In the city of Vienna

Frederick traveled to Danzig with his mother. They said goodbye there, never seeing each other again. Fatal coincidences prevented the reunion.

He hurried from Danczka to Frederick Thorn, leaving his friend Schellt as a pawn.

It must have been a great admiration for a good stalk when he saw his guest torn from the branch the other day returning; riding a thoroughbred English paripan, in a bright uniform, accompanied by a butler, a groom. The embrace of the two good friends was certainly heartfelt. Frigyes Trenk generously balanced the expenses, and now he honestly told his identity to the Szatcs family, accepting that the good housewife, as he arrives in Vienna, would have the first thing to inquire about and write something about his Austrian servant.

He also fulfilled this promise, though not with great luck. Arriving in Vienna, he investigated what had happened to Willel. Surely he had escaped from the regiment, was captured on the run, and forgotten on a rope in a short process. With a sacrifice of one hundred forints, Frigyes Trenk issued a certificate from the relevant authority stating that Will would die a natural death, and he sent this to the hostess of Thorn. It was already completely reassured.

His good friend Schell immediately served in the Austrian army and then went down to Italy with his regiment. Frigyes Trenk faithfully shared with him the golds he had brought so far.

Then he saw his mission, which led him to Vienna. He visited the emperor. (Ferencz of Lorraine, Maria Theresa’s husband, was the chosen emperor; but not the king of Hungary. The “king” was his wife.)-202-

He was also graciously received by the emperor, but even more so by Prince Charles. A special benefactor of both was the accused Ferencz Trenk, whose release was commissioned by Frigyes Trenk.

In addition to caring for such two high-ranking men, it became possible for Frigyes Trenk to visit his uncle, Ferencz, in the armory. (There was the pandur leader’s prison.)

This was the first encounter between the two relatives.

Ferencz’s soul was never tamed by any tender feeling. The emotions, the daydreamers, before him were only objects of ridicule. Csuf’s jaw slanted when his nephew told him on his first visit that he had come straight to Vienna to, as the most competent doctrine, belie the fabricated charge against his uncle as if he had captured and released King Frederick. He certainly knows (from a first source) that the woman who was involved as a witness in Ferencz’s treason lawsuit was not Miranda, but Baron Rippenda’s lover.

Ferencz Trenk burst into angry laughter.

– I’m fine! Swear on it. Your soul will also have a good place in hell.

(It must have been Miranda!)

However, Frederick Trenk told information before the emperor and Prince Charles that the military tribunal had to drop the charge against Francis for arresting the Prussian king. And from then on, Ferenc Trenk’s heavy captivity became a simple house price. His comrades may have joined him; among them three famous fighters, with whom Ferencz fought for hours in the presence of Frederick, who, as a kind of child, were not praised by the infamous spadassins for calling him a «Gang».

But Ferencz Trenk was still far from being released. There were still thirty lawsuits hanging around his neck that required his continued arrest.

The emperor and Prince Charles advised Trenk -203-To Frederick to persuade his uncle to apply for mercy to the queen. Maria Theresa will then release her and put her back in her rank.

– What? Grace? Ferencz Trenk shouted angrily. Evildoers slip to the queen’s feet for mercy! I want justice. I do not ask or give mercy. As I get out of here, I start crushing my galad opponents, where I can find them!

He also hired a replica of this, and it really messed things up again. – Löwenwalde openly told Frederick that Ferenc Trenk had only one way out of the prison: towards the house of fools. Incidentally, his series of criminal charges will never end.

Then Frigyes Trenk was also desperate for the Vienna judiciary. He remembered his own endured sufferings: his unjust imprisonment, his miraculous deliverance.

One day he told this whole escape legend to his uncle. How much easier it is to walk out of the Viennese arsenal and land in a ready-made boat in Hungary, where the power of the Viennese police ceases. He handed the whole escape plan to his uncle, using it in detail. He himself offered to help with this force.

