The precious kotillyon sa is an even more expensive vigano

Miranda woke up to an awkward roar in front of the tent, gunfire, horse pounding, swearing mixed.

The army of Ferencz Martencó Trenk arrived.

He didn’t have enough time to get dressed. Ferencz Trenk himself broke into the tent opening.

Until now, only his snout was as ugly as the devil’s, now his legs were lame to make him look even more like him.

It was already morning, the sun shining through the tent opening: straight to the figure emerging from the bed.

– Ah! Ah! Cried the pandur leader: what do my eyes see? My virtuous holy lady in King Frederick’s bed! Countess Miranda! Are you the lover of the Prussian king?

Miranda had no greater desire than to be somehow surprised in such a situation, and this glory, beyond its merits, caught up with her.

The customs of the French court (much of the Bavarians as well) make it understandable for a woman to degenerate into an ambition. For it is the women who sit on the left who rule.

But for Ferencz Trenk to be intact, whoever discovers it was not to his taste.

He got annoyed after he took off his suits.-123-

But Ferencz overtook him and snatched all his guns.

– No, sir! What do you want with my clothes! Give it here!

– Ah no! Beautiful goddess. This is how I have to show you to my harnesses! “Let me see what kind of pigeon King Frederick keeps in his nest?” Then I will take the beautiful angel to Vienna and present it to the court company there as well.

Miranda jumped up to her and wanted to snatch her embroidered petticoat from her hand. He doesn’t have it. Then he took it for granted.

– Sweet Trenk. Dear France. Well, don’t joke. Give me my cottage here.

(This was the name of the embroidered petticoat in Lafontaine’s time.)

– Ah; he even caresses my crappy jaw. Now would be the best time to kiss! Nor could Beelzebub himself choose a kinder moment to make love. Not madame! I’m not giving anything for a kiss today.

“I’m not offering such a cheap price, Ferencz.” I am in your power now: you can nullify, push you into the mud and suffocate. Despair is about me. I offer you a big ransom if you let me go. Do you know that this is the king’s tent?

– That’s why I came here myself.

– You will find rich prey here. There’s the king’s silver table.

“I’ll take it without your gracious instruction.”

– But you think it’s all a trifle. You better find the camp cashier instead.

– I’ll put my hand on it too. I know he’s here. My spies notified him.

– Well, look for it. You can’t find it without me.

At this the lady returned to the bed and hid in a blanket.-124-

Ferencz Trenk turned everything upside down in the tent, ripping the seats blue with his sword: he could not find the cash register. He turned to Miranda angrily:

“So where’s the royal treasury?”

– Where’s my cottage?

– Here you go.

With that, he tossed that one piece of suit to the woman.

Miranda suddenly tied it to her waist and then put on her boots. She was already half dressed.

– Well! Show me the checkout!

– Let’s make a deal first. You threatened me to take you to Vienna with you and to present you in front of the courtyard like King Frederick’s concubine. Promise me you won’t do this to me.

“If you hand me the royal treasury.”

– I’ll hand it over. But you, on the other hand, bet on your chivalrous honor that he will release me and let me go where I want.

– I take my word of honor.

“Well, you know that the king’s treasury is hidden in the howitzers that are placed in a gula in front of the tent.”

Ferencz Trenk shouted from the tent to his guard standing pandur.

– Bring in one of those bullets.

The pandur pounded the ball, noting that such a heavy howitzer had never been in his hands before. But the others are so hard, too.

Miranda then taught Ferenc Trenk how to swing the wick pin of that fireball when it turns in two. The torn ball, covered with a thin sheet of glass, showed the contents of the treasure.

Trenk began dancing with one and a half feet in triumph.

– The whole treasury is in my hands!

Miranda used this moment of rapture.-125-

“Well, sir, give me my vigan now.”

But he was very disappointed when he thought that Ferenc Trenk would invent a shadow of gratitude, or truth.

– Your vigano? question with strange amazement. I did not promise to give it; I just promised to let you run free.

“What the hell do you want to do with my vigan?”

“I’m sure I’ll pick it up, I’m a little old.” I have no lover to whom I will take him to the fair; and pretty little gunya. How beautifully it is embroidered.

“But don’t look at my suit!” Thunder creature! You have given your word of honor to release. In a cottage, I just can’t go out on the street.

– Well, wait, my dear. I know what I gave my word of honor for. But first I will call on my harnesses to be my witnesses, with whom I will be able to prove in Vienna that I found myself here, dear beauty, and so I found it here. This is how they should see themselves here, in the tent of King Frederick, in a cotyllyon without vigor and kamizol.

