True in Russian

The whistles of the peasants of Nessel thoroughly ruined the idyll: Frederick, as he had emerged from his wounds, had to hurry to Danczka for his ambulance. A Russian ship was still not thrown into the port.

The border town of Danczka at the mouth of the Vistula from the Polish side, as one exits at the gate of the town, already on the other side of the road sees the white-black border pile, with the Prussian one-headed black eagle; the marsh lying on the side of the road is already in Burkina Faso.

Frigyes Trenk was so confident in his muscular uniform that he committed all sorts of bragging. At the ball given by the Russian resident, he took the Prussian resident’s wife into a mazurka dance and courted her to the point of splitting before her husband’s eyes.

The Russian resident was Mr. Scheerer and the Prussian was Mr. Reimer: both are representatives of their own country on Polish soil.

That wasn’t enough of the mischief yet; but he even befriended a military attaché classified next to the Prussian resident, though he might well have guessed that it also courted the beautiful resident. He believes in attaché.

The name of this gentleman is found only with the letter N.-239-

He was a waist lad; one of the soldiers sent to a place where you cannot stumble upon an enemy.

What could Frigyes Trenk be friends with this pipe man? it’s hard to guess. He liked that he had a fool whom he could soak, whom he could boast of, and whom he could lend money to.

He chased the most dangerous game!

He was fortunate that his great genius was counterbalanced by the foolishness of his valet.

Jankó’s butler, following the example of his master, made a friendship with Captain N.’s servant. “And there is still true friendship between the ducklings.” The world had never heard of a two duckling duel.

One evening, when he took off his lord’s boots, Janko said:

– Captain! But beware of these beautiful bagaria boots so you don’t get muddy with burkus ground. Do you agree that your dear friend, Captain N., wants to capture you and take you chained to King Frederick? His butler just talked to me.

Frigyes Trenk was amazed at this word.

“Take four gold out of my pocket, take it to that valet, have a fun.” Then promise him that if his master strikes him (the hunger surgeon), I will accept him and take care of his fate.

Jankó did so: he took his buddy with him to the fringe, they had fun; he took the whole mascot out of him in the morning.

The plan was forged with the knowledge of the Prussian resident:

Frederick Trenk and the Prussian captain used to do daily horseback riding in the suburb of Danczka, called «Langfuhr». Beautiful is a street lined with two centuries-old squares linden trees, beyond which a stone-ditched ditch runs in front of the houses, and on that stone bridges lead to the gates of the houses; the buildings extend in the form of balconies-240-with their floors to the street, and from their windows pretty female faces smile down. Pleasant promenade.

If two equestrian officers walk along this linden road, it is impossible not to talk to each other about beautiful women.

But they are very guarded!

On the next walk, he will say (according to plan) to Prussian Captain Frederick: “I know a beautiful bride who is not guarded under a padlock. The beautiful mare Darinka. The woman is beautiful, her husband is smart. Here is your fringe outside the gate, right next to the road. ”

Frederick Trenk will get on it. The lad is very bloody! It breaks down for beautiful women. It won’t be hard to get him to get off his horse in front of the gate and then walk across the border road to the restaurant with his friend. And there are already eight Lurking Corporals from the verbunkos class. They rush Frederick Trenk, who enters the restaurant, at the same time, ties him up, stuffs his mouth, then throws him into a closed carriage and cuts him under the cover of cavalry soldiers. His apprentice is also listened to so as not to make a fuss in the city.

Well, if Frederick Trenk had only asked for advice from his sweet mind, it would have told him, “Have they made a trap for you? Ergo: don’t go in ». – And that would be the end of the joke. But Frederick was often captivated by the hippogriph of passion.

“Well stop, bruder!”

As Captain N. came up to him the next day, to propagate the afternoon walk along the Langfuhron, he said he would undertake it, but only tomorrow: he has an inspection today. “Then he immediately went up to the Russian resident and told him the whole intrigue, telling him of his own plan, according to which he would hide six soldiers from his own Russian team tonight behind the rubble near the restaurant next to the road, and they were in that moment.” , when the burkus want to catch him, to signal a gun shot -241-they run forward armed, and then he catches the burkus.

The waist Mr. Scheerer gripped his ears with both palms.

– Don’t tell me such fools! Do what you want; but I don’t know anything about him.

Frigyes Trenk already had quite a lot at his expense. But he never wanted to notice in his life that he had done something. Was he a perfect cat who eats the canary bird and then stares at it, why is he already being persecuted? believe the canary bird was good.

