The six guards officers had to constantly wander from one brigade to the next with hymns.

Enemy cavalry had already begun to advance on the narrow road, in a long pillar of war. When four regiments marched, they disbanded on both sides of the road.

King Frederick waited for all this calmly.

Then came the Austrian and Saxon heavy cavalry in huge crowds on the parade road.

Then King Frederick blew the trumpets and his cavalry hidden in the woods rushed forward.

The Austrian cavalry, which thought to surprise a sleeping enemy, was embarrassed by this unexpected attack. In a straight, open battle, the practiced tactics of the Prussian cavalry always prevailed over his opponents.

The confused light cavalry suddenly gave his back and threw himself into the heavy irons coming from behind, curled up.

Then the king turned to Trenk.-118-

“Well, now go to Prince A. Z. for help.” He loves to help! Well, not that way. You see that pile right there, with that one pine tree in the middle. Get it straight up. There you will find the artillery commander. Let him know to start the campaign right away.

Frederick Trenk galloped up the hill through a ditch-bush. There were eight cannons hidden on the other side of it.

At the king’s command, the cannons were immediately pushed up the hill.

In the deep valley, even then, the Austrian and Saxon cavalry were compressed into a confused mass.

Then they began to arm this crowd with those eight cannons.

It was not a battle, but a massacre. Man and horse, like the mowed order, collapsed after the shots. The regiments that came back suffered the most: those who were in cardus with the Prussians could not be shot. Within an hour, the Austro-Saxon cavalry was crushed and ran through the woods so that no more could be found. Frederick Trenk returned to the king.

However, for the large cannon, it was also noticed in the Austrian waist army that King Frederick preceded the attack.

Dawn was cracking, it was a beautiful St. Michael’s day clear morning. The mountain ridges, gilded by the sun’s rays, were covered with white fog in the valley, only the cross tower of the village of Szór was visible.

Opposite the hillside Burkersdorf. Forty cannons of the Austrians were set up among its gardens.

The Austrian grenade regiments launched in closed wars against the village of Szór, where King Frederick’s headquarters was imagined. Cannons set up on the hillside above their heads flew their bullets to the village.

The villages could already be used as strength by both opponents in this campaign. The bayonet attack was repulsed by the Prussian grenade army; but that huge battery on the mountaintop-119- he smashed their barriers and set fire to the houses behind them.

Then King Frederick said to Trenk:

– Gallop to Prince A. Z. and tell him to cut into the enemy center with three regiments of cavalry and silence that battery! Then, on the shortest route, wander into the village and take the order to the general to launch a battalion of six battalions with grenades against the Burkersdorf batteries.

Frigyes Trenk performed the task entrusted to him.

He notified the prince first. It immediately started the equestrian attack.

And he, the young dalia, had to watch that old man, with his flag-wig white wig, gallop in front of his riders in order to perform heroic acts like storytelling! the old, the derailed, the humiliated husband! While he, the young knight, the great conqueror, the lucky man: he looks at it all from a distance.

He had to get to the village with the other scene.

After all, this was also a dangerous task, our Trenk encouraged Frederick. The shortest way, in front of the enemy face line, is from the shooting line of the forty cannons. The bowls stumbled over his head there; a bullfinch grenade slammed down at the horse’s feet, jumped over it, and he heard a burst behind him. But then the frightened horse took him into the enemy camp. (Like King George at Dettlingen.) And when he came under Soor, he had to get off his horse and leave it tied to a tree; for the roads were so blocked that a horse could not walk. Yet in good time he handed over the king’s order to General Golcz, who immediately drummed an attacker on the grenades.

Then Frederick Trenk saw from the tower of the church these living bastion walls start to strike against the fiery batteries like the arms of some machine. Where the cannonball hit the gap between them, the living wall closed again at once. Then the forklifts came to the eagle-120-they made the wounded and cleaned them up. The crowd went ahead. And not only the cannons destroyed it, but also the shooters placed behind the ditches. The firing of Austrian infantry is said in military language as roller fire (Rollfeuer). The constant murmur of this formed the tone in this terrifying concert. The grenades did not make a single shot, until they reached the opponent’s battle line a hundred paces away, then fired at once, one regiment after another, and then rushed to the heights nailed.

But at the same time, the cavalry brigade galloped up to the plateau, towards the forty-cannon battery, unrolling the battalions standing in its way.

Frederick Trenk hurried back to his horse and found it, galloping to bring news to the king.

The king, with the guard and a reserve barrel, came closer to Soor; he also brought with him the eight cannons; the defile is only guarded by a cavalry squadron.

“The big battery is busy, Your Majesty.”

“It’s just muted, Mr. Trenk.”

Even then, the Austrian cannons ceased to roar.

– The military report must be correct. The king said.

– I saw Prince Z.’s cavalry rush to the cannons.

– They could retreat, though.

He briefed the guard for a short time. The cannons set up on the roof began to rumble again. But their flame did not flash towards the Prussian camp, but in the opposite direction. The Prussians did indeed occupy the battery, and then, by placing their own artillery next to the enemy cannons, they began to shoot the Austrian armies gathered in the village of Burkersdorf. Not long after, the whole village burned down. He was attacked in the center of the Austrian General Command. Prince Charles sent one harpoon after another to the brigade commander on the left wing, General Preising,-121-to hurry to his aid: it did not move out of place. He referred to the written daily order that it was his duty to cut off the retreat route before King Frederick. The three-waist regiment sat there in the saddle until noon, motionless on a mound that has since been called Bataillenberg.

Prince Charles had no choice but to retire from the lost battlefield with his disintegrated army.

The Prussians then, to the south, also helped General Preising with the decision: he was kicked out of his place.

The Austrian army again made the mistake of, confident in its overwhelming army, splitting its army into three to crush the burqus with a central attack; King Frederick then beat all three at once.

Well, there was a fourth left.

Betrayed by the beautiful handmaid, Ferencz Trenk swam across the Elbe with his hussars and pandurs, and while the waist battle was in full swing under Burkersdorf and Soor, he struck at the Prussian camp, whose headquarters was completely defenseless.

While occupying the large cannon colony, an ordinance officer came galloping to the king:

– Your Majesty! our camp was occupied by Trenk’s pandurs.

– And what are they doing there?

– Our luggage is being looted.

“Then they do a very clever job: just let them destroy you.” At least until then, we are not hindered in the main thing.

And the king did not even send a spy team against them. He knew his people well. These are best intercepted by the luggage cart.

By noon it was already possible to ring the bells in both villages. The battle was over. Then the king returned to his camp with his bodyguards. Trenk’s knights were no longer there. But the camp was also thoroughly looted. The king-122-they also took everything from his tent: even the silverware. But the eleven bullets were also gone, filled with our gold. Who cares about bagatelles now?

In the king’s tent, tossed under the camp bed, lay a red vigo worn by the beautiful handmaid yesterday. What happened to that?