Early the next morning, the Commander-in-Chief of the City of Vienna, Count Königseck, summoned Frederick Trenk.

He was a tall, kind-hearted lord: he particularly loved Frederick.

– My sweet freak! The commandant told him. What the hell are you teasing here? Do you want to escape your uncle?

Frederick wanted to deny; but then Königseck placed a plan with his own hands in front of him, letting him know that it had been sent to him by Ferencz Trenk himself.

Frederick was horrified at this unheard-of betrayal.

“Well, you see, my son: this is your uncle!” Not-204-you give it bad advice. Because he knows the worse. Now you sent me this plan of your escape only to free yourself at the cost of it and then put you in duty for yourself. This time he failed. But then see who you start conspiring with.

With that good, honest Königseck tore up the dangerous document that could have easily taken Frederick to the point of loss.

Frederick rushed to his uncle’s prison with a desperate heart. He could scarcely find words to express his horror over this cuddly betrayal.

Ferencz Trenk laughed heavily at his brother’s expectorations.

– You see, bikficz! Why are you interfering with my business? I know better what makes the lock on the door open. Who believed here?

– My honor and love for you.

“There are no more donkeys in the world who still have honor and love.” Are you really honest and do you love me?

Frederick cries out in despair.

– Well now “the candle tile is broken!” teasing his uncle. Well, don’t cry, little boy. I’ll buy you a baby horse when I go out to the fair. Oh, but you’re a big fool boy! It was a shame you were torn off your mom’s shawl. After all, I sent a message to Königseck when I sent you your plan that it was all a joke between us. “Without it, he would have tightened the noose around your neck.” Well, now I’m initiating my secret. I don’t adjust my own thing in as silly a way as you do, your own. I will not run into the world like you, leaving all my wealth to my enemies, ruining my entire career. I want to stay here and I want to continue my career, to gain even more glory and wealth than before. There is only one way to do this. To buy-205-the judges. The thing is already baked in the handle. I have a good friend: Baron Lopresti Alfonz. This is the mediator. Three assassins have already won for me, and so do most of the votants. They promised to issue the files against me for ten thousand forints each, which would be the most burdensome, and then Mr. Löwenwalde himself would fall into the stack. Isn’t it a smarter thing to get out of here this way, washed clean with a judge’s judgment? Then I can take your destiny green: child! Well, am I your bad brother?

Frederick fell peacefully on Ferencz’s neck.

– But I’m a good brother too.

– That’s true. That’s why I’m initiating my secret. Pluto sent me here in a good hour. Such a naive, honest ficko was lacking only for this cuddly process, where every man, starting with the judges, is a villain of hellfire: myself included. You’re still safe. Like having a virgin kid at a lutrine to pull the numbers out of the wheel of fortune. Do you undertake it?

– If I don’t get my hands dirty with it.

– Don’t be afraid of anything. The dirt is already smeared. All you have to do is hand over the money to your dirty palms. There is enough money: although I would have reached for it sooner. In the beginning, fifteen thousand forints would have been enough; and at that time I was still at the disposal of King Frederick’s howitzers. But they had already been seized by the aerarium as military booty. He betrayed your devilish Miranda. My estates were subjected to sequestration by Löwenwalde: all my movable bingo is between his fingernails. But I still have enough cash. No one knows where it is. And I dare not even tell this secret to Lopresti, my best friend. In vain! occasion facit furem. I have a lot of money; a lot of. There are so many that even my best friend can become my enemy if he discovers it. But you will not betray. You are my blood. I can trust you to be with the man with whom-206-my money is down, take up thirty thousand forints and take it to Lopresti. You will have no other flight in this infamous affair.

Frederick accepted the assignment: he could forget the unbelief that Ferencz had trapped him at that hour. He loved this terrible monster.

Ferencz handed him a letter with secret tickets addressed to a money changer living in Vienna, with whom Ferencz had large sums, which he concocted and shrunk.

