Under the triangle

– What? Exclaimed Ferencz Trenk as that gracious sentence was read to him. Should I pay twelve thousand forints to these bracelet makers? Never! Not a copper cricket!

And with that, he caught himself, sat in a car, did not tell anyone a brain, traveled to Slavonia on his estate and hunted fallow deer and wild boars there, and did not care about his entire army of pandurs. He thought the lords of Vienna would call him once they were in need. He stayed there too until the winter frosts caught him.

But during this time, world history turned a big turn again.

II. Frederick destroyed the Saxon prince’s army united with the Austrians at Kesselsdorf in the Zone. In the bloodthirsty battle, Prince A… Z., who had a cloak after the battle,-140-like a sieve, pierced by balls. Prince Charles watched the crushing of his ally. For this Maria Theresa made peace with the Prussians, passing through the lost Silesia for the second time. Then he turned with his whole army against the French and Spaniards, who at that time occupied all the Italian provinces. He was cruelly beaten, driven out of Italy. But there was no need for Trenk’s free troops for this campaign.

Then Ferencz Trenk, when he noticed that he was not being invited, even twisted him to go up to Vienna. So far, he had heard no news of what had happened.

As soon as he arrived in Vienna, the very first surprise for him was that he was bowed down on the street with snowballs. He thought it was going to be some misunderstanding.

But as he arrived in Hohemarkt, his name was already mentioned out loud, accompanied by the adjectives «du verfluchter» «du verräther».

In the middle of the market stood the large iron cage, into which thieves, scoundrels, and hübschlerins, grouped together by the police, were confined.

Someone from the cage shouted his name.

He stopped his sledge; odament. He found one of his biting pens in the Ketterhäuschen.

The pious complained that he had been captured, locked up; and he did nothing but what was customary in other cities. He hit the head of a couple of Germans and bought a gold watch at the set price (: for a punch of fists on the headboard of the watch 🙂 well, he looked at a convent as a host.

Ferencz Trenk immediately rattled up to Marshal Cordua to complain about his captured bite.

“Oh, my friend,” the general told him. Do not break yourself now because of your harness; but defend your own cause. You yourself are edictaliter currentized or propter feloniam.

Ferencz Trenk stared.-141-

“I’ve already received the acquittal.”

– From me. But you didn’t rest on it. Now a new process has been tied around your neck and now I am no longer the judge, but General Löwenwalde.

Ferenc Trenk had an old acquaintance with Löwenwald.

In an iz, after the first burkus campaign, he met him in the hall of Archduke Charles, where the general had mercilessly hatched before the archduke because of the cruelty, blackmail, and destruction of the pandur leader in Bavaria. To which accusations did Ferencz Trenk respond quite briefly and effectively with just one movement, after which the most perfect imprint of Ferencz Trenk’s boot was visible on the part of the generous velvet bubble on which he used to sit. And the archduke laughed so well over this replica that two buttons came off his vest.

He had such a well-remembered acquaintance with General Ferenc Löwenwalde. And that was now his judge: the president of the court-martial.

He was even told by Trenk that who had acted against him this time was no less a personality than Count Gossau, an imperial chamberlain, head of the food department, a man of great influence in the court.

Finally, he was instructed, straight from the queen’s order, that as soon as she arrived in Vienna, she considered herself a prisoner and did not leave her quarters in the restaurant until they were sent for her.

Understanding this command, Ferencz Trenk immediately hurried to the Matsakker court: there he found the most magnificent sledge in the carriage, caught four horses in front of him, with a bell tool, and with this skill galloped through all the crowded streets of the city center, the Carinthian road, the Carinthian road, In Gráben, on Glacis, on the post market, on the huss market and on St. Peter’s, where most of the people went: he drove the horses himself and rang his whip in the Great Plain.-142-

In the evening, he bought a lodge in the Burgszínház, where Racine was given his classic play, Ifigenia. His lodge was almost opposite his queen, adjacent to Archduke Charles’ lodge.

Until now, his truce against the court powers had been quite gallerious.

However, during the performance, which Trenk listened to with noble attention, suddenly a loud conversation caught his attention in the lodge next door. He heard his name mentioned.

He looked through the lodge and saw Count Gossau sitting there, facing the stage, opposite an officer whose only side he could see; but he recognized him by his voice. That was Todbitter.

When they also noticed his presence, they began to translate the conversation into French.

It is already annoying that a Ferencz Trenk is being asked that he does not speak French! But it is still the subject of discourse! They continued to be slammed.

