Wrong situation

Frederick Trenk found the outposts and luggage chariots of the Prussian camp in front of him at dawn, and from this he could learn that the king’s army was moving east and moving fast. He found him near Konopist at headquarters. The king dined intact in his tent with his immediate surroundings. Chariot sides laid on bed bases formed the table, roast beef with boiled Jerusalem artichokes (topinambur). The drink is served with a good kind of cider (Gose), which is made locally there.

The king himself used the cider barrel as his seat, even though Bachus was used to pinging him, riding, and at the back the tap was punched into the barrel; when the jug ran out, the king himself filled it full. The beautiful tabourette that the queen had embroidered for herself was handed over to the English ambassador, who was sitting to her right and, exceptionally, refreshed herself with brandy.

As Frederick Trenk entered the king’s tent, there was a great shout of salvation in the hospitable company.

– Ah! Trenk is here! Trenk has arrived.

Everyone already thought he was lost as he was left out all night.

– Well, Fritzi! said the king, so you come alone?

“No, Your Majesty, I pulled out a Tokaj wine average under my blue cloak and put it in front of the king.”-76-

– Where did you get this?

“The pious Beneschau friends disputed me by force to bring it to your majesty.”

– And your soldiers?

“With the exception of two hunters slaughtered by Trenk’s hussars, they’re all here.”

– But did you pay for them?

– Seven for two. And I took twenty-two hussars captive. I took their horses in front of twenty-two chariots of hay; they also came nicely.

It was a great joy to this word! Twenty-two hay carts! At this great time. There were Thomas who did not believe in him until they saw with their own eyes that such a heraldic miracle did exist! Bigger wonder than a two-tailed lion: a hay cart!

This is the miracle hero!

And he even captures his attackers: the hussars of the other Trenk fairytale, for the whole team! And he walks through trumpet words to the camp of the pandurs, in which the other entrepreneurs all got lost. He even picks up a team on the road after a break and brings it with him.

– Sit here with me! The king said, taking a seat next to Frederick. Bring that drum out of the corner to yourself; sit on it and push the crucible bowl in front of it to wind it out. Frederick did not even allow himself to be offered twice. Falt like a wolf: making every question to him unheard.

The king was apparently admiring him.

Then he turned to the English ambassador and put his hand on Trenk’s shoulder and said to him:

– You’re in love!

Trenk blushed for that praise. There was a reason to blush. Madame Circe could tell you what a matador is? With a gun in a sheath.

The Tokaj wine went hand in hand on average: it is not usually drunk from a cloister, but from an acona. Malic is a dish! -77-Lungs need to be added if one wants to take a sip out of it.

At the end of the lunch the king came out of his tent to hold a muster over the chariots, soldiers, and prisoners brought by Frederick Trenk. They were waiting properly set up in front of the tent. He praised his own soldiers, tried his linguistic knowledge on the prisoners, and after they did not answer the Hungarian or Sarmatian questions, and even the question, “styi rumunyesztye?” they just shook their heads, convinced that they belonged to some quite unknown people.

With that, in front of the group of leaders, he took the military merit hanging from the ribbon from his neck and hung it on the neck of Frederick Trenk.

– Reward for this waist feat!

Frigyes Trenk could barely shake something. His soul said he had never deserved a merit worse.

In addition to this bright award, the king rewarded Frederick with a purse. There was five hundred gold in the purse.

That’s the price of hay.

But Trenk, for his part, was also left behind in generosity. From the money donated by the king, he gave the sergeant and the corporals twenty Frederick golds each and one gold for each soldier, plus a hundred golds entrusted to the regimental chaplain to send to the mothers of the two fallen hunters.

With this generosity, he thought to ensure their silence.

For all his glory lasteth until they speak the truth.

Jasinszky took her by the arm and congratulated her with this grace on her superior military prowess.

“Do you have to tell us how this whole brilliant affair went?”

Now Frederick should have lied to one -78-a full tale with heroic twists. He had the means to do so: he was blessed with great poetic talent. But he didn’t take it out now.

– Release me into my tent. I didn’t sleep for two nights. Continuation in the saddle. I’m as tired as a dog.

