The Fraud

The spadassin could no longer stand on his feet; from his wound on his chest, like a fountain, blood squirted high and blood flowed from his mouth as well. Frederick Trenk saw that this man was killed.

He dropped the fencing sword from his hand and ran to the Kahlenberg monastery. It was the II. «Discalcialtok» introduced by Lipót-212- convent of (bootsless); this place was endowed with a special right of asylum: it is also famous for the fact that high-ranking families used to hold their weddings in its temple.

He had been saved from persecution in this monastery, but he could not step out of its gate because the prisoners had been there day and night to pinch him.

Baron Lopresti immediately visited him in his refuge, as soon as he learned of his whereabouts and brought him the news that one of his opponents, M..f, the spadassin, would die in the wound he had received, and this, feeling his imminent death, made dangerous confessions to credible persons. It will be good for Frederick not to leave his refuge.

After a few days, a chariot arrived in front of the monastery again, accompanied by six halberders, and a solitary lord got out of it, inquiring after Frederick Trenk. He was introduced to the cello of Frederick Trenk.

The visitor to the court-martial himself, General Löwenwalde, was the visitor.

Frederick had met him several times, but they had not met so closely and alone.

– Baron! began Löwenwalde, I came to you to express my sincere regret, above all, that you were not lost there in the Glatz prison, that you did not break your neck when you jumped off the bastion, that you did not drown in the Neisse when you swam through it, that the thorny verbungos had not struck him to death and that, it would have been our worst for you not to have escaped into the world with Mrs. Miranda.

– Thank you for your sincere regret.

– Really honest. I can say that no one did so much to the Viennese government, no one like the Baron. Are you saying, what reason do you have to release that damn Ferenc Trenk?

– That he’s right.

– Hi! If the truth were politics! So you know-213-and you that this Ferenc Trenk must disappear from the world. Whether alive or dead. This is deleted from the ranks of the people: because of higher political views.

– And because of his accumulated treasures.

– It could also be: «male parta, male dilabuntur.» A poorly born gift must be lost. The verdict was already on his head. The charge of treason is the place of loss. The sun was on fire, on which we knocked our heads down. When the emperor and Prince Charles go on a hunt in Holic. Then the Baron drips down from the sky. He learns our plan from the mouth of the court phrases; nosza runs a baton to the highest lords: they arrive at the twelfth hour and suspend the verdict, revoke the treason, following the baron’s report, and take the wall out of our mouths.

– I haven’t seen this lawsuit.

“Not because you demanded that we confront the certain Countess who testified against Ferencz Trenk.” And Baron ur you know better, why can’t we confront you with that witness? For the last time, the judiciary was forced to say that Countess had gone mad, after she had escaped from the house of the fools. After all, as a result of the Baron’s agitated action, we had to drop the whole charge of treason.

“Then why wasn’t Ferenc Trenk released?”

“There was another charge against him.” According to Todbitter’s testimony, the pandur leader sentenced a hussar from an excellent, waisted valiant family of Hungarian nobles, named Pál Diák, to a thousand sticks, from which cruelty he became the victim of death. You can believe it. A thousand sticks. A buffalo also has a lot. Eternal slavery is dictated by this law. And then the Baron, getting himself, at his own expense, travels down to Hungary, visits somewhere in the Banat to that Student Paul.-214- his family: there he finds the living student Paul, who has been declared dead, and brings him with him to Vienna. And he puts it before the tribunal. He dusts our roast again.

– I’m very happy with myself.

– Well! But there were still thirty different criminal charges against Ferencz Trenk. Then the Baron will bribe the court judges to get all the indictments in his hands.

Frigyes Trenk jumped at the word.

– Who dares to accuse me of that?

– Who? Well, you are the lawyer of Ferencz Trenk, who informed the judges. When those dangerous documents were then delivered, the lawyer asked Ferenc Trenk for the promised fee: two thousand gold. And he laughed at him and gave him a hundred. Therefore, out of revenge, the lawyer betrayed me the whole bribe.