He first humiliates the king’s family with his forbidden love affair, then brings the king into ridiculous news with his Mirandaval adventure. Then he breaks out of his prison and bluffs the whole military apparatus, showing figs to tyrannical power. It was all left, but the “good service” the king could not forgive him for playing the generous in his direction, that he went to Vienna to wash the king clean. For those protections, those who feel so high that slander does not reach them are most angry.

Now, even with this sought-after adventure, he had to top up his burden record. There must be something superstitious in that muscular uniform! Whoever picked it up also inspired the spirit with it.

The Prussian resident, Mr. Reimer, drove out to the roadside restaurant early in the morning. Frederick also found out through his spies.

Captain N came to him on horseback at six o’clock and then the two rode together on the Langfuhr, accompanied by their cavalry.

Well, this Captain N could have been a one-sided frater too! That the great preparation did not catch his eye, as Frederick Trenk embarked on the adventure for him. Two pistols tucked into his belt, a crooked sword on his side! So they don’t usually prepare to visit a beautiful woman. Mirevalos through the city riding the guns!-242-

At the end of the promenade, Captain Frederick of Burkus called on them to get off their horses, guide them with their horsemen, and then walk to the restaurant on foot.

The two good friends walked arm in arm toward the restaurant.

The resident, Mr. Reimer, was smoking a pipe in the upstairs window.

– Good morning, Captain! Good morning! Just come up. Good smells are waiting here! Here is the beautiful woman.

Frigyes Trenk replied angrily to him:

“Well, if the gentleman has already taken my place at the beautiful marshal, I will go back to the gentleman’s wife and take your place.”

And he turned to rush back to his horse.

However, the Prussian cymbal now clung to his arm and wanted to pull in and force him through the inn’s gate.

Frederick then gave him a slap so that he fell over him.

At this, the ambush Prussian verbunkers rushed forward, pulling out their short swords and attacking Trenk.

However, at the beacon’s pistol shot, the Muscovite soldiers suddenly jumped out of the rye, with rifles in their hands, and threw themselves at the burkus with a ugly swearing, who had no firearms. The pious also ran to where the world was wide. But four of them were captured by the Russians.

Frederick Trenk pulled them down the roadside garage and struck fifty sticks on them. He pardoned a flag-bearer who named himself and said he was a schoolmate of Trenk’s younger brother.

Captain N., seeing the evil turn of the adventure, ran back to his horse; but Frederick ran after him, caught him, pulled him off the saddle.

“Well, you traitor, draw a sword now and fight me if you’re human.”-243-

But he wasn’t the man for that. After all, if he had been a good soldier, King Frederick would not have sent him to Danzig. Trembling, he pulled out his sword and let it hit him twice. Thirdly, Frederick Trenk snatched the wand from the Muslim corporal’s hand, beating his opponent along, who, crying and clasping his hands, rhymed him so as not to hurt him; for it is not he who is at fault, but the resident gentleman: he did this complex.

“Well, bastard, tell me at home how Frederick Trenk used to treat the newcomers.”

He hurried back to the restaurant with the stick in his hand.

This whole tragedy was viewed from the window by the resident.

“Well, now our scene follows, Your Majesty!” Trenk shouted, whistling his wand.

But biz this scene did not fit the resident gentleman, but ran out the back door of the fringe, cut himself into his ready bug and cut him off to his homeland. Frigyes Trenk could only get his czopf; but it remained in his hand. It was a wig.

And then even Frederick made the joke of taking the abducted wig home to the resident’s wife, greeting her husband, who sent this precious memory through him.

It was something unheard of scandal!

The mayor of Denmark left the censors to erase all relevant news from German and Polish newspapers without mercy.

But King Frederick still became aware of the whole stroke. The repatriated resident, as an eyewitness, narrated everything. The anger of King Frederick was heightened by this incident to the unforgivable cruelty. And this is the basis of the most decent member of Frederick Trenk’s life. For those stumbles, revenge became terrible.

The Prussian minister, Mr Holz, has not been late in complaining about the Danish case to Russian Chancellor Bestuseff. -244-before the Count, and to demand reparation; in Russian court circles, however, the treatment of Frederick Trenk was found to be so real Russian that not only was no disciplinary action instituted against him, but they awaited with great interest the arrival of the famous adventurer, who opened the Russian military career with such a promising act.

What is certain is that his star took off at the same time.

If he had done it intentionally, his disruption would have been called clever.