Before he was even sent into his tent, the king summoned him again. The king was alone with him.

– Do you already know the camp password?

“I haven’t been told yet, Your Majesty.”

– Then don’t even ask. By the time you wake up, there will be another password: I’ll tell you, “Mollwitz!”

– “I understand” Your Majesty.

– Why did you press the word “I understand”?

– The password means we face the enemy and beat him.

– He explained it correctly. Do you know that we are facing a real enemy?

– I know Your Majesty. Charles of Lorraine arrived with the Rhine army; he joined Nádasdy’s corps and the Saxon army. They are approaching from Dresden.

– That’s right. In front of us is Károly Lotharingi, behind us is Trenk Ferencz. How are you related to this Trenk?

“Our fathers were brothers, but they didn’t love each other.” Their life paths became separate. My uncle Ferencz and I had never seen each other.

“Don’t you know more about your uncle?”

– What can be learned from hearing or saying: it is described as a valiant man, but a bad character. It’s not my job to judge it. But if we meet on the battlefield, one of us will cut off the other, so much for sure.

– I like to hear that. While I am pushing forward with my waist army against Charles of Lorraine, below that he remains at the reserve with the bodyguard squadron and takes part in-79- in his defensive battles and will be on it to repel the opponent.

“It won’t be a difficult task, Your Majesty.”

– Well, just no arrogance. Ferencz Trenk has a large force and is able to move quickly. Today, three hiobhir came to me in an hour. Budweiss and Frauenberg capitulated without a cannon shot and were followed the next day by Thabor, the Walrabe Regiment. I don’t care about the other two. They were picked-up Hessenians; but the Walrabe Regiment! And especially the Commander-in-Chief trained in the armies The… Z. Prince…

In uttering this name, the king looked into Frederick Trenk’s eyes for a long time. Watching these royal eyes was like the jet fire of a lighter glass. Frederick Trenk stood up for it.

A wink did not betray his emotions.

Yet it was a danger to show complete calm. Prince… Z. was a great authority in the army and Frigyes Trenk was often his invited guest. Yet we would just have to show a bit of a clash over the capture if we don’t want to betray the joy anymore.

– No! And you don’t say so much about your accident to such an excellent protégé that “God forbid!”

Frigyes Trenk calmly replied:

“I heard this bad news yesterday at this time, Your Majesty.” He wasn’t surprised.

– Who did you find out from?

– Prisoner from hussars.

“Can you speak the language of these prisoner hussars?”

– I do not; but my housewife, in whose house I was staying.

– Ah ha! So you had a housewife.

– I will present everything in my report. The landowner of Beneschau is Countess Sch..in. He sent by me to your majesty the foodstuffs along with the wagons, out of homage.-80-

– Is it beautiful?

– Very distant lady.

“Didn’t I ask what your behavior was?” but how beautiful is it?

– Very beautiful, Your Majesty.

– Did you pay for the food yourself?

“I repeat, he sent it to your majesty as a gift.”

– For me yes! But you just didn’t stay in debt?

Frederick Trenk took out all his prudder to apologize.

– What do you think, Your Majesty? In this situation! In the middle of an enemy camp!

– Wow! A soldier’s weapon must always be drawn. But did he just hug you when you teased?

– Not when towing, Your Majesty.

– Well, when negotiating. In my name, per procura.

The king laughed; then Frigyes Trenk laughed to himself, until he suddenly noticed that with this laughter he was letting him see his secret and he suddenly gathered himself.

– Within the limits of etiquette.

– All right, we know this thing. You can go to sleep now. You will receive my order in the evening.

Frederick Trenk, coming out of the king, hurried to visit his tent, where his two cavalry were waiting for him; behind the tent was the paripas of the two wires. He threw himself off the bearskin and immediately fell asleep. The trumpet word in the evening woke him up.

It was then that he learned that the king had moved with his headquarters in the afternoon and left him with the bodyguard squadron, with four cannons. But the fifty hussars who took part in the journey were taken by the king.

Frederick Trenk was able to grasp the skewness of his situation.