Blood flooded his head; he lost his mind. He ran out of his lodge: into the lodge next door.

He punched Todbitter in the way with his fist so that it collapsed along the way. Then he grabbed Count Gossau by the throat and began to finish it with punches.

The count drew his sword; but Trenk grabbed his sword with his left hand, as he cut his palm; but in the meantime he handed so many punches to his opponent with his right hand that he collapsed unconsciously to the edge of the lodge. And all this was done in the sight of the whole theatrical audience, in the highest presence of Her Majesty, the most charming Empress and Queen; fortunately during the act.

And this brutal brawl scene surprised everyone by allowing the pandur leader, after satisfying his revenge, to return to his sledge unhindered and drive him to his restaurant with his ringing equipasion.

But an hour later, an armed guard was set up -143-in front of his door, and as soon as he stepped out his door, he was accompanied everywhere by two gunmen, two at the back, with his rifle raised.

The next day he was taken to the military tribunal, which held his meeting there in the armory building, on the fourth floor.

As he walked down the corridor, a whole host saw uncomfortably familiar muzzle owners sitting on benches next to the tree.

It may not be a very calm feeling when one is reminded of the fact that I once forgot my manupropria on this gentleman’s cifferblatt! They are all slapped images, or at least those that have not yet received a slap, but at the sight of it the palm of a man is itchy.

These were all witnesses against him.

Fifty-three doctors were bankrupt against him. All of these were collected by General Löwenwalde, announcing that whoever had a complaint against Ferencz Trenk should come forward: he would receive a gold daily allowance for the entire duration of the trial. Fifteen thousand forints were issued only for the daily fee of witnesses against Ferencz Trenk.

He just spat big on these witnesses.

«Lying dogs! Stick to them! »

There was one among their witnesses who came to prove that he had never seen Ferenc Trenk appear in the Marian-Czell bucsun. It was also one of the main charges of sin.

But then came the heavier accusations.

Löwenwalde argued that Colonel Trenk Ferencz was accused by strategists that the battle of Soora had become fatal to the Austrian armed forces directly as a result of his deliberate omission; for he did not accept the Commander-in-Chief’s order to attack King Frederick with all his armies from behind at his headquarters in Soroa.-144-

For this accusation, Ferencz Trenk very calmly retrieved from his trunk the letter of Archduke Charles, in which the commander-in-chief himself proves that his ordinance officer, whom Trenk had sent to Ferencz with the order, was lost in the turmoil of the battle and only reached Ferencz after his retreat. when the ordered attack was already impracticable and unnecessary. Trenk presented the Chief Justice’s letter to the tribunal.

– Wow! cried loudly Löwenwalde. Prince Charles is also swinging a loop with his pandur leader!

At that word, the rage of rabies blocked Trenk’s nerves. He escaped to the president with an escape (though he could only use one foot), grabbed Löwenwalde’s throat, yanked him out of his presidency, “like a tiger a cat”; he ran to the window behind the presidency, tore it open, and wanted to throw it out the window. It was good luck for Löwenwalde that the generous presidential robe got caught in the turntable iron of the window, otherwise it would fly off the fourth floor.

Then the police rushed in, Trenk was listened to, and the half-dead president was released from his hand: and his mouth was stuffed so that he would not swear and he was taken out of the courtroom.

Then it was to be beaten.

He was now imprisoned in a military prison.

And they struck the iron that had been crushed at the foot of the lame man, which had been smashed by the Prussian cannonball: there on that bitten bone, above his missing ankles, the other end of the chain, and the wrist of his hand.

Well, that’s how they teach unruly boys to behave obediently! Nice thing. Generate generals! Throw presidents out the window! Now he will speak in a different voice.

He was kept there in prison for a few days on bread and water.

Then the fourth from the basement was limped again -145-upstairs, in front of the Military Tribunal. But there he was also placed between two soldiers guarding his stillness with a bayonet rifle.

Again, Löwenwalde was president of the tribunal.

Ferencz Trenk suggested to himself that this time he would impress the court with his cold-blooded calm.

– Obester Ferencz Trenk! started Löwenwalde. The lord is accused of capturing King Frederick in his tent at Soorau and then releasing him for a large ransom.

– Who is that weed… I want to say waist man?

– Who was with the lord this time.

“I’d like to see your face, I say, your honest physique.”

The president instructed the auscultant to introduce the witness.

Todbitter was the summoned.

– Is that a good bird? that is: good man, good man!

