The Miracle worker is Holy

Ferenc Trenk was indeed sentenced by the General Court to life imprisonment.-220-

Why? Maybe for his cruelty, what he did to vulnerable inhabitants in the war? Maybe for the robbed churches? for the murdered officers? Maybe for killing your own wife? Maybe for devil worship? for derailing religion? Maybe for the murder? No! These were all flake light sins on the gold balance of the Vienna court. Ferencz Trenk was sentenced to eternal imprisonment for his pastoral work with a Silesian miller’s daughter, to a fortune of eight thousand forints paid for qualified innocence, and to a ransom of fifteen thousand forints for the invalidity foundation.

It was only possible to appeal to the queen. And Maria Theresa was captivated by the information of the confessing priest, who introduced Ferenc Trenk as a prophet of a new hellish schism (perhaps not unfounded). The queen upheld the verdict. He deleted only one point from it: confiscation of property.

The sharp queen saw through the whole intrigue, condemning the judges more severely than the culprit.

Yet by this their roast was dusted!

For their whole hair was not against the lame, black man-like monster; but against its devastated treasures. And the queen’s gracious right knocked this prey out of their hands. Ferenc Trenk was taken to Spielberg, for captivity; but they left all his possessions in his possession: he could dispose of his great possessions as he pleased.

The Löwenwalds slapped their mouths after the fallen prey.

Then the prey thirsters started a new method. To loot the prisoner through civil litigation.

Our cunning is only allowed by Hungarian and Austrian private law (although it allows a lot) to confuse clear property relations, it has all been applied. False creditors, donations, spent inscriptions, obsolete obligations, foolish bets, fabricated contracts,-221-smuggled wills, codicillus, claims of unknown people, sureties, merciful legates grew up against him like mushrooms out of a rut after the rain. In a short time, Ferencz Trenk received sixty-five civil proceedings in place of the thirty-eight criminal proceedings.

And that was all a fake!

But this multiple falsehood was so woven, twisted, tangled that there was no way to get out of it. A poor captive prisoner who cannot go after rebuttal certificates. The evil seaweed grew to the brim. He drowned.

Then, when he felt himself being swept to the bottom of the water, he came up with an idea: a superhuman plan, devilish with devils.

At one point he began to be a pietist in his prison: he denigrated piety; he summoned the friends of Brno, prayed with them, and gave them money to build a chapel.

Then, when the news ran that Ferencz Trenk was converted, he appealed to the Queen to allow her to make a will. The Queen gave her consent and Ferencz Trenk dictated his will in front of the official media sent out, in which he named Frederick’s nephew as his general heir.

The will is signed, stamped, and deposited in the archives.

“Well, I just left something for my brother,” said Ferencz Trenk, because I can be annoyed even after my death and the day he died.

But he did even more with it. The fact that instead of his greedy enemies, who are squeezed between four walls, he has given a fighting party who will be able to beat them to the ground.

Because Ferencz Trenk was determined to die.

But not that other ordinary people used to die, who they talk about for two days after the funeral, they forget. He was prepared to die so that whoever heard his name would either arise from fervent prayer for the salvation of his soul or begin to swear.-222-

One morning he said to his fellow tablemen: (It also indicated that he was treating his sense of death; he had invited the garrison officers for every lunch.)

– Buddies. I’ve been shot! St. Francis of Assisi appeared in my dream at night and informed me that on the day of my name, which is also his name day, I would die at twelve o’clock at noon. Call me the Bradian of Brno here: let me confess to him.

The officers laughed heavily at this speech. Ferencz Trenk was as healthy as Samson. But the Guardsian was called to him.

Ferencz Trenk confessed to the priest, then had lunch with him, drinking his confessor from the same glass he drank. And then he handed him vouchers for two hundred thousand forints to his secret banker, which were intended for charitable foundations.

This was already a serious matter.

At lunch the next day, Ferencz Trenk told his teammates:

“Well, I’m sure I’m going to go into eternal happiness.” My confessing father appeared before me that night, reporting that he had already gone forward into the world of the prosperous and would be waiting for me there at the gates of heaven.

Again, the officers laughed a lot.

On the third day, however, the relay brought news that the Braddian of Brno, as he had handed the letter to Prince Charles with the donations left to charity, had become ill at the same time, and before they could call a doctor, he died.

Then people started to startle.

Ferencz Trenk dared a sacred image: “now I follow!” With that, he sheared his hair, shaved a round pilist on his head, put on his capuchin dress; he said the piety, repented of his sins, and then held a great sermon for an hour, urging everyone to live a gracious life and practice charity. With that, he went to bed and fell asleep quietly.-223-

The next day was St. Francis Day. For the noon feast all gathered again the officers, among whom the celebrated Trenk appeared in the Capuchin cloak. They joked a lot with him, and he took his business seriously.

They sat down at the table at noon, Trenc Ferencz took out his watch and looked at it.

«Praise the name of the Lord! My time has come ».

The officers laughed at him.

And as they began to bell south in the tower, the fellow guests were horrified to see the left side of Ferencz Trenk’s face turn deathly pale; he clasps his two hands together, his head backward, his eyes open, staring upwards; they call: don’t answer, he’s dead.

– Miracle! Miracle! Cried every man who witnessed the scene and knew his antecedents.

And with this death, Ferencz Trenk elevated himself among the miraculous saints.

That was his plan.

He did his job well. He was in possession of the mysterious aqua toffana, the poison effect of which could be calculated for the day; he measured it to his confessor and to himself in such doses that they followed each other into the otherworld at two-day intervals.

And by this he accomplished vengeance on his enemies, depriving them of their labored prey; and he exalted himself among the figures of grace, to whose grave, as a place of miracle, the people flocked farewell from near and far, and the healed lame support their crutches to the ledge of his tomb