Frederick gritted his teeth in stifled rage. In his uncle’s miserable frenzy, he cuts the tree under himself again. Believe it is the great Mogul of fools who wants to cheat the procrastinator! And even your own procrastinator!

Löwenwalde marveled at the effect he made with his discoveries. The young man’s facial features could not be kept secret.


“So we already know that three of the votants are bribed.” We also know that the money was handed over to them by Baron Lopresti. We also know that you took that money to him. The judges handed over the incriminating documents to Lopresti. He encouraged them for you. Now all you have to do is find out where you got that money? And where did you put those documents?

Frederick laughed in the eyes of the President.

“Are you very curious, Mr. President, to fill these gaps?”

“I’m coming here.” I said, why-215- should I go to the dealerships when I can shop at the Angrosist?

– So you deserved to come to the fair?

– Clara pacta, boni amici! I didn’t come empty-handed. I was well aware that the Baron, while standing in front of his double duel, asked his uncle for a hundred gold for quick travel expenses (because he had already spent all his own money on his lawsuit) so that if he could find one of his summoners to kill, he could run abroad. The two challengers were not mortally wounded, but the third, the assistant master, died in the wound received.

“He ran at me with a gun, I was just defending myself.”

– You did well to kill him. It was a burden on the earth. Because of this, no one will chase you. You can go free. Here in my pocket is my asylum, my passport: and the cost of travel is a thousand gold. You asked Ferenc Trenk for a hundred, I offer a thousand gold.

And with that, he pulled the red silk purse out of his pocket, from the net of which the beautiful people of Körmöcz shone brightly.

“And for all that, I want nothing more from Baron than the name of the banker with whom Trenk Ferencz’s money is deposited and the official documents that Lopresti gave you.” Lopresti himself had already hated Ferenc Trenk and terminated his friendship. I brought you a thousand gold for those documents.

Frigyes Trenk pulled the documents he was looking for from his jacket pocket. In front of them was their ransom on the table. There was no reason to hide them. All in all, lies, slander, false testimony! To whose loss they were cast out, an ungrateful dog! A devil!

But what speaks for him is the truth.

Not even a biting dog should be beaten to death; not even to send a devil to hell if he is right!-216-

Frederick Trenk grabbed the entire expensive package of documents, each letter of which was filtered through the assassins his uncle had hired against him; and he threw some into the fireplace. And then he himself stood in front of the fireplace with his arms folded.

“This is my response to the general’s offer.”

– All right, young man! You are poorly divided brethren. Your uncle has received all the insults, wickedness, intrigue, you have generosity, loyalty, self-sacrifice. But you are not making a difference with this current victim. Ferenc Trenk must be convicted! Do you understand? “Clock!” If thou hast set thirty charges in the midst of thee: here am I the thirty-first, and then the thirty-second, and the new trial followeth. Well, just heat it up with expensive papers. I put the thousand gold back in my pocket. But I will take Ferenc Trenk’s neck. Here is a new charge against him. I can tell you, Zsuzsánna Mathes, the daughter of a miller from Boroszló, is accusing Ferencz Trenk of forcibly depriving her of her party during the Silesian campaign. He is witnessed by Major Manstein with the Pandure Regiment.

– Manstein! Exclaimed Frigyes Trenk angrily. Brother of Ferencz’s mother!

– Come on. He is just as close to him as the Baron.

“What did you pay this witness for his testimony?”

– Nothing! Certainly nothing. But this gentleman was the headquarters of Ferenc Trenk, who would be accountable for eighty-four thousand forints if he were ever released from prison. You can understand the rest.

– Unheard of bullshit! After all, that miller girl from Boroszló had been a lover of Manstein for a year before she came before Ferencz Trenk.

– It can be. He said laughing Löwenwalde. But the casus is already so infiltrated. And you know that-217- our virtuous ruler punishes nothing as harshly as the violence of soldiers against female morals.

“But I’ll prove that loser is a courtesan!”