With that, he shouted at the guard standing pandurs.

“Drop Todbitter, Buntevicz and Keppenik’s harnesses right away.”

Miranda was in despair; sirt, rumbled, tore her hair, slipped on her knees, writhing after Trenk. The more he laughed at it.

Then the lady stood up, wiping her elbows. She tore off her thick long hair and made a blanket out of it for her naked shoulders and breasts. When the harnesses arrived, he was already calm as a statue.

The three chief officers came into the tent. Marczona were jaws!

“Noble harnesses,” said Ferencz Trenk. Look there! Do you know this charming lady, do you? You may have seen it enough when the Generalists still had a wife. My little angel! You sat with him at a table many times. Well-126- now this beautiful goddess, the widow of a general, is guarding King Frederick’s bed here.

– It’s not true, you’re lying! cried the word lady. I kept the king’s treasury. I handed it over to you. But now you want to hide the military coffers in front of your harnesses so that no class is demanded of it.

Frencó Trenk was scared.

– You shut up, you viper!

– Ahan! He doesn’t like it. She said giggling. Just look for what to put under your cloak? That bullet ni! That’s where the gold is.

– Leader! Are you hiding the money from us? This is a commission! Todbitter shouted as the other two rushed over to him to break his cloak. The hidden howitzer fell to the ground during this and rolled out into the middle of the tent.

Ferencz Trenk yanked his sword.

“I’ll split in two who dare to touch that bullet.”

But then three barrels of pistol were aimed at his forehead at once.

– Quiet leader! Plug that sword; because we make you a cold man! Dörmögé Todbitter.

Ferencz Trenk knew his people: they were capable of everything when it came to money.

Miranda, meanwhile, jumped over to the howitzer; he wasn’t scared of Trenk’s pallosa and then, putting the ball of splendor on the table, he rolled the wick pin out of it again, and then poured the gold on the table from the ball that turned in two directions.

He gives out a beautiful set of fifteen thousand pieces of gold.

The chews were quite drunk on him.

This woman knew well what she was playing for.

Three wolves against a bear.

– Wow, sir! so you wanted to save so much money from us? Monda Todbitter.

– There are more! Cried Miranda.

– Shut up, Satan! Or shoot me! Scribbled Trenk,-127- with his left hand pulling a pistol out of his pocket. (That assassin’s gun.)

– No leader! Just be smart! Monda Todbitter.

The other two harnesses licked the leader’s arm with one arm, while the other hand kissed his temple with the mouth of the pistol barrel; And Todbitter aimed his grunt at his forehead.

– Let’s talk smart, leader. You know there’s a contract between us to drop our cash loot: half of it is yours, half of it is your harness. You’ve been with him once before, that you were prepared to keep the paty twenty thousand forints for yourself; then the devil will take you.

– Well, there it is! Eat it! Let it be all yours; kill him.

That was smart speech! But they didn’t even tell themselves twice. All three of them rushed to the table at the same time, and as much as one could grab with his left hand, they stuffed them into their cradles one after the other: with their right hand, they continued to run toward the leader. Otherwise, it can cut down all three of them while the prey is foamed.

– Swell it! The leader grumbled with wild fangs.

Miranda chuckled.

“Well, Franco, was it expensive on the cottage?”

– Inflamic flint! shouted Ferencz Trenk. (This is the name of the lowest canvas maids who scurry among civilians.) Well, todbitter: you can even do that. I give you. Do with it what you want!

Grabbing the woman’s arm, he tossed her into the harrow’s lap.

“Is that a knightly honor, leader?” She shouted.

“You didn’t keep the condition either: you betrayed them to the coffers.” I’m taking you to Vienna now.

– Well, at least give me my vigan.-128-

– I won’t either. Run away like this. The flints parade in their lower skirts.

Then the woman threatened the leader with his fist.

“Remember this, Trenk Frányo!” Will this vigo be expensive for you?

With that, he ran out of the tent.

“Well, you got the loot, now go with the news of the devil;” Trenk told the harnesses.

– Then one after another, leader. We know your benevolence.

They made sure that as they left the tent, the leader would shoot them.

However, at first only the Köppenik turned away from the tent. Todbitter whispered something in the departing ear.

Then Buntevicz left.

Finally, Todbitter looked back and forth at the tent opening.