– Talk to me, Captain.

– Dog, not Captain! interrupted Trenk. I had a harambasa.

– Defendant listen! Otherwise, I’ll peck your lips. Find out that his pandur team was enlisted in the regular regiments of his majesty and his cavalry was transformed into a hussar regiment, and their officers were transferred to the regular chargée.

(So ​​his free team has already been taken away from him.)

“So tell me, Captain, how King Frederick was arrested at Soorau?”

– Well, I’m curious about that myself. Denkmögé Trenk Ferencz.

“That’s what happened,” Todbitter said, and I’m ready to put my faith in it.

(- For good money! I didn’t say anything.)

“It was towards the morning when Trenk and I arrived at the Prussian camp.” The Prussians, as the river Elbe was behind them, their outposts were not set up on this side, they felt so secure. The king-146-his tent was immediately known from the Standard he set, and from their bed set up before his entrance; one was a howitzer; with eleven grenades placed in a goulash next to each, the same number of bullets. Two grenades stood in front of the tent entrance. When they saw us, they cried out to us, What is our slogan? For this, one was cut by Trenk, the other by me, so that they didn’t squeak. Then Trenk ordered me to stay out; he entered the tent alone, with a drawn sword in his hand. There was a soft commotion from the tent for several minutes, which I couldn’t make sense of and I don’t want to say false after I have to swear. All I know is that soon there was a horse pounding from behind the king’s tent. It is known that the king’s tent is connected to the compartment of his equipase, where his horses stand, this is behind the tent. From here came a groom-shaped lad with two paripas: one sitting on himself, the other brought on a wire. I stopped the lad: «who are you? where is he going?” The lad replied that he belonged to Frederick Trenk’s cavalry, the king’s adjutant; the leader sends him to his master, with two horses and a letter that was not sealed. I took the letter from him and read it. It read: “The Hungarian Trenk does not wage war against the burk Trenk, his nephew. I am pleased that I can send back to you the two paripads that my hussars captured. ” It read: “The Hungarian Trenk does not wage war against the burk Trenk, his nephew. I am pleased that I can send back to you the two paripads that my hussars captured. ” It read: “The Hungarian Trenk does not wage war against the burk Trenk, his nephew. I am pleased that I can send back to you the two paripads that my hussars captured. ”

The chain rang in the hands of Ferencz Trenk.

– Isn’t that all true? Todbitter said, turning.

– That’s right! Fire up your beauty in hell! It’s just that it didn’t happen in such a line.

“Let the witness continue to deposit!” said the President.

“It only occurred to me when I let the groom go on, how very similar it was to the portraits I saw of King Frederick on every pamphlet.

– Hahaha! laughed Trenk Ferencz. Can I just laugh? His chain rang as he laughed.-147-

“I thought I was going to chase the groom and catch him, but then Ferencz Trenk called me out of the tent and called me and two other colleagues with me, named Jócza Buntevicz and Hanz Köppenik.” Obviously out of the intention not to chase the fleeing king. For this is the reason why he has called all three of us into the king’s tent, such a clear futility that has nothing to do with military tactics; and to be presented to any military authority, they will all say that for this purpose a brigade leader had no need to squander three section leaders and give them such instructions in the hottest heat of the battle.

– And what was that instruction? the president asked.

“Well, let’s see with our living eyes and testify that King Frederick’s bed is with a young woman in a full robe.” Gavallér man, when he discovers such a thing, turns aside and says nothing; not to bank his friends and shame a lady from a good family. Out of morality, Ferencz Trenk certainly did not; but he did it so that no one might realize that the king’s bed was still so hot that he had run away from it.

Ferencz Trenk felt the net thrown over his head tighten around him more and more. Chained toe with chained hands and feet, protesting:

– It was all so! But it’s still a lie.

– Just wait for the accused to finish his testimony. The president calmed it down.

“But that was the loss of Obester Trenk;” for the embarrassed lady stated that King Frederick was also there beside him: Trenk surprised both of them together and then let the king run for plenty of sums of gold.

Indeed, he was the cavalry of Frederick Trenk.

– Hell of a trick! shouted Ferencz Trenk, chained -148-threatening the witness with his fist: because of this he had to lift the leg of the lame, which was chained to his fist.

– Don’t dance. The president told him with cruel mockery.

– Lie! Every word of a lie!

– Call in the second doctrine. The president has.

A lady entered through the door of the tribunal, her slender stature indicated even higher by her black suit, her face covered with a thick black veil.