– Young man! How can you prove that? You are being charged. He killed a military officer in a duel. Here is the arrest warrant in my pocket. They are next to each other with their asylum. Do you want to live in a prison with your uncle?

Frigyes Trenk surrendered desperately to his fate.

Löwenwalde, when he saw that he had also cooked his man soft, began to speak to him in a tready voice.

“Look, Baron!” You yourself are truly a mythological miracle of generosity, while your uncle is just such a fairytale chimaera: the head of a lion, the waist of a goat, the tail of a snake. While the Baron runs with great self-sacrifice, he is tired of moving from one country to another to free his dear relative, below which this precious brother is breaking his head to destroy this dear brother from the world.

– My brother?

“Well, don’t you remember that two weeks before that you were attacked on the Jewish market by two bravo, tied up and one of you wanted to stalk you?” Well, they were hired by Ferencz Trenk.

“I don’t let myself be irritated by tales like this.”

– Tales? Well, I’ll show you something. Here I am, I can show you: the authentic recording of the testimonies of the dying M..f. They tell you that Ferencz Trenk hired Lieutenant M..f to get you off your feet. The promised prize was a thousand gold. M..f stood up because he was swimming in debt. First they wanted to suck you down with a poisoned tip cue. Miraculously, it didn’t work out.

– Was the cue poisoned? The poison was captured by these documents, which are now burning in the fireplace.-218-

“As well as the duel that took place, the mountains of the Cacti were poisoned.” If you had only received a scratch, you would now be a benefactor of worms.

Horror ran through all members of Frigyes Trenk.

“And this miracle poison was handed over by Ferencz Trenk to his comrades.”

“But why did you do that?” Because I was his deliverer.

– Well, that’s why. He had already seen himself liberated by your intercession: he did not need you anymore. He entrusted you with his most feared secrets and wanted to bury them. He told M .. F.: “This fidget will keep his hand in my pocket after these great services.”

– Impossible! Such a diabolical heart is impossible!

“He even said to M .. F., ‘And I’m not going to give this kid a bull, but I’m going to pay the price of his nose.’

This word overcame Frederick’s resistance.

He yelled loudly and covered his face with his hands.

– My God. So much evil temper!

He began to sob.

Now Löwenwalde was playing with him like a cat with a mouse.

“Well, Baron, you have thrown away a thousand golds to save this man from his unrelenting misfortune.” Do you understand what it is? incorruptible! Have you ever seen a game hunt? Do the hounds bargain with the boar when they listen? Does the hunter bargain with him when he runs into his knife? Maybe they’re being chased, maybe it’s being delayed because it’s an ugly, evil animal, worth punishing? No way! Because you have bacon! This pandur leader captured two million. We want to share this! Big people, small people: according to our caliber. Robbery, for a fisk. Do you want to share with us?-219-

“Leave you alone, sir.” Nausea. I will vomit!

– Well! Does not want. In this case, if you do not want to be on the rampage, whoever listens to the wild boar, you will be the cavalier in the hands of the hunter with whom they will be shot. This testimony of the dying carrier is such a heavy accusation against Ferencz Trenk that takes him to the scene of the loss. And the same testimony is confirmed by your other two opponents. They are already healing from the wounds they have received. Ferencz Trenk did not give them anything in pain either. He rushed to them for not fulfilling the task entrusted to them. They are angry at him now and confess everything. And you, Baron, as an accuser, will stand up against your uncle: as a chosen victim, whom the war judge wants, he does not want to turn against the accused.

– General! fry Frigyes. Give me that shelter, let me run from here. I go! I leave Vienna without even coming back here in my dreams.

Löwenwalde smiled.

– All right, young man. I thought so myself. Here is the imperial sanctuary, and here is the passage. It is already visualized; the chariot stands in front of the monastery, which will take you to Krakow. I’m sorry the travel cost wasn’t accepted by you. I put it here on your desk.

– Sir! I am not a hunter who partakes of the viscera of the slain.

… Frigyes Trenk left the city of Vienna even at that hour and did not turn his head until the tower of St. Stephen was visible on the border.