But during this time the other two lieutenants cut out the ropes at the front of the tent, so that as Todbitter jumped out of the tent, the tarpaulin of the rushed leader fell on his head, and while he angrily writhed beneath him, all three of them ran away. .

Todbitter’s horse was held there on a bridle by an minion, who jumped on it.

“Didn’t you see where that woman ran?”

– But yes. He hid there in the ditch.

Todbitter rode over. The white figure lay there among the stinking lab bushes.

When he saw Todbitter, he jumped up from his bed and held out his hand.

– Put it in your saddle.

The harness lifted the woman to her.

– Cover your cloak, I’m cold.

The knight did the same.

Then he rode his team with his precious burden.

A really expensive burden: thirty-three pounds of gold in her bag and a beautiful woman in her saddle.-129-

His soldiers were no less well equipped. Like the diligent bees, they were loaded with the prey found in the Prussian camp, which was multiplied by the browsing of the villages that fell in the way.

“Which ones have a vigo and a truck?” – I’ll give you five gold coins. Todbitter shouted at his soldiers.

Ten at a time rushed there with the desired goods. How about a well-made pandurn with such a gift?

The harem entrusted Miranda to choose for herself which one she liked best.

Well, that’s right. Once the milf has become his property, he must take care of its attire.

Miranda got dressed in the robbed gnawing; instead of a hat, they could only give him a silvery helmet. Well, that fits your head too.

“Here’s your money for the gunya,” said the harasser.

The pandur wiped his mustache in half.

“I’d rather give it to the punk for a few kisses.”

Todbitter slapped him and tossed the five golds to his feet.

– Czoki! This is my lady!

(This is a different man from his leader.)

“Now create a gripper cord.”

It was also brought out. It was good order here. Although the brandy had already been taken out of the barrel, there was still the little pony horse, nicely tooled between the rods.

– This is my laptops! Miranda said with delight. My little Tartar. That you know me.

– Well, now you can sit in this mucus and come with us. All the way to the dry water. There I will saddle you again and take you to the other shore.

“Thank you, sir, for your kindness.” I will serve you, even immediately.

And this good service consisted of Miranda telling Todbitter the story of Laudon, from which she could understand -130-the harass bass, what awaits the pandur officer who demands part of the loot from Ferenc Trenk?

Underneath it sounded the shelling, rifle firing on the battle line between Saor and Burkersdorf uninterrupted.

If Ferencz Trenk had been as good a soldier as he had been as a good martyr: at this hour it would have been his duty to gallop with his whole army of hussars and pandurs to where their guns roar and attack King Frederick in the back. But he missed that.

Miranda did indeed serve King Frederick well when he revealed the secret of the gold-filled howitzers to Ferencz Trenk. It still had ten such expensive orbs left as loot.

In addition, King Frederick’s whole silver tableware. – The gorgeous gilded bowls, plates and billiards. If at times there was nothing in the king but bacon, black bread, but it was feasted on at least silver.

What did Ferencz Trenk care about Prince Charles now, and the outcome of the fight, when his triumph was over? So many treasures in a pile! The main question was, how could this be delivered?

It is not advisable to take the gold out of the balls; for if the pandurs find out that so much money has been looted here, they will all demand a share of it as well.

And if the ball is put in a bag and tied to the saddle in this way, this great burden of dragging the horse under the water on the Elbe will pull it under the water. Ingenious reason figured out the way. Ferencz Trenk tied an empty jar to each bag that contained the golden ball: it balances the weight of the ball in the water. A raft made from their feeding trough for the silver will be charged across the river.

During this time, the princes of the Duke were able to mow the Austrian regiments in a row, and they could lay their own batteries at the headquarters of Prince Charles.

Ferenc Trenk had a confidential buddy. Throat -131-it was pribes. It was called Khankari (in Turkish it means a form like “executioner”). He used this for secret assignments, the purpose of which was to set off a harrier bitch under his feet, to whom the leader was angry, or from whom he wanted to snatch the part of the booty. The practice was very simple. The trained officer was ordered to attack the enemy with a team of hussars and twice as many pandurs. The fighting style was that two pawns of pawns ran next to each hussar. They could run a race with the paripa. The pandur fired, the hussar cut, and in his handmade, the pawn pandur cut the tendons of the horses of the enemy heroes with his handjar. (This is what the Janissaries did with the valiant “adventurous” knights of King Louis at Mohács.) However, if only the loss of the chief officer was the goal, then at the beginning of the shooting the harness suddenly received the bullets intended for him; then the pandurs grabbed the horse’s oyster and cut him back to their camp with the wounded to death. That’s all Miranda told Todbitter. He himself learned this trick from Laudon.