Frederick approached the banker: at the letter of Ferencz Trenk, he immediately counted the thirty thousand forints in gold in his hand.

Frederick hurried with the money to Baron Lopresti. The baron gave him an acknowledgment of it and ordered him the next day, when he would hand over to him the documents to be embezzled from the bribed judges.

With this encouragement, Frederick went back to his uncle’s prison.

The next day at noon, Baron Lopresti sent a card to Ferenc Trenk to prison; it was written on the card:

“The flower of your precious aloesed has opened.”

At the time, it was a gardening fashion to produce aloe blooms.

This meant that the judges were already bribed, and the dangerous periras were in safe hands.

– Well, the kid did it right! Mondá Ferencz. The two military officers he was intact with when he received the scene with whom he used to practice dagger. Prisoner officers were allowed to perform such physical exercise in the prison corridor under the supervision of the tip.

After reading the card, Ferencz Trenk stopped having fun and invited his two comrades to his prison.

“Well, buddies, I’ll get out of here tomorrow, and then.” -207-we hit a big dynamo. The «turkey» has done its duty. But already the turkey knows my secrets that don’t become a child’s health. In particular, the secret is where my money is hidden. With this secret, I will be indebted to this fick until my death, his half-hand will always be in my pocket. Can’t you help me with this somehow? I wouldn’t regret jumping a thousand gold for it.

They answered nothing: they only indicated with a wink that they understood the targeting.

Ferencz Trenk hired assassins to destroy his younger brother: because he had possession of the secret of his cash.

What a bottomless vortex of human evil! A beast that is freed from a trap would not kill its savior.

Frigyes Trenk, by the time he visited Lopresti again, had already found the official documents served by the judges. He tied all of them together and tucked them into the inside pocket of his dolma. He wanted to take them home to his accommodation and put them in a safe place there.

As he walked through the Jewish market, two figures in gray coats followed, speaking loudly about the fugitive Prussian Trenk with mocking remarks. Frigyes Trenk turned back. For this, one with his spade made a blow to his chest. He was lucky to see that his brother’s periras were hidden right there: the many paperworkers grasped the edge of the stab.

At this, Frederick also drew his sword and knocked the spade out of the hands of his attacker. The other knight then ran; full throat shouting «killer». Frederick ran after him, caught up with him, hit him on the ground. For this, the police grew up there and questioned the brawlers.

The two assailants, uncouping their coats, proved themselves to be Kolowrat regimental officers who had been rushed by that tramp with armed hands.-208-

It turned out that the police arrested Frederick Trenk.

Frederick could not defend himself by saying he got the first punch by nose; for then he would have had to present the documents which perceived the medical stabbing, and there would have been an even greater danger.

However, he cut the title “cowardly pribes” between the two officers.

The space commander then sentenced Frederick to six days in prison, and when he fired him, he taught him a hard lesson about fairness.

Barely Frigyes got home to his accommodation, three military officers entered him. In two he recognized the street attackers of the other day, in the third he was one of those vivo masters with whom Ferencz’s brother used to do sword drills in the corridor of the prison.

All three handed over their cartels: one was Lieutenant F..g, the other Lieutenant K..n, and the third Lieutenant General M ..

They came to seek armed reparation for the word “cowardly pribs” in their eyes.

Frederick readily accepted the challenge, leaving the challengers to choose the weapon.

The meeting was decided next to the bastion in front of Schottenthor, an hour later.

Frederick Trenk hurried to visit his brother in the armory prison. He found a pipe next to his morning coffee.

He told him what a fatal galiba he had gotten into. Two duels in an hour. Either he is killed by his opponents or he beats them down. In this case, he has to run from Vienna, because Maria Theresa severely punishes the duel. However, during his time in Vienna so far, he has run out of all the money he has brought with him: he asks his brother to give him a hundred gold so that he can continue to run if he survives.