Today every man speaks of his valiant deed of miracle; they stare, they envy him: they foretell a great future for him;-81-but if the king finds himself summoning Norbert, the hussar sergeant, and tells him the whole military adventure with him, it suddenly discharges that the commanding officer has had only a shameful trap in this whole feat. Then, if someone asks: where did this «grüner Junge» win that order of valor? they will answer, “in Madame’s subcovenant.”

This unsettling feeling accompanied him throughout the war. On the third day he overtook the king and immediately he led the first stage of the bodyguard cavalry; the king rode at the section of the drumsticks.

Once the king brings Frederick to himself and tells him:

“No Trenk, now we get to the point: tell me, how did your own brutal slaughter take place in Beneschau?”

Frederick told the king faithfully, without embellishment; he confessed to the great mistake he had made, the misfortunes of which were freed only by the foolishness of a woman and the valor of her non-commissioned officers.

There was a surprise on the king’s features. He had not yet been told this secret: he heard this for the first time from Frederick’s mouth as an arbitrary confession.

“Well, look, I like that you’re telling the truth.” He does not hide his fault, he does not boast of false merits. However, the merit of the heroic deed should remain yours. It has already happened to famous warlords that they have won the battle by mistake. I ran myself to Mollwitz myself and only found out the next day that I had won brilliantly: my waist-grenade regiments had defeated the enemy. In the slightest, it happened to you. Thank you Goddess Fortuna for winking at us. But let’s end the flirtation with the goddesses now! You are a young man, blessed with many beautiful talents. Heart, head in place. His scientific qualifications are many. He was one of the first in physical exercises and men’s fights-82-is. A noble man from head to toe in his soul! Do not take this as praise. Only one temper will be able to degrade all these good qualities. This is sensuality. And you have a great willingness to do that. For only one hour of pleasure, he himself will lose his mind, forget his duty, betray his homeland and become a commissar, a submissive character, an ungrateful, paid spy. It will all happen by itself if you don’t vaccinate yourself against the scourge of love.

And then the king kept Frederick Trenk with his fatherly teachings for another half hour, riding beside him.

He told him that at such an old age he had a similar devastating disease to him, sensory heating, he too could forget all duty for a sweet ringing sound; he allowed himself to be captivated into the world of daydreams.

And then, blessed, he recalled the hand of the fatherly iron that had unintentionally shattered his daydreams and forced his lost son to perform male duties, with the rigor of a prison warden.

“I will exercise similar paternal providence over you,” said the king. I want to make a whole person out of you. And unless it goes otherwise, I smash and pour again, that my father did to me. But do you know what the name of that re-casting mother pattern is? Prison. She herself deserved a year’s imprisonment for that history in Beneschau. This is now done; but not let go. But remember, every time there is another long-collapsing female hair that is the last blanket in a fairy room, it caresses with its hand all the way that King Frederick’s debt is written in his black book.

Frederick was impressed to the tears by the king’s paternal rebuke. He vowed that he would live a life in Sparta from now on.

The king confirmed this intention. Indeed, nothing is such an effective protection for a young man a-83-against the seductive demon of love and lust, such as body training, weapons practice, athletic competitions: bold defiance of the elements, perfection in thirst and fasting, the fact that the Gradus ad Parnassum already says, known to all syntaxists: «Multa tulit, fecitque puer : sudavit et alsit. Abstinuit Venere et vino ». (Hey tolerated a lot and the boy did sweat, shivering. He avoided love, wine.)

Then, when they return to Berlin, there will be the famous scientists, Pöllnitz, La Mettrie, Jordan, in front of Frederick Trenk: you can converse with them, gather much more food for their souls from their spirits than from the chatter of vain women.

Frigyes Trenk surrendered. He solemnly vowed that from now on he would spend all the hours of his day on the carrier and riding stage, taking ice baths against heat: he would dedicate his nights to the sciences, and if he met a woman, he would only look at the nose of his shoes with downcast eyes.

One makes such bets when one is marching for days in snow-mixed rain, mud, starving and searching for the enemy with whom he wants to fight.

How do you then keep these bets, in the otcolon-scented room, by the fire, sipping a hot punch? That’s another question.