When the battle was already going on in the mountains, Khankiár spoke to Ferenc Trenk about this. It would be good to scare the enemy.

Ferencz Trenk then gave him the necessary instructions.

Three teams of hussars and pandurs go in three directions to visit the enemy. Their leaders are Todbitter, Buntevicz and Köppenik. Each team consists of a hundred riders, two hundred pandurs. Todbitter had the most dangerous task, to attack the right wing of the Prussian army, where everything was still quiet, so where he had to find a completely rested enemy.

As Khankiaar was seen approaching with the two hundred pandurs, Miranda and Todbitter said the word at once:

– Here’s the “Letter of Uriah!”

The pandur officer handed the order to Todbitter.

The bastard was scared.-132-

“Should I attack three hundred with the resting brigade of the Burkus?” Believe in the madness! He told Khankar.

“If you say just one objection and you don’t start right away, my order is to shoot you in the head.”

And he had already raised twelve rifles and aimed at Todbitter’s head.

Miranda spoke in German:

“Accept the assignment: the Prussians have no army on the right wing, only artillery, and you will find a cavalry on the Austrian cavalry over the mountain and you can join it.

– Well, let’s go! Said Todbitter, and with that, the usual subordinate team set off for Bataillenberg in a quiet trot.

In a short time they saw the Prussian battery set up on a hill from which it dominated the strait road.

Trenk’s teams had a traditional aversion to their bed. Their cannons were never besieged. And snapping does not in itself attack. And so they retreated nicely by the battery, out of range, into the woods.

Miranda drove forward with her chord on the road and reunited with the pandur team out of the woods.

As they ascended the ridge, they saw a team of cavalry in front of them at once, set up in a three-line military order. Entire battalion.

– Well, let’s start shooting now! Khankiar told Todbitter.

– You’re starting the fiery arrow! Miranda shouted at him. They are Austrian riders. Can’t you see their yellow flag?

They were soldiers of the Preissing close-up regiment.

The close-up major, as he saw Trenk’s soldiers emerge, immediately writhed his aide to them, ordering the team leader to come to him.

Todbitter galloped; but Khankiaar also ran with him, clinging to the saddle of the saddle.-133-

“Are you Trenk Martalócz?” The major asked.

– Captain Todbitter.

– What were you doing here?

“We have orders from the leader to storm the enemy.”

“Well, I’ll let you know the commander-in-chief’s order.” Pedestrians should hide in the woods: no one should betray our presence here. If he fires a rifle, I immediately put it on the tree. The rifle must be placed in a goulash.

Khankiar growled; but he did not dare to object.

The close-up major was still adhering to yesterday’s military council decree: the chief’s miser was lost somewhere and could not find General Preissing.

Along with his two bellows, the major also rode with his entourage to the Trenk team.

Todbitter told the major’s command in front of them on their idiom.

– Infantry should march deep into the forest and not move; and the hussars should stand behind the close-ups; but first put all the unnecessary burdens out of their saddle, which hinders our quick movements.

Put down the collected prey!

“Drugi puty!” the heroes cried out and turned their horses over and winded in all directions so that Todbitter himself remained there with the handmaid.

– We got rid of lucky! the lady said to her harasser.

– But where are we now?

“My friend is now a man sentenced to death at Trenk.” The smartest thing is to run straight to Vienna now. You can take me with you, your quasi wife.

Todbitter received five thousand gold and a beautiful woman, so why would he continue the war?

An hour later, he was also beaten by the Preissing Brigade. Everyone could run, wherever they liked.

One of Trenk’s other two deployed troops fell into the throat of the King of Prussia’s cannon, the great -134-he suddenly ran back from Buntevicz alive. The Köppenik team, on the other hand, headed to where he saw the great smoke and heard the cannon, witnessed the disintegration of the Austrian waist army. Troops fleeing burning Burkersdorf covered every road. The pandurs hurried back to Ferencz Trenk with the rumor that the archduke’s armed had been ruined: here is the enemy.

For this, Ferencz Trenk also collected his looted treasure and his only tactic was to take all the prey. He also took with him his brother’s two paripas, which he left behind with his groom’s lad.

By the time the Prussians returned to their camp from the battle they had won, Ferencz Trenk, along with his hussars, pandurs, and bright prey, had been out on the waters of the Elbe.