“Not a pet, my brother!” he replied loudly, laughing -209-his uncle. If you started arguing with the officers with a fool’s head, now drink the bitter juice. Hahaha! Foolish fool!

This diabolical laughter simultaneously set a world of terror before Frederick. He learned from him that it was his uncle who, for that essential good service, who had brought his evil case to the turn, now wanted to pay him with such little money. He said no more, turned; went out the door.

Ferencz Trenk shouted after him.

– Well, don’t be afraid! I’ll do the nasal decongestant5) I pay for you.

The daemon’s temper so blinded Ferencz that he failed to ask Frederick what happened to the perirats?

Frederick still carried those precious documents in his pocket, but after heartless rejection, he did not waste any more words with his brother. He ran to Baron Lopresti; he told the whole thing. Lopresti gavallér was a man; Colonel at the Cavalry. He gave Frederick a good carrier and a pair of damask pistols for the duel; and a purse of fifty gold.

“Only you treat your opponents, then run where you see them.”

Nor did it talk about the documents handed over.

Frederick then hurried to look for a second. He had no acquaintance in military circles; chance brought an old invalids officer in his path: Captain Pereira. The waist Spanish, understanding the matter, offered to help with a whole noble fire and himself tied a sword and escorted Frederick to the glaze behind the Schottenthor bastion.

There was a whole group of officers waiting for Frederick, who came to admire the sight of the fugitive Trenk.-210-

The aides chose a fencing dagger as their weapon. Lieutenant K..n stood out first. Frigyes Trenk stabbed his opponent’s arm through the first clash, which made him incapable.

Then the second opponent F..g rushed at him with a big swear: it then got a big sudden stab in his abdomen, as he was satisfied.

According to the rules of chivalry, Frigyes Trenk complied with this. And with this, the duel must be declared complete in all ordinary cases.

However, one of the assistants, M..f, the famous carrier, began to obsess: that only he could get the urf on the tip of a sword and then nail it to the wooden cloak like a butterfly.

At this word, Frederick’s assistant, the disabled valiant Spaniard and pulled out his long Toledo pallos, stood in front of the fencing master.

– Not so, sir! Trenk fought his opponents in a valiant custom and rule. If the secondary also wants to fight, the other secondary responds. If the gentleman draws his sword, trouble will befall me.

The watching officers laughed at this scene. The little stocky man, whose head also trembled, waved his long sword in front of the nose of that fearsome spadassin, moving his thick shaggy eyebrows angrily.

And Frederick Trenk didn’t like to be laughed at his expense.

“Leave it, Captain, valiant,” he told the old Spaniard. While I raise my sword, don’t protect me from anyone else. If this gentleman is in such a great mood to match me, start with him.

The perilous fencer did not allow Frederick to rest either, he immediately attacked and then found himself finding a master fencer worthy of himself. It took everything uselessly-211-his tricks and grimaces, with which he usually wins: they could all be overcome by Frigyes Trenk. And when he aimed one of his opponents at his defenseless quartzurus, he grasped it so deftly that the attacker wounded his own palm in Trenk’s sword tip.

At this the spadassin came in a furious rage and rushed to the young man. And this deftly backed away, catching the blows with whole cold blood. As he retreated, he reached all the way to the house of the syllables.

– I’ll nail it to the wooden robe! You cat! roared the hireling.

One day, Frederick Trenk stuck forward and slammed his opponent’s sword aside, giving him a huge punch in his chest.

The spadassin, as he felt the sting, rushed forward, blinded by anger and shame. He wanted him to run to the grip of his opponent’s sword and then he would stab him and take him to his death.

But Frederick still retained his amazing soulfulness. Suddenly he jumped to the side, pulling his sword out of his opponent’s body, knocking the sword out of his hand, and when he still wanted to bite, he grabbed his cauldron with his left hand and slammed his back to the ground.

Then the fight was over.