However, as he reached the court table, he lifted this veil from his face. She was a really beautiful woman. Countess Miranda.

Ferencz Trenk shouted loudly when he recognized him.

– Are you here?

– Yes. I didn’t lose that you wanted.

“And you’re coming here to testify against me!”

– Yes. I, Count Sch … in General, am coming to testify against Baron Ferenc Trenk.

– And you! A Count Sch … in General, aren’t you ashamed to say here in court that you were King Frederick’s lover?

“A king’s kiss does not soften a spot on his face, but a halo.”

Ferencz Trenk looked into Miranda’s eyes. It’s back to his.

The Trenk Ferencz players could smell victory in the air. This confrontation was like when a lion meets the idol in the bush and that beautiful monster stands up in front of him on his tail, straightening his moving horns and pushing his tongue out of its venomous teeth. He felt that in this shower he needed his whole cold blood to avoid the deadly bite and when he could catch the snake’s neck.

She trembled with rage. He bit his lips to blood.

– Madam Excellency, take a seat.-149-

Löwenwalde gave the lady a chair and a due title.

“And now tell me how King Frederick was captured under Soorau in his tent.”

She began her tale.

“The night before, the king drank a lot of punches and fell asleep deep as a result.” And so he would not hear the outburst caused by the arrival of the enemy cavalry. However, I woke up and woke the king from his deep sleep. But from that moment on, the curtain of the tent was pulled aside and a warlike figure entered with a sword drawn in his hand. “Who dares to come here?” cried the king. I recognized the figure and whispered in the king’s ear, “Your Majesty! this is Ferencz Trenk! » The king was able to keep his composure amazingly. Holding all his superiority, he said almost cheerfully to the fearsome visitor: «Ah, are you the infamous Hungarian Trenk? We were once very close to each other. At Kollin. Even there, you didn’t take me captive. ” «Yes, I am on a cannonball that crushed my leg: this shortened leg reminds me of a meeting. “« Well, luck was more favorable this time, “said Frederick. The king managed to matte. Let’s see what you gain from it if you expose me to the Viennese? I will be forced to make peace, to return Silesia to the Queen. Do you get any part from Silesia? The war will end, you will be sent home to Slavonia with your pandurs; and they forget that he was in the world. The good harvest is over. On the other hand, I can give you a good reward that will make you a first-class dynasty in Hungary at the same time. I offer you one hundred and sixty-five thousand gold as a ransom if you release it now. ” This word had a great impact on Trenk. “Then that money has to be here,” he said with a laugh. “Then I will take the money and take the king.” “But you won’t find the money.” “We shall see!” To this he tore back the chests in the king’s tent with his sword;-150-in them he found nothing but silver. After an unsuccessful search, Trenk shoved his sword into Ferencz’s sheath and said to the king, “Where are the golds?” “First you give me your knight’s password to set you free and promote my escape.” To do this, the pandur leader pulled the glove off his hand and handed it to the king. Frederick gave him a hand. “My word of honor is iron,” Trenk said. “And my word is gold!” said the king. Then Ferencz Trenk sat down at the table and tore a sheet out of his pugilary, writing a letter to his nephew, the content of which was to send back his paripas, which had been captured by his hussars with his cavalry. In the livery of this ecurier, the king had to escape.

Throughout the storytelling, Ferencz Trenk stopped saying a word: he pursed his lips and looked at the speaker’s face sharply, with a distorted grin, like a replica of the then fashionable laughing plaster bust. It was only when the lady was resting for a minute that she made a silent gesture, pointing her hand at the crucifix on the green table and then pointing up at the sky.

The lady reached for the silent touch and in response placed her first on her chest, then raised her hand over her head: signaling that she was ready to take an oath for everything she was saying now.

Miranda continued:

“Then King Frederick discovered the secret of the treasure to Ferenc Trenk.” The reserve military treasury is hidden in howitzers set in a goulash next to the bombing cannon: fifteen thousand gold in each. Ferencz Trenk then stepped out of the tent and brought one of those cannonballs.

“I’ve seen that myself,” Todbitter proved.

“After unscrewing the howitzer pin, the bomb split in two and was covered with a thin sheet of glass, the hidden gold coin. Isn’t that true, too, Mr. Ferencz Trenk?

Trenk hit his forehead with his fist.-151-

“That I didn’t strangle this viper then!”

Miranda continued.

Seeing this, Obester Trenk handed the king his sword and allowed him to sneak into the horse’s compartment through the back opening of the tent with a letter to Frederick Trenk.

– Did you do it? Ferencz Trenk spoke during the break, while the auditor described the lady’s testimony.

“That’s what I called to meet.”

“So my dignity and Excellency, Mrs. Countess, fairy-beautiful woman!” my dearest relative, my angel! With every word you lied like a market cafafrangos!

The President shouted at Trenk:

– Do not insult the witness! or bag covers on his head.

Miranda said in cold, cruel calm:

– Just let him speak his real language. This is how you characterize yourself. Every word I say is a lie. Yet the howitzers filled with gold received as ransom by the King of Prussia are still there at the Matsakkerhof accommodation: in a glass cabinet, lined up.

Trenk shouted:

“Why didn’t I kill this devil?”

The judges were very excited about this discovery.

«Ah awfulness! He even brought the sin here! Unheard-of betrayal. ”

Löwenwalde immediately ordered an ordinance officer to go up to the Matsakkerhof with a patrol, accompanied by an assessor, and to stamp the howitzers in the old-man’s quarters as a corpus delict. Until then, the Inquisition pauses.

– Why take a break! said Ferencz Trenk. I admit that those howitzers are filled with gold. I also admit that I brought them from the king’s tent.-152-

“Well, then, what does a dude’s eye say about lying?”

“He lies in the fact that the secret of the hidden treasure was discovered before me by King Frederick, he charges for the betrayal.”

– Who else discovered it?

– She’s yourself: this woman.

Miranda expressed her utmost amazement at this.

“How would I have known this secret?” And what would have been my reason to present Ferenc Trenk with so many treasures?

– To release you; to give back your vibe.

– So you release me? And you returned my kidnapped clothes? Have you not thrown me naked out of the king’s tent, to the ugliness of laughing pandurs, throwing prey at them: me, the Countess, your uncle?

– I made a fool of you! Ferencz Trenk grumbled.

“And if there are no more human feelings in a harness than you have to pity, endow, protect, then now I’m lying somewhere at the bottom of the ditch, smashed, humiliated.” Isn’t all this true Ferencz Trenk?

– Damn red viola! Ferencz Trenk murmured; he said that vigan would be expensive for me! But still this woman is lying!

– Gentlemen. Dignified Military Tribunal! then said Miranda to the judges; if there is logic, ethics, pychology in the world; and if they have eternal, unchangeable rules; is it possible that if I, Sch … in Countess, a close relative of Ferencz Trenk, discover a well-hidden treasure in front of him, similar to the treasure buried in the Niebelungendal in Rhénus: deprive me of my bodily clothing, into the autumn hoarfrost, the ugliness of pandurs-153-expel in a shirt? This would be a greater impossibility than the mythological chimaera! This would be the embodiment of absurdity, a paradox. That would be a caricature of the devil! Is it possible to ask such a mindset about a person?

Ferencz Trenk felt beaten to death after that logical, ethical, and psychological deduction. His two hands fell along with the clattering chain.

He could only have replied, “Sure, though I am such a caricature of the devil! I have done all this. ”

Instead, he spoke to Miranda in Hungarian: (no one in the Vienna Military Council understood that.)

– You’re spoiled, ma’am! They do not condemn my sin; but they break out of my neck for my gold.

And it wasn’t long before the confiscated howitzers arrived. They were laid on the green table of the court. They slammed their wick pins together and opened the hemispheres.

It was true! It was gold for what the lady said.

What so much gold proves is no longer a lie.

“Here are the undeniable testimonies of treason.”

– What protection does the accused have against these clear testimonies? asked President Löwenwalde.

– I acknowledge that I have brought the treasure of the Prussian king; but that I have received it of the king, I deny.

Löwenwalde, after a brief discussion with his fellow judges, stated that the incriminating doctrine, Countess Sch … in, could confirm his confession with his jury.

“And you dare swear by what you confessed?” said Trenk Ferencz to Miranda in Hungarian. Aren’t you afraid the devil will take you?

“If you can deny God, I deny the devil.”

And with that, he walked over to the crucifix and placed one hand on it, raising the other over his head, swearing that what Trenk had confessed against Ferencz was all true.

The judges stood listening to the oath.-154-

The president motioned for the dustmen to take the price dancer back to jail.

“And you did all this to me for that vigano?” the roar of Ferencz Miranda Trenk.

The lady, rolling those beautiful eyes down like a murderous beast that had almost sparked a green flame, whispered back to him:

“You got this for my sister you killed, Frenco Trenk!”